Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday, 3rd August 2021 Episode started with pandit saying you both are husband and wife from today, the wedding is completed. Vividha and Atharv held hands and smiled.

They took everyone’s blessings. Ravish said it’s good you came on time. Atharv said I had to come this time, I have waited for this since long. The girl got dressed as bride and left.

Madhav said I will go with Papa and mummy. Ravish said let them go. Madhav insisted. Sujata said we will go and have icecreams. Madhav asked will you feel bad if I don’t come along. Atharv said no, you go and enjoy icecream. Everyone smiled. Ravish blessed Atharv and Vividha. He hugged Atharv. He wished them all the best.

Atharv and Vividha left in the car. They all smiled. Atharv looked at Vividha and smiled. She asked what are you seeing like this. He said the fate which was just a stone has now become a destination.

She smiled and rested on his shoulder. The girl was on the way in the car. She asked the driver to drive faster. The driver said the road is bad, I can’t drive more faster. She said don’t worry for the car, the place is dangerous. He agreed.

He drove faster and hit a tree. The driver fell on the steering. She saw him and run seeing some men coming. Atharv and Vividha were on the way. She said I am scared seeing this route. He acted to have ache and kissed on her cheek. She smiled and hit him. She said you won’t change.

He said the problem is I changed a lot, I forgot everything, person is made by memories, it’s less difference in losing memories and dying. She said memories were hidden, not lost, it was because of drugs. He said but now all got fine, all memories will come back one by back. They smiled.

The girl run on the road. Atharv said Madhav is fine, everything is fine. Vividha said I don’t know why Madhav and your Dna did not match. He asked did I ask you this answer any time. The girl fell down. She saw the men and run. Atharv asked why are you finding that answer, I don’t care, Madhav is our son.

She said even then. He said maybe the machine had some problem, it’s an old thing, why are you repeating it, forget this, I have to live a life which is ours. He asked driver to be careful, is the road bad. Driver said yes.

The girl came in front of the car and got hit. Ravish got down from the car and saw her. He asked the girl to get up, are you fine. He saw the bleeding. Vividha asked Atharv where are we going, you are driving, you made the driver get down at the bus stop, this area is not safe, I feel something is wrong.

Atharv got jerk as the car stopped. She looked at him. He said it’s a problem. They saw something. She said there is nothing there. He scared her by putting vampire teeth. She screamed and beat him. They argued.

He said this way is ghostly, but place is beautiful, come. She asked him to drive. He tried staring the car and said the is car damaged. She worried. He smiled and said you are a coward and he started the car. She said yes, being coward is called being sensible, drive now and they left.

Uma and Guddi saw the girl. Uma asked who is she. Ravish said don’t know, what could I do, she was hurt after the accident, so I got her here, as our house is close to the hospital, the doctor did a checkup, let’s see when she gets up. Uma said but getting a stranger girl home in this state, we don’t know about her.

Ravish said the doctor said she will be fine in the morning, once she gets up, she can go. Guddi said but she is dressed up like a bride, maybe she was going to her marriage, her family would be waiting. He said but who lets a bride go alone during marriage.

Atharv and Vividha reached the place. He said we finally reached our destination, come. She became scared seeing a hand. Atharv asked what happened, it’s watchman. She got down from the car.

The watchman said you are late to come, it’s late night. Atharv said the route is bad, I think the roads got spoiled after the rains. Vividha asked who else stays here. The watchman said none stays here after it gets dark. Vividha said I find this place strange. Atharv joked on her. They argued.

She said I was looking for romance, not adventure. He said fine, now just come. She said I am scared. He asked her to come and took her. Ravish went to Madhav. He caught Madhav acting to sleep. Madhav said I don’t sleep without my mummy. Ravish said it’s a big problem, what to do.

Madhav asked can we play a game. Ravish said fine, but just for a 10mins, then Madhav will sleep like a good guy. He played. Guddi came and smiled seeing them. She joined the game. Madhav jumped happily. Ravish hugged him.

Vividha liked the beautiful place. Atharv asked is it romantic, I have many ways to make this night romantic if romance is less, we are in the middle of the jungle, we can make this night more beautiful. They smiled and he got close. They heard some sound and turned to see.

Atharv and Vividha smiled. They had a romantic moment and they were disturbed by some sound.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday, 3rd August 2021

The Episode started with Atharv and Vividha romancing. They heard some sound and get disturbed. She became tensed and asked him to please shut the window. He shut the window. He walked to her and they smiled. He hold her and they had an eyelock. She run away. He caught her but she held him away. He looked at her and went away. She went to him and hugged him. They went close and kissed.

Guddi saw Ravish’s pic and smiled. She imagined Ravish coming and she hugged him. He held her and they smiled. She looked around and hugged his pic. Atharv and Vividha eye each other. He removed her jewelry and held her. They heard a tiger roar and became shocked. They turned to see. He said there is no one except us and they hugged. Someone looked at them.

Vividha became shocked seeing a tiger outside the window. She said there is a tiger. He smiled and said there is no one here. He turned and saw the tiger. He also became shocked. She said don’t go, please Atharv. Atharv went out of the window to see. He did not see anyone. They went out. Someone saw them and hid. They went back inside.

Ravish heard the girl’s cry and woke up from sleep. He went and knocked the door. Guddi asked what happened, you here. Ravish said I think the girl is in much pain. Guddi went to see. She asked what happened, are you fine, is it hurting, where. The girl said please help me and cried holding Guddi’s hands.

Guddi said she has high fever Ravish. He entered the room and saw her. He said I will get blankets, you cover her up. He covered the girl till Guddi got medicines. The girl held Ravish’s hands and said please help me, I don’t want to do this marriage, don’t beat me. She injured Ravish’s hand by her nails. Ravish and Guddi became shocked.

Atharv said there is nothing. Vividha said you have also seen. He said it’s a jungle, small animals can come. She asked small? He said come, its windy. Tiger is inside the house. They turned and saw something.

The lights went. Vividha said there is someone, did you see. Atharv signalled her to move back. She said where did you get me. He took a torch to see. They saw the tiger footprints. They get a big shock seeing the tiger. He signalled her not to shout. They moved back. Atharv held the candle stand and made it fall and they run out.

Ravish sat thinking. Guddi said I kept hot milk for you, have it, you will get sleep. He thanked her. She said your hand is bleeding, I think that girl scratched you. He said yes, she held my hand forcibly.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday, 3rd August 2021

She did the aid to him. He said it will be fine. She said now it’s fine, Maa was saying right, you should have not got her home, and taken her to hospital, don’t know who is she and who are behind her. Some goons came there. Guddi said the way she was shouting, don’t beat, I think she got beaten up.

Ravish said she is in trouble, she is getting beaten up, is she a problem, is she wrong or what’s happening with her is wrong, she is in trouble, she is a victim, we don’t know who is torturing her, shall we leave her alone and not help her, don’t worry, she came in her senses, she can go anywhere she wants.

Atharv and Vividha run out of the farmhouse. The tiger followed them. Vividha fell down. Atharv held her and pulled her back, when the tiger attacked. Atharv fell down and she held him. They went inside the room and shut the door. Her dupatta got stucked in the door. She prayed to the Lord and pulled her dupatta.

They locked the door. The tiger hits door. She asked did you get this place. He said I didn’t know this farmhouse has wild animals. She said I mean this bathroom, its door is so thin and weak. He said wait, I think there is a window there. He checked and pushed the window. She became worried as the tiger hit the door.

She said everything will get over, my Madhav, my mum. He said nothing will end, I am here. He see the bathtub. They both held thier breath and hid in the water. The tiger entered the bathroom.


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