Amazing Jaana Na Dil Se Door Thursday, 12th August 2021: Episode

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door Thursday, 12th August 2021 Episode started with everyone talking about Bhoomi. They heard some sound and went out to see. Ravish asked the man to dig the soil. He reminded Atharv that they came here when they heard Kalindi’s phone ringing, I felt the soil is not settled well, since then Kalindi is missing.

Vividha said you mean to say. He said the person who can kill Vipul and throw him in water tank, can do anything. Kangana recalled burying Kalindi. The man said there is something here. Kangana became worried. The man said maybe it’s a cloth. Ravish checked it. Sujata said it looks like a saree piece.

The man digged more. They all became worried. The man said there is a big stone here. Dadi said you scared all of us. Ravish said no, I was just clearing my doubt. Atharv said we will go inside now, fill this pit in morning. Kangana worried.

They all left. Ravish asked Kangana not to worry. I just did this to clear my doubt, you take care, be with everyone, I don’t want you to come out and fall in some problem. She agreed.

Kangana went to the room and called someone. The person did not answer. Ravish came to her and asked why did you get shocked. She said if anyone comes in a girl’s room this way. He said sorry, dinner is ready.

She thinks of Kalindi’s dead body. She was about to slip on the stairs. Ravish held her and asked why are you lost, you would have fallen down now. She said Madhav asked for new bedtime story every night, I was thinking that and she left.

Dadi Bua asked Sujata if Bhoomi had eaten. Sujata said no. Ankit said this looks strange,am scared, how would i eat. Vividha said we should have courage. Ravish and Kangana came. Madhav run around. Dadi asked him to have food. Vividha said stop it now Madhav.

Ravish said he is a kid, let him be, let him play. Madhav continued. Guddi scolded Madhav for not listening to anyone. Madhav said I did mistake. Guddi said you have been breaking things since morning, playing doesn’t mean doing loss, you won’t get this plane, have food. Madhav asked for his plane.

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Kangana took the plane from Guddi and said don’t talk to Madhav this way next time. Vividha asked Kangana who are you to talk in between. Kangana said you called me your sister, Madhav is close to me. Vividha said I am his mum, we all know what’s good for Madhav, Guddi will stop Madhav if it’s for his own good. Kangana said sorry and left.

She called someone and said I did not do mistake, I could not control myself, none saw my reaction except Vividha, nothing went wrong. The man asked her not to underestimate Vividha. She said Ravish reached Kalindi’s grave, no need to worry, I can’t do anything tonight. She heard Vividha.

Vividha said I have seen how she looked at me, like she wants to kill me. She smiled. She went to see. Vividha said I am scared of that girl, if she does anything to Madhav. Ravish asked why will she hurt Madhav, she loves Madhav. Atharv said yes. Vividha said she is just a problem. Ravish said I know we are worried for Vipul and Kalindi’s state, but it doesn’t mean we lose our senses, how can we make her go out of our house.

Atharv said yes, we have to support each other. She said she is coming close to you, that’s why you are taking his side. Ravish asked what are you saying. She said she is fooling both of you, she has made a place in Atharv’s house. Ravish said Kangana is a nice girl.

Vividha said she wears short clothes and goes to Atharv, I checked her bathroom taps, it was fine, she came wearing bathrobe and stuck it in the door. Ravish asked why did Atharv go to Kangana, why did he not call Vividha. Atharv said you are saying I am doing this intentionally.

Ravish said like Vividha is pointing finger at Kangana, I can point finger at you. Atharv asked did you go mad. Ravish asked why are you angry, tell us if you have interested in Kangana.

Atharv said why will I be interested, I am a happily married man, you tell us if you are interested. Ravish asked him to shut up, you are crossing your limits and they argued. Vividha and Sujata looked on. Kangana smiled seeing them. Ravish and Atharv shouted and argued.

Vividha stopped them. The man on the call heard their arguments. Kangana thinks this family is breaking, now I will make them ruin things. Vividha stopped Atharv and took him to the room. Sujata also took Ravish to his room.

They all met. Atharv said sorry, I got rude in acting. Ravish said I also misbehaved a lot. Vividha smiled. Atharv and Vividha were doubting on Kangana’s deeds. She asked is Kangana behind Kalindi’s disappearance and Vipul’s death.

Atharv said I have a plan, we will act and not show her that we are doubting on her, we wants differences and tension to create between us, we will act such. They saw Kangana coming. They started acting and argued. Kangana smiled seeing them. They also smile.

Sujata asked Kangana to tell something to Vividha and Atharv. Kangana actef sweet. Vividha said I have seen what you did. Kangana thinks it won’t take much time to break them. Ravish said Kangana should not know we are acting. Atharv said then her confidence will get high, she will make some mistake.


The Episode started with Ravish and Atharv asking did we do good acting. Vividha said Kangana heard you. Sujata said it’s good I have sent Madhav to have icecream with Ankit. Vividha heard Kangana and saw her with Ankit and Madhav outside.

She said I am scared, if she does anything to Madhav. Atharv said no, she won’t do anything to Madhav. She asked how can you be sure. He recalled Kangana giving toy to Madhav and said I think Madhav is a part of her plan, we have to find her motives.

