Jaana Na Dil Se Door Tuesday, 5 October 2021 Episode started with the Inspector saying Kailash is alive. Vividha said how did he manage this. Inspector said the bomb was detonated by a remote, not a timer.

Atharv said Kailash did not get saved by luck, this was his planning, he started that timer in front of us, it was fake, he knew we will run away from there and he will get a chance to run away, he detonated the bomb when he ran away, he has fooled us once again.

Vividha said he has cheated us, you have some sleep, the doctor said the drugs are strong and Atharv slept.Vividha covered him up. Uma said Kailash has crossed all limit’s, he has proved us wrong, how is Atharv. Vividha said i don’t know what drug was given to him, I don’t know if he slept or fainted.

She asked about Khushi and Madhav. Ankit said Sujata is with them. Uma asked where can Kailash go. Vividha said I don’t know. Uma said when we feel he went away from us, he came back in a worse form, he is becoming a big devil. They heard Kangana.

Kangana asked where is he. Vividha asked who. Kangana said Madhav is no where to be found. Ankit said he was with me. Sujata said he went to Kangana, and now he is not there. Kangana said he came to me and asked for water, he was making me sleep, when I slept, I saw he was nowhere. Vividha asked them to check the lawn. They all shouted Madhav. Atharv was still sleeping.

Everyone did not get Madhav. Vividha saw a red color hand prints on a paper. She checked it and read I am going. They all became shocked. Kangana said he has taken my son. Vividha said don’t worry, this is paint, not blood, I know where he took Madhav, I will not leave him, I will take revenge for everything, none can stop me and she left. Dadi asked her to listen. Vividha left in her car.

It’s morning, Uma and everyone woke Atharv up. Ankit asked the inspector about Kailash. Atharv asked why are they worried, we will get Kailash, it’s good everyone is fine in our family, call Vividha. They told him everything about Madhav. Atharv said you did not stop Vividha from going. Sujata said she was much angry, she left in the car. Guddi said her number is switched off.

Atharv asked why did you not tell me. Uma said we could not think. He said Kailash kidnapped Madhav, you did not tell me. They all said we tried waking you up, but you did not wake up, Vividha said she knows where Kailash took Madhav, she will get him. He asked them to please leave. Atharv worried thinking how did he sleep for so long. Vividha was seen on the way.

Guddi asked Kangana to have some food. Kangana asked how can I have food, where will Madhav be, where would Vividha be looking for him. Dadi said where did Vividha go, don’t know how is she. Atharv talked to inspector. He said Kailash is dangerous to us, my wife went after him, do something before anything big happens.

The Inspector said okay. Atharv threw his phone away. Sujata stopped Atharv and asked where are you going. Atharv said to get Vividha and Madhav. Sujata said police will find them. He asked what shall I do, shall I wait at home.

Sujata said Vividha also went in anger, we don’t know anything, we should take police help. Atharv asked what shall I do, shall I let Kailash kill Madhav. Khushi asked him to have food. Atharv said no, not now, I have to find Vividha. Sujata said if we get any news, how will we tell you. Khushi brought the food plate and she fed Atharv. He hugged her and everyone smiled. Atharv said I will get your mum, I promise and hugged her.

Vividha shouted Kailash and he came in his real avatar and said I still love you a lot. Vividha said you don’t know love. He said I wanted you to get married in a good family, it’s your marriage tomorrow. She became shocked.


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