Jaana Na Dil Se Door Tuesday, 21 September 2021 Episode started with Kailash saying I am glad Vividha came back home, I was worried for her, now she has come back, you know this planning was done for Atharv and Sujata, my daughter got trapped, Atharv’s fate worked again, don’t know how he get such fate.

I will never spare Atharv. Kangana looked on. Kailash said Atharv will enter the web, but not come out, I will not leave him, I don’t want to waste time, whatever I told you, you have to say this, listen to me carefully. She became dizzy. He asked her to hold the phone in her hand and say whatever he says. 

He said you used to get injections and did not know what to do, you just did what I told you, did not forget, now just do what I say. Kangana recalled begging Kailash for her child. Kailash said you want your child, don’t get scared, sit straight. He injected her and said you will get your child.

He got the injection and said this medicine. She said no…. He said I am telling about it, it gets dangerous for children, your son Madhav can die, what do you want. She said no please. He asked don’t you want to save him, just say what I am saying. She held the phone and recorded her confession as he said.

Guddi asked everyone did they see Kangana. Atharv recalled seeing someone in Kailash’s room. He said Kailas. Kangana cried and said all what Kailash told her to say. Everyone walked to Kailash’s room and they saw him near the cupboard. Vividha asked what is he doing. Sujata said he does strange things.

Atharv said Kangana is not here. Kailash turned and said I am an actor, I am king and can do anything. They all left and tried to find Kangana. Kailash was still with Kangana. Atharv and Vividha kept an eye on Kailash. Kangana apologized to everyone.

Kailash said you are a nice girl, now you go and do what is told to you. Uma said where can Kangana go this way. She looked at Kailash. She entered the room and he starred at her. She thinks, he is looking at me as if he is in his senses, is he really getting fine. He acted mad. He asked her about Kangana.

Uma left. Everyone did not find Kangana. Dadi called them out to come and see fast. Everyone came there. They saw a pendrive. Guddi said this was not here when I came into the room. Atharv asked are you sure about this. Guddi said yes. Atharv looked out in the corridor. He played the video.

Kailash looked on. Kangana told everyone that she can’t stay with them now. Atharv looked at Kailash. Kailash saw him and hid. Kangana said I am leaving from this house forever, how can I stay here where Ravish left his breath, I got less time with Ravish, I met him here.

I fell in love and married him, I feel like I have spent my entire life with him, I can’t bear losing him, he wanted to see everyone happy, when he played with Madhav, he had happiness on his face. She said he was very caring, he loved Atharv the most.

he respected Vividha a lot, he never thought wrong about Vividha, he wanted to show Kailash’s truth to everyone, if I did any mistake, forgive me, you all gave me a lot, thanks. They all looked on.  Precap:Atharv said there is no one here. Sujata and Uma are with Kailash. Vividha said we did not check in the cupboard. Kailash went upstairs. 


The Episode started with Sujata said Kangana was living in pain, I could not bear seeing her like this. Guddi said we all are at home, we did not see her going out, she did not take anything from her room, does anyone go without a purse. Dadi said when person is very disturbed, mind started getting diverted by things, people and words.

Vividha said she went without meeting Madhav, I asked him did Kangana come to meet him, he refused, we know how much she values Madhav, don’t know how did she go without meeting Madhav. Atharv observed Kangana and said look here, she feels like she is looking at someone, it looked like someone is forcing her to say this.

Vividha said just Kailash can force her. Guddi asked how can Papa do this. Uma said he can do this, I don’t find this right, I am doubting on his behavior, I told Vividha about this many times, when Kailash is in front of me, I feel he is doing a drama. Sujata said maybe we feel so as he did bad things.

Uma said no, whatever happened today, my doubt got certain, he was making faces and moving around, he was chewing Saunf, he has a habit to eat Saunf, I used to give it to him, who will give him Saunf here, if he has forgotten everything, how can he remember old thing, when Atharv and Ravish were arguing, he was making two dolls fight.

Atharv recalled. She said he made a funeral pyre when Vividha said Ravish has to go over her dead body. Dadi recalled and told about Kailash using three spoons for three bowls. Guddi said you are saying right, Papa used to wash in the plate after having food, he is doing same, I have seen him doing yoga asan after having food. Atharv said it means he is acting.

Vividha said such a big cheat, just Kailash can do this, he has kidnapped Kangana. Sujata said Kangana’s life can be in danger. Atharv said seeing the video, I feel she is given drugs. Uma asked him to go and ask the truth from Kailash, just you have the courage.

Vividha said no, you won’t go anywhere, stay here, if he knows our plan, he will be alert, we have to find Kangana. Kailash tried to hear them. Vividha said if we threaten him, he can do anything, he can kill Kangana, we have to be calm and think of elders. Sujata said yes. Atharv asked do you now agree.

Kailash said I will get ready for drama. He entered their room and acted mad. Guddi and everyone acted as if they don’t care for Kangana. Atharv said good thing is we have Madhav, we should not worry for Kangana. Dadi said she was a problem for us, I did not like her. Vividha said I don’t care for her.

Kailash thinks they are fools and think Kangana really went and he went out. Atharv thinks we know Kangana did not go anywhere, we will find her, then I will see you, we all are together now, you can never win over us. It’s morning, Uma kept an eye on Kailash. Sujata too stayed around. Uma signalled Sujata.

Atharv and Vividha went inside Kailash’s room and tried to find out Kangana. Kailash acted mad and talked to Sujata. He went upstairs. Sujata gave him milk and stopped him. She signalled Uma. Kailash drank the milk. Vividha said we did not check the cupboard. Kailash went upstairs. Sujata signalled Uma.

Uma acted to be cleaning up the place. Kailash saw Uma and went to his room. Vividha went to open the cupboard.  Precap:Vividha said I have to go back to jail. Atharv asked Vividha not to think anything. Vividha said we have no time to find clue against Papa. He said we have courage.


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