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Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 134

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Monday starts with army men giving training to the family. Atharv asked questions and laughed. He asked them what will they do if opponent comes like this. Ravish smiled and said, when opponent is infront of you, look into his eyes and know his move, you can defend him. Ravish said, it’s time for weapon training now. Dadi Bua told Suman that shooting is done by heart, not hands. Dadi Bua and Suman shot. Vividha said, I can’t kill anyone. Ravish said, when gun is lifted by responsibility, it’s not a crime, come. She says even then, it’s a gun….

Ravish thought Vividha how to shoot. He asked her to focus on the target and not see the trigger, it will be pressed on it own by holding the palm tight. She looked at him and he went away. Aruna acted as if she doesn’t know a gun is heavy and dropped it. Ravish observed her. He got a call and a man said, we got info about the terrorist reaching Delhi. Ravish asked are you sure, any other input.

The man said, we got some pics Sir. Ravish said, mail me the pics right away. Aruna shot at the bull’s eyes. The lady praised her shooting skills. Everyone got scared to shoot and move by the gun’s pressure. Aruna shot well. Ravish got the pics. Aruna came there. Ravish sae her pic, in burqa veil. He zooms on the eyes and saw Aruna. Ravish got shocked.

She left. Ravish went to her and said, now time is over. Aruna had a gun with her and shot him. Aruna smiled. She imagined shooting him. Ravish said, your practice is over, give me the gun, it will go to officers’ custody. She said sure and gave him the gun. She said I was coming to give this, sorry. Ravish said practice has ended, relax.

Dadi Bua asked Suman to get tea. Suman asked her to come. Ravish told the team that he is taking the family outside, you will follow Aruna and capture her, we will see if she calls someone, we have to capture her, she is a terrorist.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 134

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Monday continues where Bhoomi joked and asked Vipul to get saved from her. Atharv asked Suman to make pakodas. Dadi Bua said, Suman makes good pakodas. Everyone sat and had a talk. Daddy ji said, we will go out for dinner. Dadi Bua said, we will cook something at home. Aruna got inside the house through a window. Army men followed her.

Ravish told his family to listen carefully and do as he said. She asked them not to step out of the house, where is Vividha. Suman said she is in her room. Ravish went to room and did not see her. He called her out. Ravish got a message about the terrorists’ real identity. He told Vividha that Aruna is not any helpless woman, I knew she knows shooting, she is Wasim’s wife, that dangerous terrorist, that woman lied to us, her real name is …..

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Vividha said I know, she is Wasim’s wife. He asked what? Aruna run out. Ravish asked what, did you know this. Vividha said she told me everything. Aruna came there. Ravish aimd the gun at her and asked her to get down on knees now. Aruna cried. Ravish said, what did you think, you will enter my house by hiding name and I will not know, it’s time to the drop curtains on this drama, why did you come here.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 134

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Monday ends where Aruna told her real name and cried. She asked, is it my crime to be Wasim’s wife. She said, I know how people treat terrorist’s family, I was blamed by everyone and got humiliated, as I was a terrorist’s wife, everyone were after me, why should I pay for his crimes, my daughter doesn’t know her dad is a terrorist, I know I lied, but just to save my life.

Vividha said, it’s not her mistake, she has to bear all this as she married a wrong man. Atharv played and went out. The man asked Atharv to shut the door and stay inside. Vividha said Ravish, Aruna told this to me, she doesn’t want to break our trust, it’s not her mistake. Ravish asked Aruna to say everything in the army headquarters.

Ravish got a call. The man said, cantonment area is hacked. Ravish left and reached cantonment area. Aruna and his men aimd guns at Ravish’s family and make them hostage. Vividha got shocked.

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