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Jaana Na Dil Se Door Thursday, 9th September 2021 started with Atharv saying we can’t trust Kailash. Sujata said we should be proud of Vividha, she is not turning away from a daughter’s duty.

She said Vividha, we should send him to the hospital for his better treatment. Ravish said yes, he will be taken care of and treated. Vividha said he won’t go anywhere, he will stay here with me. Kailash told Dadi that he has seen her somewhere, does he know her.

Dadi cried. Vividha said whatever wrong he did, I can’t forget he is my dad.Kangana said Vividha he did wrong with me also, I have tolerated this for many years, he has snatched my son from me, how can you keep him here, did you forget what he did.

Vividha asked what would you do if this happened with your dad, you fought for your child, would you not fight for your dad. Kangana said he is not my dad, he is not suitable to stay here. Vividha said I don’t care, if you all have problem, I will take him and go Ajmer.

Atharv asked will you leave me, Madhav and Khushi for this man, who kept our daughter like an animal. Vividha said I don’t know, but I want to do this, I feel this is right.Atharv said he is breaking our family, I will not leave him.

Vividha asked him to stop it. Atharv asked what are you doing, after much difficulty, we got our life, this man will ruin everything. She asked what do you want me to do, tell me. Sujata said we should send him the to hospital.

Dadi said yes, Sujata is saying right, Kailash is my son before being your dad, after seeing his tortures, it’s impossible for him to stay here. Vividha said this can’t happen.

Ravish said I don’t trust this man, I am concerned for you all. Atharv said we can’t trust him, he will repeat history, when we got happiness, he ruined our happiness, now we got happiness again.

Kangana is giving us our child back, she decided to take the case back, if this man comes back, everything will be ruined. Vividha asked is it true, is Madhav mine forever?. He said yes.

Kangana said no, if this man stays here, I will not withdraw my case. They all became shocked. Kangana said it was tough for me to take this decision, I thought it’s okay if Vividha raises Madhav, I will stay in this family, if Kailash stays here, I don’t want Vividha to raise Madhav, Vividha you decide what do you want, Madhav or this man.

Atharv asked Vividha why does she not understand. Kailash can’t stay here. Vividha said he can’t harm us, he is not in his senses. He said Kangana took the case back, you heard what she said, if Kailash stays here, she won’t give Madhav to us.

Kailash has ruined Kangana’s life too, she can prove it in court that this mad man is dangerous for kids, if he is acting, he is dangerous for us, I will ask Ravish to put him in any good mental asylum. She cried.Madhav and Khushi looked Kailash. Madhav laughed.

Sujata asked them to go to their room, she will get icecream. She went to Kailash. Kailash acted mad. She recalled Kailash’s words. Dadi came. Sujata said I don’t believe he is the same Kailash, he has lost his senses but ego is still the same.

Dadi said person has to bear for his doings in life. Sujata said we should inform Uma. Dadi said no, Uma is not well, she will get worried if we tell her, you know this man has hurt Uma a lot, now we won’t bear him, I spoke to Ravish and Atharv, they said we will tell Uma about him at the right time.Ravish came there.

Kailash shouted I am a king. Ravish said people from the rehab came to take him. He asked Kailash to come. Kailash asked him to walk behind. Vividha said we just spoke, why did they come so soon. Atharv said we did the arrangements.

Atharv asked the rehab men to take Kailash. Kailash stopped them, acting mad. They caught Kailash. Kailash shouted that they have made this plan to send him away. Vividha asked the men to leave him. Ravish said relax, you can visit him.

They took Kailash into the van. Vividha cried and recalled Kailash.Precap:Kailash opened the van door and jumped down. Vividha shouted Papa and run to him. She said Kailash won’t go anywhere.

Ravish asked her to let them do their work, he can’t stay here. Vividha said I will decide what’s right and what’s wrong for him. Ravish, Atharv and Kangana became irritated.


The Episode started with Kailash jumping down the van. Vividha shouted Papa and run to him. She held Kailash and said none will take him. Ravish asked her to let the ward boys take him. Kailash said I won’t go.

Vividha said no one will do anything. Ravish said he doesn’t know what’s right and wrong for him, let him go. Vividha said I know, I will decide what’s right and what’s wrong for him. Kangana asked her where will she keep Kailash. Vividha asked them to give her 24 hours to decide. She asked Ankit to help.

They took Kailash.Guddi asked Madhav and Khushi what were they doing. Vividha asked Ankit to get aid. Madhav asked who is that uncle. Guddi said no one, take Khushi inside. Vividha turned Kailash. Khushi tried to see. Madhav took Khushi inside.

Kailash talked mad while she did the aid. She took care of him. She shaved his beard and gave him a bath. She recalled Kailash taking care of her and fed him. She made him sleep. Ankit and Guddi came there and looked at Kailash.

Vividha said he is better now, he got hurt, tell me honestly, do you two think I did mistake by letting Papa stay here, look at him, he is behaving like a baby.

I know he did wrong with all of us, but we can’t forget he is our dad, he managed us well when we were young, now we have to manage him, we don’t have to behave badly with him like he did, are you with me.

Ankit said yes, you did right. Guddi said no, he is such a man because of whom my life got ruined, I was almost dead and lost my face, this happened because of this man and left. Vividha said I wish dad did not do this with us.

Atharv showed the old age home near the house. Vividha said I checked, there is no 24 by 7 nurse. He asked what’s the problem, I gave all the lists of rehabs and old age homes, you don’t like all.

She said he needs good water, food, care. He said you are just pointing the flaws. She said sorry, I did not say I won’t send, I will send him to a good place. He asked what’s the solution then. Sujata said I have a way.They came to meet some baba.

Baba asked Sujata not to worry, I know such people who lose mental balance, I will take Kailash to my ashram, there are doctors available. Kangana talked to Ravish and said yes, I understood.

Ravish said I got a call from Madhav’s school, we have to submit TC, it’s last date, I am busy. She asked how do we leave the children alone. He asked her to please do it and ended the call.She looked Madhav and Khushi.

She told Madhav that she has important work, she has to go, can they stay alone at home. Madhav said I am smart, I won’t be scared, I remember everyone’s number. Kangana said good, you can call anyone of us.

She looked at Kailash’s room and said be careful, don’t go near that room, don’t let Khushi go and left.Madhav asked who is that uncle. Goons entered the house. Madhav and Khushi were playing. Goon caught Madhav.

The Goon said last time this boy got saved, we will take the kids this time. Khushi hid. She run and threw the Frisbee. The goon got hit. Madhav pushed the goon and run. Madhav called Vividha. She answered. Goon toom phone and disconnected.

Vividha said Guddi called me and now she is not answering. Goon said this boy is acting smart. Madhav said I am smart, that girl is my sister, if anyone touches her, I will not leave anyone. Khushi hid under the bed.

Goon looked for her. Madhav shouted leave me. Goon said we will rob this house and go, tell us where did your mum hide the money. Vividha asked Atharv to drive faster. Madhav recalled Kangana’s words.

He thinks of Kailash. He showed Kailash’s room.

Precap:Goon took a knife and scared Madhav. They saw Kailash. Vividha and Kangana knocked the door. Atharv and everyone got in. They became shocked seeing them.


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