Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday, 19th April 2021 episode started with Vividha cursing Kailash aloud. Kailash came out of Sujata’s house, all wrapped up in bandages. Sujata was shocked seeing Vividha’s pic. Atharv said I have to go to her. Sujata said come, we have to go far away from her. Atharv said I have to go to her.

Sujata said, whatever happened, it is because of her and her father, she is now blaming you, you are taking her name in madness. Situram asked, where are you going, that way is the main gate of the house. Sujata said, last time we went like thieves, this time I will save my son. Situram tried to stop them. Ravish came home and stopped them. He asked, where are you going?

She answered,i don’t know, but far from here. He said, I am bearing all this and keeping you here, after Atharv attacked her. She said, do not show mercy, let us go. He said not today, I will drop you tomorrow, my wife is missing. She said pray she never comes back, your fate is getting fine.

He asked, how can you say this?. She said, she is the curse, I thought you were the enemy, but she is rather the enemy whose bad sight was around my son. Ravish asked, how can you talk like that about my wife. Vividha came home and said, because this is true. Ravish got shocked seeing her back and went to her. Atharv mentioned Vividha and Ravish stopped and looked at him. Vividha smiled seeing Atharv and said Atharv. Ravish got another shock and looked at both of them.

Atharv walked to Vividha. Atharv said, you got hurt and held her face, asking, does it hurt? She answered no, it’s not aching, I can’t see tears in your eyes. She held him and said, don’t cry please. She hugged him and cried. Ravish looked on shockingly.

Sujata went to them and pulled Atharv away. She slapped Vividha. Atharv and Ravish came and got between Sujata and Vividha, to protect Vividha. Sujata taunted Vividha that, she may have done some good deed in last her birth, that she got two lovers instead one. Ravish got shocked and looked at Vividha.

Ravish said, I asked you, but you couldn’t tell me, I could not hear it. Vividha said, I am sorry Ravish, I could not tell you, before marrying you, I and Atharv loved each other a lot and Ravish cried. Vividha said, we still love each other, we were separated though, but no one could separate us, I can’t think of anyone else except him, so I did not join relation with you. He recalled how Vividha reacted in mandap and after marriage.

Vividha said, this secret was always a burden on my heart, I did not get the chance to get rid of this burden. He recalled her words. She apologized and said, I could not tell you anything before marriage, I didn’t know I was going to marry you, I love Atharv, he taught me the meaning of love, he is not just my love, but my strength also. He got away and said,so Suman knows this.

Vividha told Atharv and her love story to Ravish. She said, I was blackmailed to deal for Atharv’s life, this marriage is just a deal, Atharv was beaten up badly and I was forced to marry you. She said, but I got good people here, a loving mum, and you, I was dying with guilt, but I did not get the chance to tell you, I am really sorry Ravish, see the fate, you married me and you were taking care of Atharv. Atharv played and smiled.

Vividha said, you are bearing this by my decision, I know I did wrong, one side is marriage and other side is love, whatever decision I take, many lives will be ruined in it, sometimes decisions bring a loss, maybe you kept some last birth relation, Atharv always had self esteemed, and just helped others, he did not like to take help, he has a house and his own life. She told Atharv that he has to fly high.

Atharv said, I have more plane drawings, come I will show you. Vividha said no, we will go back to your house. Atharv said no, I can’t go out, else Ravish, Sujata and Situram will get annoyed, you come with me. He held her hand. She said no, no one will be annoyed with you, I promise you. Sujata took Atharv’s hand back. Vividha looked and was shocked.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday, 19th April 2021

The Episode started with Vividha saying we will go back to your home with Atharv. Sujata made Atharv’s hand away. She said, how did you get mistaken that you can make my son go away from me. Vividha said, I never wanted to do that. I know Atharv is your life. I want to bring him back in your life, I don’t want to make it a burden, you both are my responsibility till Atharv gets fine.

Ravish said no, Atharv is my responsibility. She said no, you have already done a lot, maybe there is some past birth relation that you kept in this birth, I will take care of Atharv, he is my responsibility and my love. He said before being your love, he was my brother and she got shocked.

Ravish said, you are talking about the last birth relations, you don’t know anything about this birth relation, Atharv’s dad and my dad are same. Vividha got shocked. Ravish said, I don’t know what was in between you two, I can’t change what was there, but in the coming life, it’s my responsibility to get Atharv his right, he has right on his rights. He is also heir of this house and will stay here.

Vividha said but Ravish and Ravish went to Sujata and said, till Atharv becomes capable of managing responsibilities, he is my responsibility, not a burden, he is my brother, whether anyone is with him in this family or not, I am his family, Atharv and you will stay with me. Sujata refused and said the roof which protects this girl, I will never stay under that roof.

She said, I had little to call my own, she has snatched everything, now I will not let her shadow fall on my son too, that will take away my son’s remaining breath too, either we stay here or Vividha. Ravish said, Vividha is still my wife, I can’t ask her to leave this house. Vividha said, but I can do this. She said, relations does not join when people try, I tried a lot but I didn’t love Atharv, but love happened.

my dad tried his best to separate us, he even got Atharv beaten up and made me marry you, and our relation, it’s all fine, this house, Suman, good husband, but I couldn’t make this new relation, because relations are kept by the Lord’s wish, like your and Atharv’s relation is made by the Lord’s wish, I guess I should go away from here. She cried and said, I have done wrong with everyone.

Atharv said, we will stay here. Vividha said no Atharv. She asked Ravish to apologize to Suman, I have broken this relation, a marriage can’t be kept on lie, I will not lie anymore. She told Sujata that she is her second mum, I was always your daughter, you are right, I am a bad shadow and I should be kept away, I will not let anyone get hurt, remember, even if I am not in your life, we can get away, but not separated.

She cried and stepped back. Atharv played. Ravish and Sujata looked on. Atharv fell down while showing a paper to Vividha. Vividha shouted Atharv and ran to him.She asked him to get up. Sujata called him out. Atharv recalled how the goons held him, and punched him on his back. He held his head and got dizzy. He heard Vividha shouting and got memory flashes. He asked Vividha why is she crying? don’t be scared, I am with you, your Atharv is with you, you are with me, no one can make us away.

He repeated the same lines. He said, even if the world stands against us, none can make me go away from you. Sujata and Vividha cried after they saw him. He said, if we get away in any accident, I promise Atharv, Sujata will always come back, this is my seventh promise. He forwarded his hand and opened his arms for Vividha. Vividha said, he remembered that day when we got separated. Atharv recalled the hit on his head and acted like he was fighting with the goons.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday, 19th April 2021

Ravish looked on shocked. Atharv fell down. Ravish and Vividha called him out. Ravish said Atharv has fainted. Vividha asked Atharv to get up. Sujata made Vividha go away and said, don’t touch my son, you ruined his life, your shadow will become poison for my son. She raised his hand. Ravish held Sujata’s hand and stood her from slapping Vividha.

Ravish said,what you are doing is wrong, Vividha is not responsible for Atharv’s state, your anger is justified, don’t make it unjust by getting it out on someone else, if we have to make Atharv fine, Vividha has to stay with him, you have seen Atharv has gotten normal, like that day when I got annoyed on you, try to understand, Atharv needs Vividha.

Ravish told Vividha that, I understood you don’t value this mangalsutra, I will make you free of this burden today. He removed the mangalsutra and Vividha cried.



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