Amazing Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt2, 25th May 2021: Episode 147

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

Suman says Vividha was only caring for Atharv, because she loves him, she never for once thought of Ravish once. The puja she did was only for Atharv. Ravish tells Suman to calm down. Suman weeps uncontrollably and said, people always cheat us but we trusted them again and again only to get fooled more.

this woman came here with her son, you took him as your brother and wanted to give him  his rights, and even me. I stood with Sujata when Atharv was battling for his life. But Sujata never for once thought about telling me this big secret. And as for Vividha, I don’t even know what to tell her.  

Ravish tells Suman to listen to him. how could history repeat? Suman asks. I did not wish to go through this, she continued. why is this happening? why….  Sujata would now be happy. She succeeded in snatching my husband, and now her son has snatched my son’s source of happiness. Ramakant did not love me because you were in his life, and today my daughter in law does not love my son. Sujata and Vividha weep.

I wanted to tell you everything, Vividha said. but I couldn’t. I’m sorry. Suman gets angry and slaps her. such a big cheat? She shouts and raises hand again to slap her but Ravish comes in between, while Atharv holds Suman’s hand and pleads with her not to beat her.  

Ravish tells Suman, Vividha did not intentionally cheat me or hurt me. its wasn’t her fault. She lied to us, Suman said. But Ravish defended her saying she didn’t lie nor cheat. I told her not to tell anyone. Suman gets shocked hearing this. Did you know all this? She asks. And how come you didn’t tell me. Ravish was about to explain but Suman leaves. Vividha cries and Atharv asks why she is crying.

They all return home. Vividha kept crying and said. Sujata loved me a lot. but I have hurt her a lot. Sujata consoles Vividha. She always stood with me, but am not sure the pain I have seen in her eyes and heart will ever vanish. I don’t know when her wounds will heal. Sujata tells her the wounds will surely heal. The entire family knows the truth now. Suman got hurt, and the question is, what will you do now? Vividha begins thinking.

Ravish talks with Suman. He tells her, I was trying to save you from this pain, I knew you would break down when you hear about Atharv and Vividha. Atharv was my responsibility, so how could I tell you this? its all fate, it’s no one’s mistake. it’s not Atharv and Vividha’s mistake, she never made any promise to me.

 she doesn’t love me, she did not wish to marry me.  Kailash planned all this. She tells her to marry me for the sake of Atharv’s life. So she only married me to save Atharv. she told me the truth, she did not know who she was marrying, she just married me for Atharv’s sake, she is not wrong. Vividha looks on.

 We are such people who curse our fate for other people’s mistakes. How can I put your pain on time and fate? Ravish asks what pain? there is no pain, I knew Vividha is of Atharv, not mine. Suman says you learnt this from me to compromise with life. you know I never wished to make you compromise in life. 

Suman sees Ramakant’s picture and says, don’t know if you joked with me or my fate, but you would have thought that Suman has endured a lot. there is a tradition in this house that couples do not stay happy in marriage.  it’s all about fate. I have to live with such a daughter inlaw who does not love my son. it’s the biggest failure for a mother. She cries. Vividha says no Maa, you will not have to live like this, I can’t get your forgiveness. I have no right to stay between good people like you.  I broke your trust. And I have to bear the consequences. There is no need to live against my will. I have decided to leave with Sujata and Atharv.

 no, Ravish said. you know very well that I can’t let this happen. Atharv is my brother and my responsibility also.  I knew you wanted to make everything fine, Vividha said.  I would have gone if I could leave Atharv. but you know Atharv can’t live without me, and I can’t stay here also. you all deserve to be happy. so it will be good if we leave. Ravish says listen… She said. I ‘m taking Atharv away from the house, not you. I can’t make two loving brothers away, but I don’t want to hurt Suman the more. Ravish says I want to say…. Suman tells him to  let them go.

Sujata and Atharv pack their belongings.  bags. Atharv asks, where are we going? we have to leave soon, Vividha said. Sujata says I’m saying this again, this is your house and family, stay here. Atharv and I will leave, but Atharv said, I will not leave Vividha here. Vividha tells her, you know this can’t happen.  it’s just us now, not ‘me.’ life wanted me to get separated from Atharv and make me just Vividha. but fate has brought  us back together.

 the same names are always put together. Vividha and Atharv are one of them. I can’t leave Atharv alone, when I have hurt this family a lot. Sujata says no, you can apologize and start a new life. I can see Ravish’s eyes having love for you.

 Vividha says I will always love Atharv, it will be unjust with Ravish, you know the truth, my life starts with Atharv and ends Atharv. She then apologizes to Sujata. She asks Sujata and Atharv to come with her. Dadi Bua comes and tells them that no one will go anywhere.

Precap: Dadi Bua calls a lawyer. The lawyer tells them he has come to present Ramakant’s will. Ravish reads Ramakant’s letter to Vividha. Ramakant writes… Vividha I hope you do your duty as an elder daughter-in-law of this house. They get shocked.


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