Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Wednesday Pt2, 23rd June 2021 episode started with Vividha asking Atharv where did they take Ravish. He said nothing will happen to him, do you trust me? She nodded. He said these people have Ravish, I won’t let anything happen to him, we have to follow them, come.

The sheep went to the same lady who gave the taweez to Vividha. She read the note. Vividha wrote: I am Vividha, I have reached across the border, Ravish’s brother Atharv is with me, we need help to get Ravish, give this message to army cantonment and tell them that a soldier needs army’s help, thanks and the lady went

Atharv said maybe they have kept Ravish here. They walked ahead and got surrounded by the armed terrorists.

The men asked them from where did they come, indians who come here will die. Atharv said, we are not indians, we are from your land. He gave their identity as Muslims. The man said we will see if you are real Muslims, come. The army officer told the senior that

Vividha and Atharv are civilians and crossed the border, but we are here being a soldier.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Wednesday Pt2, 23rd June 2021

The Senior said we can’t do anything without head quarters orders, I didn’t feel so helpless till now, this uniform has tied my hands. The men took Atharv and Vividha along. Their head came and asked why did you get them here?

The man said, they have come from the other side of the border, they are saying they are Pakistanis, by saying urdu, none becomes Muslim, you look Hindu by face. Atharv said no, we are really Muslims. The man asked what about your wife, is she mute, or does she not have urdu knowledge.

Atharv said she has great knowledge of urdu. The man said you are fooling us, you think you are smart. Atharv said you can verify our identity. The man asked, are you a real Muslim, offer Namaz prayers and show us.

Atharv said Lord’s name is not taken like this, don’t test like this. The man said, fine we have other way to find out if you are a muslim or not. Atharv stopped the guy and said it’s a chance for me to take the Lord’s name, I will prove I am the Lord’s man. He offered Namaz. The men looked at him. Vividha got surprised.

Ravish was tied to the chair and was unconscious. Atharv ended the prayers. He told the men what’s said in Surahs, forcing someone for anything is not right. The lady informed the army officer about Vividha and Atharv crossing border to find Ravish. The Officer said, thanks for giving info, but we can’t take any action without any orders. Vividha said you have called a real Muslim as Kaafir, Lord will never forgive you, we have lost way and you doubted on us. The man apologized and said we have to be careful as such people come in this area.

Atharv said forgiving is a good deed, we lost our way and came here, now we will take a leave. He bids them good bye and asked Vividha to come. She asked, how did you know about Namaz? He said, we have a Muslim at home. She said Abdul uncle, but what about Ravish? He asked her to count down till 5. She counted down, and the man stopped them. The man said the weather is cold, it will be good if you spend the night here. Atharv thanked him.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Wednesday Pt2, 23rd June 2021

It’s night, Vividha said it’s getting very cold. The man asked them to go inside, we will meet in the morning. Atharv asked Vividha to go, I want to spend the night with my friends. The man said amazing and Vividha left.

The man said we should have some jashan, do you have any likes for music and singing. Atharv said yes sure. The man asked him to start. Atharv sung. Atharv recalled Vividha and his moments.

Vividha looked for Ravish. She found Ravish. She got shocked seeing him. She called him out. She hit on the glass wall. She went out to sign Atharv. All the men fell asleep. Atharv turned to Vividha. She signed him to come. Atharv went and saw Ravish.

Vividha said if they see us then. Atharv said, the Lord is with us. Atharv and Vividha got him out. Ravish tried to run away.Vividha asked what’s happening, tell us. Ravish said bomb. Atharv held Ravish and said we will stay together and die together. Atharv pulled off his jacket and found the bomb fixed to Ravish’s body. They got shocked.


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