Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday Pt1, 22nd June 2021: Episode 184


The Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday Pt1, 22nd June 2021 episode started with Vividha seeing the army men. The army man asked who are you, what are you doing here alone, don’t you know about the curfew? She said I came to find Ravish. He asked are you his wife? She said I know you can help me, the border is close, you can know where they took Ravish. He said we don’t know the exact location, we are trying to find him.

She shouted, you can’t do anything? you should have freed me till now, Ravish did a lot, when he needs you all, you are saying about protocol, Ravish doesn’t mind to give up his life for any of you, and you all are thinking so much, if you don’t help me, I will find him.

He said, he is not here, terrorists took him across the border, they are attacking in this area, you can’t roam here, you have to come with us to the camp area. She refused. He said there is shoot at sight orders, come with us. She thinks if I go with them to camp, they can send me to Delhi.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday Pt1, 22nd June 2021

She said I don’t know you, I will not come along. He said you are an army officer’s wife and I am taking your security as my responsibility. She said you can’t force me to come, I am not comfortable. The man said fine, but we can’t leave you alone this way. He asked the men to take care of Vividha and arrange ration for her, I will inform Colonel and he left.

It’s night, Vividha slept in the temple. Two men guarded her. They found the place unsafe for her and think she should go back, but as she was Ravish’s wife, she will not go. Vividha recalled Ravish. She woke up from sleep. The man asked what happened Mam? She said nothing. She thinks, I won’t let anything happen to Ravish.

I will find you any way, don’t lose courage. Ravish was tortured by the terrorists. They scolded Ravish and asked him to pay the price for killing their men. Ravish recalled shooting the terrorists. Ravish was asked to come back. Ravish asked a soldier to take the chance and go back. The man refused and went ahead.

The man gets shot. Ravish shouted out his name. He got caught by the terrorists. Vividha thinks to fool the army men and leave, else they will not let her go. She made excuse of going to the bathroom.

Sujata lights diya and prayed that Vividha finds Ravish, get both of them back safe. Suman looked on and asked her to stop this drama. She said the one who is my life’s curse is praying for my life. Sujata said we all have to unite at this tough time. Suman argued with her.

She said your son Atharv whom Ravish loved so much and risked his life for him, Ravish sacrificed his marriage and love and kept smiling, and when Ravish is in need of help, what did your son do, Atharv went from here, this puja has no meaning. She blew off the diya angrily. Everyone got shocked.

Vividha walked towards the border. She said there is no security here, border has security, I did not know it’s so easy to cross the border. Some militants came there and saw her at the border line. Sujata asked what did you do Suman ji, why did you do this abshagun? She lights the diya again.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday Pt1, 22nd June 2021

The men talked cheaply seeing her and then aimed the missile at her. The man said she will not enter this area and not go back. The man shot the missile. She got shocked seeing the missile aired. The missile blasted. Atharv held Vividha and took her away. They both fell down. Sujata said I have lighted diya for both of them, and you have done this.

Abdul uncle came and said not for two children, pray for three children now. Sujata asked Atharv? Vividha saw Atharv.

Atharv and Vividha argued. He asked her to come with him. She refused to come without Ravish. He asked her to go and die then. She said if I live or die, it’s my decision. She fell in the river. Atharv turned and shouted Vividha.


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