Jaana Na Dil Se Door Thursday, 2nd September 2021 Episode started with Ravish saying I will do what my heart says, what I feel right. Vividha asked what do you think is right. Ravish asked don’t you know. Atharv said we are right, we want to have Madhav, we want to know what you want to do.

Ravish said I remember the day when I got Madhav home, we kept Madhav’s name as Madhav as you wanted to name your child Madhav, I am with you, its obvious. Atharv and Vividha thanked him and left.

Guddi came and asked him to answer her. He asked what happened, what are you saying. She said I am asking about our engagement, it just became a question, can you answer me. He said we spoke about this before, what do you want to talk now.

She said I have reason to raise this question again, I heard your promise, why can’t I see, you are my fiance, and spend time with Kangana, you don’t try to talk to me, your commitment and promise just got trapped in words.

He said I can’t explain to you. She asked why can’t you see my wound, you just find Kangana everywhere. He said you are thinking much wrong, I promised you.

She said I know you will keep your promise, but I don’t want to live life as a favor of promise, I want this relation to be kept by love, not promise, do you want to keep this relation by heart. Ravish said yes, I want to live my life with you.

She hugged him and said I need your support and love, nothing else, none should come between us. He saw Kangana sitting alone in the lawn. Atharv said it will be good if we get Ravish’s support.

He saw Khushi sleeping on the ground and said I will make her sleep on the bed. Vividha said I will sit with her, let her be, her sleep will spoil. Khushi held her hand. They slept by Khushi’s side.

It’s morning, Guddi gave juice glass to Ravish. He said thanks, I am done. She said please. He took the glass. Atharv said I don’t want you to faint in court, have some food.

Guddi said if anyone’s support is there in life, it’s good, thanks Ravish for supporting everyone, I am sure we will win this case. Atharv said come, we will go to court. Sujata said the Lord is with you two.

Kangana came and said I can’t see you all worried, we can have out of court settlement, I will draw tge case back. Vividha scolded her for thinking she will win this case and take Madhav.

Atharv said we won’t give Madhav, Kangana we are ready to write this and give. Vividha said you spoke of court, now every talk will happen in the court. They left. Kangana looked Ravish.

They all went out. Kangana told the man that she is alone, fighting the case. Ravish looked on. They all reached the court. Court hearing started. Atharv’s lawyer interrogated Kangana. Kangana told everything to the judge. Vividha told something to Atharv.

Atharv went to the lawyer and told him something. Kangana saw them and said I should get Madhav, he is my son. Lawyer asked Kangana does she think she can give better upbringing to Madhav.

Kangana said yes. Lawyer asked her about her rehab stay for long time. Kangana said yes, I needed counselling as my child was snatched from me.

Lawyer said you have killed three people, is this not true that you used to have sharp hair pin, which you dipped in poison and killed people, did you not try to kill Atharv and Vividha, you have put chemical on ground so that they fall down and die, is this not true.

Kangana’s lawyer said Kangana is free of all blames now, she is totally normal now. Atharv’s lawyer said fine, Kangana did not get punished, as laws don’t punish any mentally unstable person, you are in your senses now, you tell us where is Madhav’s betterment, to stay with you or that family.

Kangana said yes, I am fine now, I can give good upbringing to my son. The lady said happy family is one where child is secure, where family members are there, you are alone, is this not true, your fiance has left you, you got to know about your pregnancy when you were in medical care.

Kangana said that was my past, I can give anything to my son now.

Lawyer asked her to say aloud, she is single now. Kangana cried. Lawyer asked are you single or not. Kangana’s lawyer objected.

Lawyer said Kangana wants to move from good family, giving him to Kangana who is alone, who was ill before, is this not wrong for a child’s future, you filed child custody case, you have to answer.

even her husband is not with her, how can she manage the child, it’s about child’s future. Kangana became tensed. She fainted in the witness box.


The Episode started with Kangana drinking water and crying. Judge gave the next date of hearing. Atharv and everyone looked on. They all left.

It’s night, Sujata gave prasad to everyone. Vividha said we felt bad when Kangana fainted, but she made us reach here, we don’t have sympathy for her.

Atharv said it won’t be easy. Dadi said I did not like her, she used to see everyone as wild cat, if Lord blesses, Madhav will stay with us always. Madhav came and said I am hungry.

Atharv said we will have dinner, what will you have. Madhav said big cheese burger, where is Kangana aunty.

Vividha asked Madhav to help Atharv in making burger. Atharv got burger for Madhav and Khushi. He asked for Khushi. Madhav said she is there.

Atharv asked her to come. Vividha said today I will feed Madhav, I could not focus on my Madhav for many days, now Madhav is just ours. Madhav said you do lots of drama, I don’t understand.

They smiled. Atharv said I am feeling bad for Kangana, as she is also a mum. He asked Khushi to come and have food.

He said this is called food. They all looked on. Atharv asked Khushi to say. Khushi tried. They smiled hearing her voice. Atharv said atleast it started somehow. She picked the burger and ate.

Vividha asked for Ravish. Atharv said he went to setup a new gym, he will come soon. Vividha said we will start Ravish and Guddi’s marriage arrangements, we will shop for her lahenga first. Guddi became shy and went to the room.

She saw Ravish’s pic and said you made me wait a lot, always calm, not romantic, are all army men such rude, once we marry, I will tell you smile and laughing aloud too.

Ravish came and asked what else will you teach Guddi. He came to her and held her. She smiled and run to the window. She thinks of their moments.

Ravish held her face. Her imagination ended. She looked around. Vividha saw Madhav and Khushi playing. Sujata went to Vividha. She asked what happened. Vividha said I was thinking of Kangana, will she not come back, she did not come home, did she lose and went away.

Atharv said I won’t say anything about her, maybe she feels she can’t win this case, so she went, I called her, her phone was switched off, I called generally, maybe she wants to be alone. Vividha said I want her shadow not to fall on our life.

It’s morning, Vividha got Madhav downstairs. Dadi joked on Guddi, who is eager to become Ravish’s wife. Sujata said engagement happened, Guddi has right to ask.

Vividha asked Guddi to drop Madhav at the school bus, your marriage arrangements will begin in the evening, Kangana did not come back, we have to meet the lawyer. Madhav shouted see Ravish got married.

They all became shocked seeing Ravish and Kangana married. Guddi became shattered. Ravish told Vividha that she has always trusted his decisions, why can’t she trust him today. Vividha scolded him and said you have ruined our lives.

Ravish said whatever I did, I know you all are annoyed, you think I have cheated you all, I know you hate Kangana, I just want to tell you, just trust me like always, accept Kangana as this house’s bahu.

Ravish said I am missing my mum today, I think she would have accepted me and Kangana. Sujata cried and said I have promised you, you will never miss your mum.

Vividha said we will welcome Kangana, but not by lighting diya. She blew off the diya.


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