The Episode started with Ramanand alerting Vividha to be careful of Suman and he left. Vividha looked at Suman. Dadi said maybe Ramanand has seen Suman’s past birth deed and said that. Aditi came there and hugged Vividha. Vividha asked how are you. Aditi said fine. Vividha asked her to come inside.

Ankit saw Aditi. Aditi hugged Ravish and Suman. Uma asked Suman to smile now, Aditi has come. Aditi asked is everything fine. Ravish said yes, you did not say you are coming. Aditi said I came to give a surprise. Dadi said you did good. Madhav run to Aditi and hugged.

She gave him chocolates and asked him to promise he won’t have all at once. He promised and went. Vividha and Ravish asked Aditi to rest. Ankit asked, how are you, you don’t reply sms. Aditi said I am always busy and he eyed her.

Atharv got headache. Guddi was worried. He said what happened to me, what faces do I see. She asked him to listen and he left. Chintu came downstairs and asked what happened now. She said, Raghav got blank, I think film scene made him recall promises to Vividha, if he recalled his past then, he is behaving strange. Chintu held her hand and said he won’t know anything, we will take our share and leave. She said we have to wait, it’s one month time for Amavasya night, our life and fate will change forever. Chintu and Guddi smiled.

Vividha fed Aditi and said, you got so lean, have food. Ravish said, Vividha is an expert to feed forcibly, she got this training from Madhav. Aditi told about her college. Ankit eyed her. Dadi said times changed, girls are qualified like boys. She taunted Ankit.

Ravish thankes Ankit for depositing cheque at the bank. He asked Aditi to come and see her room. Ankit said have breakfast. I will drop Aditi to theroom. Ravish said no problem, go Aditi and he left. Guddi pushed Chintu away. Chintu said till when will we be away. Atharv came back and aw them holding hands. Chintu said come here, see the swelling in her hands. Atharv checked her hands and said there is no swelling, if you have pain, we will show to the doctor, I will call the doctor, she will come. Chintu and Guddi smiled.

Ravish took Gulab jamun for Madhav. Vividha asked him why did you add Ankit to go with Aditi, he is my brother, he doesn’t want to do any job, don’t take his side. He said everyone makes mistakes, everyone has right to get second a chance, as Madhav has rights on this sweets. She said so much sweets are not good for Madhav.

Ankit asked Aditi did she like the room, he chose the wall colors. He asked about her hostel life, I thought hostel life is boring, do you do party, don’t you have any friend, you can tell me. She said I am much tired, I think I should rest. He said we will go for a long drive. She said fine and he left.

She removed her jacket. He came back to her room and eyed her. She wore the jacket back. He said I was saying, I am here for you if you need anything. She thanked him and got a bad vibes. He smiled and left.

Doctor checked Guddi. She said everything is fine, signs are positive, have the multivitamins. Atharv asked does she not need any test. Doctor said no, Guddi needs rest. He got a call and went. Doctor asked Guddi how long will you hide this, 9 months will complete in a month.

Guddi said I just need a month time, you do drama as I said, you are getting good price for this, I know to play and end this game. Atharv came and sat with Guddi. He said babies start kicking in this stage, why do I not feel anything. Guddi said baby doesn’t kick when you are around, don’t disturb baby, let him sleep and the Doctor left.

Atharv said I can’t wait more for the baby, when will one month pass. She said very soon and hugged him. She thinks you don’t know the game played, you will never guess it. Suman, Ravish, Vividha and Madhav were atmarket. Madhav starred at something. Ravish signalled him. Madhav nodded. Ravish said I will get icecream for Madhav.

Goons came there and argued with Ravish for asking women to beat his men. Suman asked Vividha what is he saying. Vividha said I will tell you later. Ravish said my house women taught those men some manners, they did right. The man argued and said I think Ravish will get beaten up today. Madhav scolded the men. Ravish stopped him. The men joked on Madhav. Madhav threw stones at the man. The man pushed him.

