jaana na dil se door

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt2, 4th June 2021 episode started with Atharv walking to Vividha. Everyone got shocked. Atharv and Vividha cried. Atharv said I told you I will come back, I have come. Vividha asked Sujata to see Atharv. She cried and hugged Atharv. Everyone saw them. Ravish looked on. Atharv held Vividha. Atharv kissed her forehead. Ravish smiled and turns away.

Atharv held Sujata and hugged her. Sujata cried and said I knew you will come back. Atharv asked her to not to cry. He asked, are you fine, nothing happened to me, see I am standing in front of you, Kailash is not enough to make me lose. Ravish walked to Atharv and smiled. Atharv saw him and asked you? Sorry I don’t recognize you and everyone got shocked.

Atharv asked Sujata about Ravish. Sujata asked, what do you remember? Atharv asked what do you mean, I got hit on the head, I did not lose memory, when there was fight in the temple, I fainted and got myself in the hospital. I thought why did you and Vividha not come to meet me, I understood Kailash did not allow Vividha, I understand now why you did not come, you were doing these arrangements for me here.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt2, 4th June 2021

He greeted Uma. Uma cried and blessed him. Atharv said I am glad you came here, thanks, Kailash tried hard but he forgot his fight is not with humans, but with love and lovers, and even death can’t separate us.

Sujata said you don’t remember anything. Atharv said I remember everything, I got injured, Kailash was dragging Vividha away, what else happened, I remember everything, it maybe one week, pandit said marriage mahurat is till more 5 days, maybe 5 days passed since the temple incident, I remember it.

Everyone got shocked. Atharv asked which is this place in Ajmer, I have never seen it, it’s a good place, is this haveli, sorry I forgot to give my introduction to you. He introduced himself to Ravish as Atharv Sujata. Ravish shook hands and said I am Ravish Va! He looked at Sujata and recalled Atharv’s words. Atharv said you are an army officer. They all looked on shocked.

Atharv said such tight hold of hand can be just of army officer, and it’s written on your face too, sorry who are they all. Ravish said I will say, she is my mum, she is my Dadi Bua, these are my younger sister, Bua, my brother and Bhabhi, this is our house. Atharv says so you gave this house for my and Vividha’s marriage, thanks, its your big favor to give such big house for our marriage. Ravish recalls time spent with Atharv.

Ravish said this was my duty for my brother, I mean every indian is a brother for an army officer. Atharv said definitely. He held Vividha and said I knew you will wait for me, and you did, now I have come back, I will make everything fine, Kailash has beaten me a lot, he just could not kill me. He took a garland and said this garland is for me.

Everyone looked on shocked. Atharv saw Ramakant’s picture there and got shocked. He recalled Ramakant’s words and held his head. He felt dizzy and fainted.

Vividha shouted Atharv and rushed to him. The Doctor checked Atharv. Vividha looked at him. Doctor said he fainted by exertion and tiredness, he will be normal, wait outside, I have to give him injections. Vividha told everyone that I know Atharv will come back, everyone lost hope.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt2, 4th June 2021

I knew he will come, and he has come back, he got completely fine. Sujata said I had trust on my Murari that he can’t snatch my Atharv from me, I did not trust Atharv, he always used to say he will never leave me, but my Murari sent him back by making him fine, how did i do his final rites.

Suman said it’s not your mistake, it’s my mistake, I asked you to do his final rites. Dadi Bua said it’s no ones mistake, we couldn’t find Atharv, we have to think who got him here. Vividha said someone dropped Atharv here.

Sujata said it doesn’t matter, bless that person for getting Atharv back, Atharv got fine, now everything will get fine. Suman said nothing will get like before, many things happened which Atharv doesn’t remember. They all became worried.

Atharv said, I can’t wait more, I want to hurry for marriage, come Vividha. Sujata said Vividha you can’t get married. Atharv got shocked.


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