Kangana took care of Madhav. He played around. The bangle box fell. She said it’s fine. He got her bangle and asked what’s this green pipe inside. She worriedly took it back and said its not for your use, you see your plane. He said it did not crash.

She asked him to sit. She said your hair got rough, tell your mum to take care of you. He said my mumma loves me a lot. Kangana asked is it, wait. She gave him a chocolate and asked who loves you more, tell me, me or mummy. Madhav said my mumma loves me a lot and runs.

Vividha said I hope she trusts our drama. Ravish said we have to make her sure. Atharv said she will agree to us. Madhav said mumma loves me more. Kangana called him out. Vividha and everyone heard her. Atharv and Vividha argued and acted. Madhav asked why are you fighting. Vividha said we are not fighting. He sae Ravish in the bathroom and asked what are you doing here. Ravish asked him to be quiet.

Sujata stopped Atharv and Vividha from arguing. Madhav asked why are they arguing. Ravish said we are playing a game, don’t tell anyone that I am hiding here. Madhav asked him to hold his toffee and look that way. Sujata saw Kangana and asked her to see how they are fighting, maybe they listen to you.

Kangana acted good. Vividha said I regarded you sister, what did you do, don’t talk to me. Madhav took his toffee back. Ravish said promise me, you won’t tell anyone I am hiding here. Madhav said fine.

Ravish opened the chocolate wrapper and made him eat the toffee. Madhav came out. Vividha said I will make Madhav sleep. Kangana said he likes to hear stories from me, if you permit, shall I make him sleep. Vividha said fine. Kangana thinks it’s easy to break them.

She asked Madhav to get ready, I will tell a new story today. She asked Madhav how did he eat the chocolate when he doesn’t know how to open the wrapper. Madhav said Ravish knows it. She said but Ravish was not in the room. Madhav recalled Ravish’s words and said I mean Ravish taught me and they left.

Ravish talked to Atharv and Vividha. She said that man came to take Kangana. Atharv said maybe there was some connection. Ravish said I don’t think she will plan something. Vividha said sorry, we have to say this in front of you, knowing you have feelings for Kangana. Atharv said maybe we are wrong.

Ravish said I am glad you kept your doubt in front of me, nothing is important to me than family. Vividha said all strange things are happening, I got scared seeing all this. Atharv and Vividha told him about Kangana.

Vividha said Kangana is trying to get close to Atharv, she does it with timing so that I see her, it can’t be a coincidence. Ravish said it means, she wanted us to fight. Atharv said yes, we have to continue it. Sujata said it means she can do anything with us. Ravish said Kangana should not doubt that we are doing drama.

Atharv said yes, she should believe us, then she will make a mistake, we should wait for it. Sujata asked them to sleep now. Sujata and Ravish left.

Atharv said enough of acting today. Vividha said I don’t like to shout on you like this. Atharv asked what’s new, you always do this, you scold me, this is the look I get scared of, change this. She said I will show what’s shouting.

He said I was joking. She asked him to move away. He said I will go and sleep there. She gave him a pillow. He said I am going. He rested on the couch. She slept on the bed. He saw her and went to sleep on the bed. They smiled.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Thursday, 12th August 2021

It’s morning, Vividha said Kangana is coming. Atharv asked her to be ready. Kangana greeted them. Vividha initiated an argument. Dadi Bua asked what happened. Guddi said I think there is a fight between Vividha and Atharv. He said yes, Vividha always fights. Sujata said their nok jhok went on. Atharv said I have to make an important announcement, there is a party in our house tonight.

Sujata asked him to think about Bhoomi. Atharv said I know, it’s a professional party, we have to give it. Ravish said you should have told them that party can’t happen, we had death in our house. Atharv said business doesn’t run on sentiments, you are part of business and you know this. Ravish said I am part of this family too, there won’t be any party, wait for 2-3 days, then keep the party.

Atharv asked what nonsense, he is NRI client. Ravish asked him to explain to them, they will understand. Atharv said they won’t understand. Vividha asked him to explain to them. Atharv said none from my family died. They all look at him. Atharv said Vipul was not part of my family. Ravish said he was my brother.

Atharv talked bad about Vipul. Kangana smiled. Atharv reminded Vipul was Kalindi’s son, because of whom Ravish lost Suman. Ravish said we all know who killed my mum. Atharv asked what do you mean to say, don’t do anything that you need to regret. Ravish said one who speaks the truth does not need to regret, I am speaking the truth. Sujata stopped them.

Dadi asked what’s happening. Atharv said Vipul died, life won’t stop for him, party will happen, you all will come. Ravish asked did you think about family safety, we don’t know who killed Vipul, anyone can enter the house, say Kangana. She agreed with him.

Ravish said there won’t be any party. Atharv said fine if there is risk, but party will happen in the evening and he left. Kangana smiled. Ravish and Vividha saw Kangana. Kangana talked to someone and said they all are fools here, there will be many people at the party, none will know they gave me another chance, I was waiting for this night. She saw the hairpin and smiled.

Vividha turned to see. Someone followed her and she became shocked