Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Update On Wednesday Pt 2: May 19th, 2021| Full Episode 139

Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door

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Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 2 – Episode 139

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Wednesday starts with Atharv saying Zeenat is playing a bad game. Zeenat said, it’s no fun to kill people who beg for life, it’s fun to kill fearless people. She said, no one will be saved today, it’s time we send a message to everyone to think well before enrolling in the army, all families will not suggest their children to become army men, we will create such terror that the coming generations do not see towards the army uniform.

The men aimed gun at everyone. Atharv said, your team has guns, our team does not have guns, give a gun to us, it’s a game. Zeenat says yes, we are playing a game, but game of death. She aimed gun at Vividha. He pointed the gun at his forehead and said no aunty, don’t kill her, kill me, I am very strong.

Zeenat said, the family is mad, everyone is ready to give life for one another. Sujata said, you will not understand, it’s a habit of every indian. Zeenat said fine, then, we will see. Atharv said no aunty, don’t kill her, kill me. Vividha said, no Atharv, we will live together and die together. Suman looked on.

Chutki/Adaa cried and asked Zeenat to leave all of them, they are very good. Zeenat threatened to kill Adaa if she say a single word again. The man said look outside, the army is doing something, many commandos have come, there is something wrong.

Zeenat said, it means the press conference was a way to waste our time, they were planning to attack on us, everyone take your places. The man took Sujata along. Vividha signaled Suman that they should go. Daddy ji said, we have less time, they will come to find us, we have to throw their guns out of the window. Suman said yes, if they have guns, they will shoot us. Vipul asked, how will we do this, it’s not easy.

Daddy ji reminded, he is also an army man and said, we will fight with them, get all the bottles here. Suman asked Vividha to get bottles. She asked Vipul and Bhoomi to get wires, oils, heavy items. Atharv asked, what shall I do? Suman asked Vividha to take care of Atharv. Vividha asked, where are you going? Suman said, I have to find Sujata. Vividha smiled.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 2 – Episode 139

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Wednesday continues where Zeenat said, the commandos team will attack us, they don’t care if they stay alive or not, stay at the windows, they can’t enter this house, shoot their head, no need to leave anyone injured. She got shocked seeing everyone gone. The man said, we will find them. Zeenat said no need, they would have been hidden upstairs, this is the only exit, I will see them, we have to stop the commandos.

The reporter said sorry, you asked us not to record anything, we don’t have camera. The army man asked her to record anything, we have to show this recording. Vividha, Kalindi and others arranged the things to tackle the terrorists.

The reporter showed the commandos entering the house. Zeenat said come, my gun is ready to kill them. She asked the men to be here, I will get that family here, and you Adaa stay here silently, don’t go anywhere else and the Reporter said, we will show you commandos entering the house.

The army man informed Ravish that the plan succeeded, the terrorists will think we are coming by the doors. Ravish took the route from the terrace. Suman and everyone beat the terrorists. Vividha said Atharv, this man has fainted, we will shut him in the bathroom. Daddy ji beats a man. Vipul and Bhoomi also tackled a man.

Suman beat the man and got Sujata freed. The commando and terrorist firing started. Zeenat asked the men to kill the commandos. She went to check Vashisht family.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 2 – Episode 139

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Wednesday ends where Ravish crawled inside the AC duct. Zeenat said, the family members got hidden like rats, go and find them. She called out everyone and asked them to stop playing hide and seek. She asked how did you all hide, you were ready to get shot, what happened now.

She didn’t see the string tied and fell down. She saw a shadow and entered the storeroom. They pushed a punching bag and she fell down again. Zeenat saw the family there. They all looked on.

Atharv and Vividha were caught by goons. Sujata scolded Zeenat. The goon slapped Sujata. Atharv shouted.

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