Jaana Na Dil Se Door Tuesday, 7th September 2021 Episode started with Atharv saying Madhav will miss Kangana. Vividha said he is my son.

He said Kangana is Madhav’s mum, I am supporting you, but it’s wrong. She said Kangana can’t become a mum, shall I send Madhav with her. Kangana said I did this for Madhav. Ravish said you are not helpless, you are clever.

Vividha said she is not helpless, she is very clever, she wants to snatch my son. Atharv said we have to be careful and use mind, not heart.

Ravish said I always heard my heart and never gave place to regretting, today you are making me regret, you cheated me twice.

Atharv said Kangana cheated us many times, we have to take every step carefully, Kangana is Madhav’s biological mum, it’s wrong to separate her from her son.

Kangana said I gave birth to Madhav, what’s wrong to get him. Ravish said wrong is to cheat people, how long will you cheat people. She said till I get my son.

Vividha said fine, tell her she can meet Madhav, I have no problem. Atharv left. Ravish said now if Atharv and Vviidha get ready to let you meet Madhav, I will see that you don’t see Madhav, I will tell your truth to everyone.

Kangana said no Ravish and he left. She said no, Ravish can’t tell truth to everyone. Vividha said no, this can’t happen and run out of the room. Atharv was in the corridor. Vividha run to stop him.

Kangana run to stop Ravish. She held his feet and stopped him. Vividha held Atharv’s hand and stopped him. Ravish asked Kangana to leave his leg. Kangana asked him not to say anything. He said you mean after doing all this, I should lie to them.

She begged. Vividha asked Atharv not to tell anything to Kangana, Madhav said he likes Kangana, if he loves her then. Kangana said I just did this for Madhav, trust me, I did acting, but whatever doctor said was true.

Ravish said I don’t trust you now. Atharv said I know you are feeling bad, what will we answer Madhav. Vividha said once I get custody, I will not stop her. Ravish said you have fooled me, you just used me.

Kangana said I know it’s tough to trust me, but please trust me. She cried and asked him to trust his instinct, does he not see love for Madhav in her eyes.

Vividha said Madhav is our son. Kangana said I would have not told you truth even today, how would you know then, I did not wish to cheat you, just get me my Madhav.

I promise I will go away, I will not stop you all from meeting Madhav, I believe now Madhav is our son. Ravish said leave my hand. She left his hand. Atharv hugged Vividha.

Ravish took pillow and asked Kangana not to hope that he will stay in the room with her. She said our case can fall weak, please understand.

He said there is a limit to become selfish, now I have a doubt to trust you or not, are you a good mum for Madhav or not, you should care for my doubt, not others. She requested. He slept on the sofa.

It’s morning, Vividha cooked food. Guddi came. Vividha tried to talk to her and helped. Guddi taunted her. Vividha said you are my sister. Guddi said you remember this, I am surprised, you just care for yourself.

Sujata came and saw them arguing. Guddi said you just think of yourself, you don’t have place for anyone in your heart and mind. Vividha said I wanted to come to talk, but did not understand. Guddi said you left me alone to die.

Sujata said it’s not like that. Vividha said I want your happiness. Guddi asked her can she get Ravish back, then stop acting to care for my happiness.

Vividha said enough, I am trying to talk well, you are behaving rude, what happened to you, did you think about me. Guddi said why should everything be about you, do you have any word bigger than selfish.

Vividha said enough, I don’t need to say what I did for you, don’t call me selfish. Sujata asked them to stop it. Atharv came and looked on. Vividha and Guddi left. Atharv said I know, Vividha is worried and afraid to lose Madhav.

Khushi tore the papers. Madhav packed his bag. Vividha asked Khushi to have food. Madhav said I have gotten ready. Vividha said wait for 2 mins. She asked Khushi to have food fast.

Madhav’s school bus came. He said I will miss school bus. Vividha asked him to wait. Madhav said I missed my school bus. Vividha said I will drop you, wait.

She asked Khushi not to throw things and shouted to Atharv. Madhav said it’s my book. Kangana came and saw them.

She said come Madhav, I will drop you. Vividha shouted at her, asking her to leave. Kangana left. Atharv looked on.

Vividha asked Atharv to see what Khushi did, Madhav’s school bus waa missed, I will drop Madhav to school and come, what all shall I see alone. Ravish and Sujata came and looked on.

Vividha asked Kangana not to go near Madhav. She took him to school. Madhav Waved bye to Kangana. Atharv looked for Khushi. Sujata and Ravish see Madhav waving to Kangana.


Vividha said Madhav was playing here. Atharv said I made him sleep. She said how could you make him sleep alone, if Kangana takes him then. She run and stopped Kangana. Kangana asked what did I do.


The Episode started with Kangana trying to help Ravish. He said I don’t want to talk to her. Kangana’s bracelet got stuck to his watch. Ankit saw them. Ravish freed her bracelet.

Kangana apologized. Ankit left. Ravish also left. Vividha dropped Madhav to the school. She asked him not to worry, she will come to pick him. He held her hand.

He asked her why is she sad. He danced round and made her smile. Vividha and everyone clapped. Vividha said I will smile and not make sad face. He said I will miss school now, I love you. She said I love you too and he left.

Ankit met his friend. His friend gave him the gun and asked what are your intentions. Ankit recalled Kangana and said she has ruined my sister’s life, I will not leave her. Atharv called out Khushi. She hid from him.

He said I know you are here, Madhav told me you break many things, he asked me to be careful, so I came prepared, where are you. He looked for her and found her.

He said I would have gotten fun playing with Madhav. He sat playing with toys. She saw him and went to play with him. He smiled.

He took the food and said wow, hot parathas. He ate parathas and praised it. She asked for food. He gave her plate and took it back. She looked at him. He asked her to come and have food. She sat on his lap.

He fed her food. She showed her Vividha’s pic. He said I know your mummy has much anger, even I am scared of her. He fed her food. Kangana waited for Madhav and saw the gate. Vividha got Madhav home. Kangana smiled. Madhav sat to have food and liked it.

He missed Kangana. Kangana saw him and smiled. She walked to him. Vividha saw Kangana. She stopped her from holding Madhav and took her away. She scolded Kangana.

Kangana said I did not tell anything, what did I do. Vividha said stop acting innocent, why did you get Madhav to the kitchen and serve him food, you are filling his ears against me and Atharv by feeding food made by me.

Madhav said no, I took the food. Vividha asked Kangana to leave. Kangana said enough, I did not take him anywhere, I am his mum, can’t I see him. Vividha said you can fool anyone, but can’t fool me. Sujata came and looked on. Kangana asked Vividha to stay in limit’s.

Vividha said you don’t know meaning of limit’s. Sujata asked them not to fight in front of Madhav. Vividha said Kangana was feeding Madhav.

Madhav said no, Kangana did not come, I was hungry and could not wait, so I had food. Sujata asked Vividha to see Madhav came himself. Vividha said I told Kangana not to come close, she can’t impress him, I won’t let this happen. She took Madhav with her.

It’s night, Atharv asked Vividha to rest. She asked for Madhav. She said he was here. He said he was playing in the corridor, he slept in the room. She said if Kangana takes him then and she run.

Kangana covered up Madhav and kept his toys. Vividha came and scolded her. Atharv asked her to calm down. Kangana asked what did I do, I was just covering him with sheet, can’t I see him.

Vividha said if I did not had heart, you would have not been here at this time. Ravish looked on.


Vividha said none will talk to me. She prayed in the temple. She got shocked hearing Kailash.


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