Shocking Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Update On Thursday Pt 1: 13th May, 2021 : Full Episode 130

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV

Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 130

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Thursday starts with Ravish asking Wasim to stop. He asked him to surrender, as death is infront of him. Wasim said, who are you scaring of death, we will teach you to get scared, we will ruin your country. Wasim catched a soldier and asked, shall I kill him? Ravish shot Wasim.

Ravish said, what can they plan against me and my family. Atharv asked Chutki to tell him if she is hungry, he knows the kitchen. Vividha asked Aruna to ask for any help. Aruna said, you did a lot. Atharv asked, will Chutki stay with me? Ravish came and looked on. Vividha said, Chutki will stay here with her mum.

Chutki asked Vividha, why is Atharv like this, he behaves like a kid. Atharv said because I am mad. Vividha said, Atharv’s mind and heart is like a kid. Chutki said, I sleep with my mumma, I get scared without her. Atharv said okay. Chutki named Atharv as chotu. Atharv got glad and said we will play together. Ravish smiled. Aruna thanked Ravish.

Later, Aruna went to the room given to her and got a phone and sim. She called someone and said, mission accomplished, I will talk later. Atharv heard her and asked, why are you hiding. She got angry and asked, what did you mean? He said, I am very smart, answer me. She took a knife. Chutki came there. Aruna hid the knife.

Chutki asked Atharv to go, good night, you are still a kid. Atharv said thanks, bye. He left. It’s morning, Suman met Ravish. She asked, why did you not tell me about the bomb in the house, you should have told me, I am glad everyone is safe, who is that woman and her daughter, how did you permit Atharv to get anyone at home.

He said, I will find the job for that woman, then she will leave. He said, you got habitual to wounds and pain, for outsiders. He said, Atharv is my loved one. She said, this is your voice, but the words are of your dad, what better present could you give him on his birthday. I am making all the dishes of your dad’s choice today.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 130

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Thursday continues where Sujata wished Ramakant and saw the picture. She thought, this picture has our memories, Atharv always scolded me when I did puja for you. She recalled Ramakant and cried. She kept all his favorite things and touched his picture.

Suman told Vividha that all this is Ramakant’s favorite food, I used to cook his favorite things on his birthday, he used to teach table manners to Ravish. She said, we will keep this plate as bhog in temple, I will prepare for aarti.

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Vividha complimented Aruna and Chutki. Aruna said, no need to do all this, I did not see new clothes before, thanks. Vividha said, you look good. Chutki said, I always look good. Suman looked on. Aruna went to help Suman. Ravish talked about work on call. Suman asked Aruna to pass the sriyantra. Aruna saw the things and said it’s not there. Vividha said, it’s there, look. Aruna said, I did not see it. Vividha said it happens. Ravish looked on.

Chutki went to eat and Atharv said, don’t eat this, its Suman’s. Chutki Said, but it’s food, I am hungry. Atharv said, eat something else. Chutki made the food plate fall, while Atharv was taking the plate from her. Everyone got shocked. Suman went and scolded Atharv. She said, this was for Ramakant, you ruined this and the day’s state also. Sujata and everyone came and looked on. Suman asked Atharv what’s his problem.

Ravish said, maybe it happened by mistake. Suman said mistake is rectified, not made a hobby, don’t know what all does everyone has to bear, this guy gets something to spoil, what were you doing with this plate. Atharv got worried and saw Chutki. He said, I was hungry, sorry this fell down.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 130

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Thursday ends where Suman said, could you not wait or ask anything, don’t you get food here, this plate was for Ramakant’s bhog, you ruined it. Ravish said, so what if Atharv eats food from Papa’s bhog, he is his son. Suman said, Sujata and Atharv will have rights in this house, but not on my emotions, I have bear a lot, but this is limit of indiscipline, Atharv will be locked in his room from today. Sujata cried. Suman scolded Atharv. Atharv promised he will not do it again but Suman didn’t listen.

Ravish asked her to calm down. Suman said all preparations for Ramakant’s birthday spoiled, don’t you feel bad for what he did? Chutki spoke up and said, it’s not Atharv’s mistake, he was not eating anything, I was hungry, I wanted to have food from the plate, he was stopping me, don’t lock him please. They all got shocked. Aruna scolded Chutki. Suman got angry.

Suman said, Sujata explain to your son to be in limits of manners. Atharv used the gun. Ravish got hurt and everyone became shocked.

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