The Episode started with Suman asking Madhav to come to her. Madhav did not move. Atharv took care of Guddi. She said you have to take care of me so much. He said if you are so sensitive, I have to take care of you, your name is like a doll Guddi. She said you gave me this name. He said I don’t remember when and how I gave you this name. She said you saw me in tge mall and called me Guddi, as I looked like a doll.

Vividha asked Madhav to go to Suman and take blessings. Ravish said Dadi is calling, come. Sujata said Madhav behaves like a strangers with Suman, don’t know why. Suman said it’s fine, he is a kid, you all stay here and I keep coming and leaving, I have to make friends with him always. She asked Madhav to come, I got a good thing for you, see this toy, come and have it. Madhav did not go. Dadi said see how she is staring at Suman. Suman said fine, I will come to you, have this toy, take it. Everyone smiled. Madhav did not take.

Atharv said you told me about giving health seminar in school, I saw you in school and named you Guddi. Guddi was worried and said yes, but next time in the mall, the name was final. Madhav run away. Vividha and Ravish asked him to stop. Uma said Madhav is a kid, he has nothing in his heart. Suman said yes, we raised our children, you are raising for the first time. They all smiled. Vividha said, I will prepare your room and left. Suman thinks Madhav’s behavior is getting bad, I have to handle him.

Atharv said I forgot my life’s 25 years, all gone. I think how can I forget happiness and sorrow. Guddi asked him not to think anything about the past, we had just sorrows and problems, Lord blessed you and you forgot the past, you should think of our present, which will become our future. He said yes, but I have many questions, I want to know many things about my life. She said sleep now, you have to workout in the morning, I will make your protein.

Suman went to the kitchen to get water. Vividha made milk for Madhav. Suman said now he would drink milk easily. Vividha said no, that’s why I am mixing chocolate in his milk. Suman asked Vividha to get her medicines from the hall and she went to get it. Suman added something to Madhav’s milk. Guddi added medicine to Atharv’s protein shake.

Vividha got Madhav there. She gave the medicines to Suman. Madhav saw Suman and starred at her. Vividha asked, why are you staring at her like this. Suman said it’s fine, I am going to sleep and Suman left. Guddi gave protein shake to Atharv. Vividha gave the milk to Madhav. Atharv drank the protein shake and Guddi smiled. Madhav drank the milk. Suman looked on.

It’s was night, Guddi saw Atharv sleeping and left. Chintu pulled her hand. She asked are you mad, I got scared, you call me in darkness always, if Raghav sees then. He said there is no love without risk, I want night darkness to come in front of you, we are living a lie in the day light, but our truth is seen in night darkness. She smiled and hugged him.

Atharv got some memory flashes and shouted no and woke up. Guddi heard him and came to the room. He asked what happened. He said the same dream again. She said relax, I am with you. He said no, I want to know why this happens, who are they. She said you think of all this and see that in dream, your mind is playing games, sleep now, I am there for you, relax and she made him him sleep.

Madhav woke up. Suman recalled everyone’s words and smiled, saying he will come to me now. Madhav came to her. Suman said from today, you will listen to whatever I say. Vividha woke up and saw Madhav gone. She woke Ravish up. She said Madhav is not here, where did he go. Ravish said I will look outside. Suman said you will not get scared of me, you will not run away, you will trust and love me, will you? Say yes, say it. Madhav looked at her. Vividha and Ravish shouted out Madhav and everyone woke up. Suman became worried. Madhav closed him eyes and Suman held him.

The Episode started with Suman trying to hypnotize Madhav. Vividha woke up and told Ravish that Madhav is not there. They all looked for Madhav. Suman said Madhav is here and got him in sleeping state. She lied to them and said Madhav came out in sleep and I saw him roaming in the corridor. Vividha thanked Suman. Ravish asked Suman to sleep. Suman thinks this work did not happen today because of Vividha. Vividha and Ravish took Madhav.

Guddi called Suman. Suman asked why did you call me. Guddi said Raghav got the same dream again. Suman asked how can you say this. Guddi said he told me it was the same dream, he is asking me the meaning and many other things. Sujata prayed for Atharv. She said I know wherever he is, he is fine, protect my son, be with him. Suman said this is not a good sign that he is recalling his past, Madhav doubting on me.

Guddi asked how is this connected, Atharv’s dream and Madhav’s doubt. Suman said Madhav, Atharv, Vividha and Ravish’s fate is connected, I am trying to write their fate as I want, else we will lose everything, you double the powder dose in Atharv’s food.

Suman went to Ankit to wake him up. Vividha comes there. Suman covered up Ankit. She said I was not feeling sleepy and thought to make tea, I saw Ankit and covered him with blanket so that he does not catch cold. Vividha said I will make the tea.

It’s morning, Guddi went to add some medicine in Atharv’s food. She called everyone for breakfast. Atharv and everyone came for breakfast. Atharv said Chole in breakfast, I will have some fruits. Guddi insisted him to have Chole Bhature. Vipul said we are here to eat grass. Chintu asked Atharv to have Chole and then workout in the gym.

Atharv took some Chole. He told them that gym reduces person’s weight by 30% and the rest 70% is just by diet. He ate Chole and stopped. Guddi asked what happened, is it not good. Atharv said no, its best.

Atharv became dizzy. He saw something in the kitchen and got back. Guddi asked what happened, are you fine. Atharv said I am fine and sat back.

Madhav asked Vividha to see, he can drive cycle faster than an airplane. Sujata told everyone that she has met Ramanand ji, he said he will come our house and give us Darshan, he will be coming any moment. Ramanand cames there. Ravish and everyone saw him.

Sujata told Ramanand that Suman heard your pravachan in Haridwar, she praised you a lot, come sit. He looked at the house. Suman came there. Sujata asked Suman to meet Ramanand ji. Suman greeted him. She said I used to stand far, he would have not seen me among thousands of devotees.

Ramanand stopped Suman and asked her not to touch him. He asked who are you. They all got shocked. Suman becameworried and said Suman. He said I did not ask for name, tell me who are you in reality. Suman thinks did he understand everything.

Atharv was on a work call. He saw Guddi watching some show. He heard a lady taking promises from her lover. He recalled Vividha in flashes. He held his head. Guddi asked what happened, are you fine. He said no and got away.

Ramanand said you are not the one you appear to be, and it’s not possible for them to see your reality. Ravish said she is my mum, she believes in Dharm and Karm, what do you mean to say. Sujata stopped Ravish. She said Suman ji is one among us, she is part of our family, is anything troubling you.

Dadi said we all are devotees, Suman has dedicated herself in Lord’s devotion, I request you to bless all of us. He said I have to leave now and left. Dadi said it sometimes happens Suman, forget this. Sujata said he is Gyaani, don’t know why he behaved such. Vividha run and stopped Ramanand, asking what happened, did we do any mistake. Ramanand said I can see black shadow clearly in that woman, be careful and he left. Vividha looked at Suman.

Guddi said Raghav’s behavior got strange, I am tensed, maybe he will recall his past, Suman will not let this happen, we have to wait till Amavasya night, where our life and fate will change. Guddi and Chintu held hands. Atharv looked on.


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