Madhav got hurt. Vividha and Ravish was shocked. Ravish beats the men. Suman and Vividha asked Ravish to leave them and the goons left. Madhav shouted do you want to get more beaten up. Ravish hugged Madhav.

The Episode continues with Vividha scolding Madhav for arguing with the men. Sujata said Ravish you should not fight in front of Madhav. Ravish said they raised hand on my son, would I keep quiet. Suman said there are young girls are home, you should not fight, it’s risky, we should be careful. Dadi Bua agreed with Suman. Uma went to get haldi milk.

Aditi applied cream to Madhav. Ankit eyed her and asked her not to worry, I am there to take care of them. Aditi asked Madhav are you fine now. He said yes and kissed her. Ankit starred at her.

Atharv got flashes in sleep and saw Vividha. He woke up. Vividha became restless in sleep and thinks of Atharv. She thinks of Ramanand’s warning about Suman, and woke up. They both became restless and went out of the rooms. Atharv said why do I get these dreams again and again, who is she. He got a white paper. He sat to make Vividha’s sketch. He closed his eyes and made her sketch by recalling. Vividha stood near the door and looked outside.

Atharv opened his eyes and saw the sketch of the girl in bridal dress, with no face made. He said who are you, what’s my relation with you. Suman said my hardwork should not get waste, Atharv should recall his past, I won’t let this happen. Vividha came downstairs and fee boxes fall by her. Suman heard sound and got alerted. Vividha kept the boxes back. She turned to see. She saw Suman in the living room, praying at night. She asked what happened, is there any problem. Suman said no, I was doing dhyaan, I was not getting sleep.

Vividha asked is there anything troubling you. Suman said no, it’s by old age, sleeping beomes less. Guddi came to Atharv. He hid the sketch. She asked what’s the matter, why are you here. Vividha said I was not getting sleep, I thought it will be good if I come here. Suman asked what’s the matter. Atharv said I was not getting sleep, so I came to the hall. Guddi asked what’s the matter, tell me.

He said there is nothing, come. She said I am your wife, with whom will you share then, tell me please. She thinks it’s important to know what’s in his mind. He said I have some memories locked in my mind, I hear a sound, my heart can hear that, I feel some people, but don’t know them, I can’t see one face which I often see in flashes, you all are my family, but why do you all look strangers to me, I feel I don’t belong here.

She asked, what do you mean, this house, this family, we are not your family, I am not your wife, and this baby. He said no, I mean I forgot some important moments, which I should have not, it’s making me restless. Vividha said I am feeling restless, like something wrong is going to happen and I should be ready. Suman said don’t worry, this happens with everyone. Vividha said today’s fight and Ramanand’s behavior, maybe that’s why.

Atharv said, I did not wish to hurt you, these dreams trouble me a lot, I will manage, I am fine. She thinks if he stops telling this to me, it will be bad. She said I am your wife, I know you won’t hide anything from me, we are together in everything right.

Vividha asked why did Ramanand say that about you. Suman asked her to forget it, remember what Dadi said, Gyaani people have different thinking, you don’t feel bad and forget his words, sit here, I will get something for you and left. Guddi took Atharv to the room. Suman took water.

She had some black juice glass which she was making in the kitchen before. Guddi asked Atharv to have juice but he refused. Suman gave the juice to Vividha. Vividha said what’s this. Guddi insisted. He said I feel restless having this. Suman said it’s herbal, I got this from Himalayas, you will get peace. Guddi said it’s ayurvedic, drink it for my sake. Atharv and Vividha drink the juice given by Guddi and Suman.

Atharv started getting dizzy. Guddi smiled and asked him to sleep. Suman smiled seeing Vividha. Guddi made Atharv sleep.

Ankit/goon went to Aditi’s room. She got shocked and shouted for Ravish. Ankit/goon showed the knife and someone came there.


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