Madhav To Deal With Kailash. Jaana Na Dil Se Door Thursday, 7 October 2021: Episode 334


Jaana Na Dil Se Door Thursday, 7 October 2021 Episode started with Kailash saying it’s your marriage, see these decorations and my face’s happiness, I am happy as my daughter has come back and will stay in a good family with respect, you will forget everything, this is a good thing. Vividha smiled and clapped.

She said you did a good planning, did you leave to do this planning, I am already married to Atharv Sujata, I have a daughter and son too, you really got mad while acting mad, I came here to take my son, I will take him and leave, if you see my family, I will kill you.

Atharv hugged Madhav’s school bag and saw his things. He recalled Madhav. He thinks I promised I will never leave you alone, don’t know what to do, I don’t know where you are, where to find you, where are you Vividha.

Kangana imagined Madhav. She cried and recalled Khushi. She thinks why did I not think this before, I know where Madhav is. She went out and hired an auto and left. Vividha called out Madhav. Kailash stopped her and asked her not to be childish, try to hear more about the guy once, you will forget everyone, he is one in a million. She asked Madhav to come out and looked for him.

Atharv said this is Madhav’s favorite car, if he comes back, he will try to find the remote. He looked for the remote. He found the remote in a burnt state. Vividha asked Madhav to come out. Kailash said the guy is very rich, listen. She asked him to stop his nonsense. Kangana came somewhere and looked for Madhav and she cried.

Vividha said this won’t happen, I am married, I will not remarry, if you force me, you will be badly caught, stop this drama. She hits the kalash pot. Kailash said this is abshagun, I have brought this puja plate for you, if you are Madhav’s mum, it’s bad for him, you take Madhav, if anything happens to him, then what, I am worried for you, have some water, I will not tell anything, don’t think I am threatening you, just have this. She drank the water.

Atharv looked around in the burnt room. He found a wallet and checked it. He said why is Kailash having this card, even the address is wiped off, where will he be. Vividha met Madhav and hugged him. She asked are you fine. He said yes, that bad uncle scared me and said he will kill you. She said nothing will happen, come we will go home to Atharv. She toom him. Kangana looked for Madhav and recalled. Flashback showed Kangana asking Kailash how can I do this. He asked her to take risk, he will support her. She said I will do anything to get my son.

He said I will get your son, you should get him, they did a big mistake to steal your son, you should punish them. She agreed and asked why are you helping me. He said everything is not done for profits, some things are done for person’s dreams, I have to fulfill my dream, Vividha did some mistakes in the past and I think she should rectify it, you go to her house, everything has a time destined, you will get your son there. Kangana said what does he want, why is he doing this to me, he wanted Vividha to remarry, Vividha went to Atharv after marrying Ravish, what does he want now.

Vividha asked Kailash to open the lock. Kailash said this door won’t open. She said I will call the police, the police will open the door. Kailash asked her to use the landline. She became dizzy. Madhav asked what happened. Kailash smiled. He asked her why does she not understand him, he has no option and had to do this. He said I don’t lose, I just like winning, so I can’t hear your no, it’s the effect of this water. She asked Madhav not to worry. Madhav asked her to open eyes. Vividha fainted.

It’s morning, Vividha was not in her senses. The girls made her ready as the bride. Kailash sent the girls and talked to Vividha. He said the day has come, you will get happiness, you are not valuing me, just marry once and then see, you will say I did this for good, you will be very happy, understand this, I got you married before also, just marry now. She said it’s wrong, I am already married. He said I agree, but you did a mistake, it’s not called marriage, it’s time to rectify the mistake, I will not let you miss this chance. Madhav got angry hearing him. Kailash told her about the guy Vivek, his parents are no more, none will trouble you there. She said Atharv will come, you just see, he won’t let this happen and Kailash left. Madhav said I have to save mumma, what do i do, I will call Papa.

Atharv said it means Kailash went to Ajmer with Vividha and Madhav, but why. Kangana said he wanted to get Vividha married to someone. Kailash said Atharv was given slow poison, he would have gone to heaven by now. Atharv fell unconscious.