Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Wednesday, 23rd June 2021: Episode 186


The Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 episode started with Uma saying this time is to pray for our children. The guards run after Atharv and Vividha. Atharv and Vividha hid. Atharv said we will go by that raw road, come and they left. Suman, Uma, Sujata and everyone prayed for them.

Vividha said this wire is very low. Atharv lied down. She asked, what are you doing? He said come, this is the only way to go across the border. The wires pierced his clothes and his back bled. She said, you are getting hurt, stop it. He said the more you delay, the more I will get hurt. He asked her to come.

He got a bit high to lift the wires. She got under him and passed to the other side. He got down and crossed the border. She asked, are you sure? He said don’t worry about me, worry about Ravish, he needs our help.

He said, we are coming to save you captain Ravish. He held her hand and went ahead. She looked at him and said we are coming Ravish to take you back home and they left. They run ahead. She got tired and sat. He asked, are you tired? He rubbed her hands.

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She said, where to find Ravish, where would they take Ravish, there is no one here, in what state Ravish will be. He said don’t worry, Ravish will be around, as those terrorists said, come we will leave. He saw a taweez and asked, who gave you this?

She told her about about the nice lady, who gave her this taweez for her safety. They went ahead. She stumbled. He held her and they had an eyelock. He saw her taweez fallen away. She said leave it, we don’t have time. He said it’s there, wait. She said, it’s not safe, come back. He went and got the taweez.

The landmine blows and she screamed. He asked her to step on the spot where he stepped, landmines are everywhere. Be careful, have this taweez. He tries the taweez to her hand and asked her to come. He went ahead and she followed him.

They went ahead. She saw a sheep trapped in a net. Atharv helped the sheep and set it free. She asked Atharv if he has a pen and paper. He said yes, but what will you do. He gave her the pen and paper. She said, I don’t know when will we reach Ravish, someone should know by what motive we came here.

She removes her taweez and said that the lady gave this for my safety, it’s not necessary that I have this with me, if it the Lord wills, this taweez will get help for us. He made a note and tied to the taweez. She tied the taweez to the sheep’s beck. He asked, do you think our message will reach them? She said there is no one here, this is the Lord’s sign that we got this sheep, I believe this taweez will help us. The sheep run away.

The terrorists trouble Ravish. They fed something/poison to Ravish. Ravish coughed. The men laughed. Suman called the army officer and asked about Ravish. She cried and asked him to tell them about Ravish. The man said we are preparing, we will free Ravish when we get orders.

Suman said it may get late that we lose our three children, Atharv and Vividha also reached there to find Ravish. The man said don’t worry, we will try our best. Suman ended the call and cried. She said, I feel all doors got shut. Sujata said, when all doors closes, then Mata opens a door, we should go to Vaishno devi and pray for them.

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Atharv and Vividha hid from the terrorists. The terrorist stepped on Vividha’s hand. Atharv kept his hand over her hand, to save her from getting hurt. The man said, Ravish came in our area, indians are fools, if anyone asks us, we will tell them Ravish’s time will get over soon. Vividha got thinking and worried.

The men left. Vividha worried for Ravish. Atharv said don’t worry, nothing will happen to Ravish, do you trust me? She nodded. He said then don’t leave hope, I won’t let anything happen to him, I am sure they have Ravish, we have to follow them. Ravish was seen unconscious and injured.

Vividha got shocked seeing Ravish. She called him out. The terrorists catch Atharv and Vividha.