Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Update on Wednesday Pt 1: 12th May, 2021 – Full Episode 128


Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 128

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Wednesday starts with Sujata coming and seeing Vividha with Atharv. Vividha caressed Atharv. He smiled while sleeping. Vividha said, happy birthday Atharv. He woke up and asked, is it my birthday today?, we will party.

Sujata asked party? Atharv said, I have seen in movie, we will play music, dance and take pics. Sujata said no, we will go to the temple like always and then I will give you a gift. Atharv asked why, we will do party as it is Vividha’s birthday. Vividha agreed to celebrate his birthday, but asked him to promise he will go temple with Sujata in morning and he agreed.

It’s was morning, Vividha helped Ravish in dressing up. She asked is it aching? and he looked at her. She offered him help. He thanked her. She said, I came to talk to you, I want a favor. He asked her to say it. She said, when I planned to wish Atharv at night, he said he wanted to celebrate his birthday, he did not like party, he is behaving as a kid now. He said, this is good, everyone will like me, I will talk to Maa. She smiled and left.

Ravish did the security arrangements. Vividha called party organizers. Ravish checked about them, and said, you know we have risk on the family, we have to know who is coming home, note down their names and address. She said okay, don’t worry, talk to Maa and he left. She said, I did not wish I will celebrate Atharv’s birthday like this.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 128

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Wednesday continues where Atharv and Sujata were at the temple. He asked her to buy a gun for him. She talked to a lady. He saw samosas and left. He saw a kid hiding and taking samosas. Atharv gave her a samosa. Daddy ji and Bhoomi saw the decorations at home.

Daddy ji asked Vividha, what’s happening? Vividha said, it’s Atharv’s birthday today, so we thought to celebrate it together. He said, this is not the time, you know Ravish is much injured, you did not need to do this for Atharv’s birthday. Ravish came and said, I organized this party. Atharv saw the girl and gave her samosas. He told Sujata that he has eaten it. He bought more sweets and said, it’s my birthday, I will eat more sweets. Sujata smiled and bought medicines. She asked him to stand there and went to get an auto.

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Ravish said, I told Vividha to arrange the party, it’s needed for our family, I am fine now, Vividha is taking care of me. Daddy ji and Bhoomi left. Sujata and Atharv came home. Sujata asked Vividha, why did you do this, you know everything, Suman will be annoyed. Vividha said I thought…

Sujata said, you should have thought I am there with him like always. She scolded Vividha. Ravish said, Vividha and I are related to Atharv, we will do anything for his happiness. Sujata said, you know your family. He said yes, I will explain to them, I want to see Atharv happy, it’s his birthday today, celebrate his happiness, don’t think anything else.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Pt 1 – Episode 128

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Wednesday ends where Atharv got surprised and smiled seeing the arrangements. Ravish wished him a happy birthday. Atharv hugged Ravish. Ravish got an ache. Vividha moved Atharv away and said Ravish is much hurt. Atharv apologized to Ravish. Ravish said, I am fine. Atharv asked will others come to the party, are they bad? Ravish said, don’t say that, they all will come.

Atharv said, we will cut cake, play music and dance, I will wear new clothes and he left. Everyone came to the party. Atharv said, we will cut our cake now. Vividha saw a box moving and shouted, Ravish! They all got shocked. Ravish checked the box. The girl came out of the box. Atharv laughed and said, I scared everyone, see Sujata. Ravish and Sujata asked Atharv, did he get this girl here? Atharv said yes and they all got shocked.

Atharv said, this girl was hungry, I got her here in the box. Ravish informed the police about the girl. The girls got identified.

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