Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adomtv: 31st March 2021 Pt1

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At the beginning of this Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adomtv: 31st March 2021 Pt1 episode, Suman was asking Ravish to make Vividha comfortable. She tells him she is nervous because she is new here. assure her that you are with her and protect her. I know how life is without love, I don’t want the same to happen with Vividha, find out what’s wrong with her.

 Daddy ji comes and tells him that Suman is right, talk to Vividha and try to solve her problem. Ravish goes from there. Daddy ji tells Suman that Ramakant is no more, and I’m sorry on his behalf. I know he has troubled you a lot but I could not do anything. She asks him not to apologize. She hides her tears and talks to her. you are an army’s daughter, she replied. An army’s wife in true sense, you know how to conceal pain and fight with problems.

 It’s been one month since Ramakant passed away, Suman began. And Whenever I see his pic, I think of the other woman who would be crying seeing his picture. I just have her memories, and I have to share it with the other woman. 

But Daddy ji tells her it’s just your memories, you don’t need to share it with anyone. Ramakant was my son, I can forget how he ill-treated you. did I promise your father that I will make you my bahu? I fulfilled it, and I could not assure your happiness, it was because of that woman Sujata. Ravish overhears them talk.

Suman cries and says I’m worried for the future, not the past. Daddy ji asks her, what do you mean? Suman tells her, it’s been ages since happiness came into this house,  I’m scared. Ramakant’s death may become a reason for Sujata and her family to get the rights to this house. He said, till I’m alive, Ramakant’s past will fall on our house’s present and the future, no one can enter this house, just you and Ravish have the right to this house. Ravish looks on and goes to his room.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adomtv: 31st March 2021 Pt1

Ravish asks Vividha, are you feeling better?” She replies, yes. I know we promised each other that we will not question each other, and I’m not asking you to share your problem with me, but you can share it with your mum.

 I know this secret will be revealed one day, but this is not the right time. Ravish said, then Vividha replies, I think you should sleep for some time, you will feel better.  I don’t sleep during the day, Ravish said. She asks her, are you not always tensed? I will get the warm milk for you. She goes.

you want me to tell this to Suman? Ravish said.  don’t you know Suman will be most hurt by this? she will not be able to bear this truth, how will you even know since you are not related to our past. Vividha goes to the kitchen. She cries and says what is the truth that Ravish is not able to say? I’m getting so much love and respect here, I do not want to hurt them the more. but what do I do?

Atharv feels unwell and begins shouting. He holds his head and falls down on the bed. He looks for some way to escape. He knocks the door and shouts, open….. Vividha passes by that room and stops. Atharv tries to open the cupboard and falls down. this sound is coming again, vividha said and goes to check. 

She sees the sound coming from the cupboard and asks, who is there? She gets tensed, while Atharv is hitting the cupboard door by his head. He hears her voice and tries to shout. She hears him and calls out to Atharv. Vividha gets to the cupboard door and sees just clothes. She opens the cupboard, while Ravish holds Atharv, shutting his mouth and lowers the door. Vividha didn’t see anything but just saw the clothes. She asks, what’s happening to me? I’m hearing sounds, and seeing Atharv….

 maybe Maa is right, she said. I’m imagining all this, I have to believe that Atharv will come back to my life. I have treated him badly. I don’t want to do the same with a good man like Ravish. She leaves from there. Ravish and Situram make Atharv lie down on the bed. Ravish injects him.  He tells him,  I’m here to help you.  relax. Atharv calms down. Ravish says it’s good I came on time. Sujata holds Ravish.

Ravish asks,  I told you that Atharv should not come out of this room?  But how does he come out again and again? He calms down and says I’m sorry. look I know you don’t want to stay here, but try to understand, you have to stay here, and let me do my duty, see, he is in a very weak state. 

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adomtv: 31st March 2021 Pt1

I have no other option than to keep him here, where did you go by leaving him alone. today Atharv’s father….. it’s been one month since he passed away, so I went to the temple. I know you stopped me from going out but I couldn’t stop myself today. Situram goes to guard the outside of the room. 

Sujata added, I went by the back door as you said. Ravish asks, are you sure no one has seen you? Sujata replies, yes, but… Ravish asks,  what happened?  She replies, my puja plate is not there, if anyone sees it then… He says nothing will happen. She says there is a picture in it, me and Ramakant’s picture. Ravish gets shocked hearing this.

Precap: Suman said, Ramkant passed on a month back. Ravish goes to take the picture. But Suman sees Ramakant and Sujata’s pic, and gets shocked.

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