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Madhav returns home to his parents in this update, he tells them that he found Suman in Raghav’s house but Ravish and the other family members didn’t believe what he said except Vividha. The full update is coming here

The episode begins with Guddi asking Suman if he wants to kill Madhava and Atharva. Suman says that I can kill him anytime I want. Don’t ask the same question, go and let Atarv drink this and he will forget Madhav. Goody says you need to wake up on Vividha. He looks at her badly, but wants to see her face. He pulls her closer. He asks if I took her address.

Sujata tells everyone that Madhav is safe. Madhav returns with Ravish and Vividha. Everyone is happy. Playful and bright smile. Thoughts and everyone hugs and kisses him. Ankit talks to Madhav. Madhav says that a hero is a hero. he will return. He sees the scratches on Ankita’s hand and asks him.

Ankit says you are a champion. Dad says Madhav is very brave. Madhav talks about Atarv. Ravish and Vividha tell Sadyal not to tell anyone. Madhav explains to Atharv. Vividha thinks Atharv forgot his bike keys when he told them to leave them at the college. He says that I forgot my bag and ran away again. He asks her to come quickly.

Don’t say that, says Ravish, we only got you because of Ragawa. He took good care of you. I will always be grateful to him. Vividha, yes, speaks well of the elders. Talk to management and tell them that this will make the school safer. Ravish asks Madhava why he went there. There may be a bandit there. You don’t know anyone in this house. Madhav says that Suman is there. Are you surprised.

Ravish asks how Suman got there. Impossible. Madhav says he was there. Vivida says that this is someone else’s house. How could Suman end up there? Ravish says that now there will be no obstacles in the way of Madhava. We played and dad did what dad did to make cakes. Vividha thinks about how Madhav saw Suman there.

Atharv remembers the girl in her dream. She thinks over Madhava’s words. sketch. Suman and Gudi see Atharv. He closed his eyes and instantly imagined something bright. Suma is nervous. Goody says we have done a lot to keep Vividhi out of what we should be doing now. Suman says that I will do something.

Vividha embraces Madhava. He says I miss him. He missed you too and promises that he will never allow that again. He put her to bed. Ravish comes and says that Madhav is asleep. Why are you worrying? He tells why Madhav said he saw Suman.

He must have seen someone like Suman when he was a child. Why do you think so? She said that Madhav remembers everything. He said what he and Ragav said. Why did he say he saw Suman? He says that if we change our minds, Suman will stay in someone else’s house, she thinks it’s too late, and sleeps.

Atharv creates a new sketch for Vividhi and grabs her attention. His name is Bibida, Suman and Guddi were shocked. she goes to Goody and Suman looking through the photographs. Goody asks how he can do this without dating Vivida. Suman says that I will teach you to block your memories. He says he won’t waste my four years of hard work burning sketches. Sorry, Atharv, I do not understand your thoughts.

He hears a sound in his ankle and asks if he heard it. “What are you talking about?” Guddi asked. Suman says it looks like an ankle. I ask what Goody is talking about, but I can’t hear him. Suman talks about this sound. Goody refers to the sound of the ankle. We didn’t have ankles. No one will see you here. Suman says that this house is cursed. If you want to survive, do what I say and she left.

The old lady said that many forces tried to unite them. Suman says that I will forever erase Vividha’s memory from Atharv.

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