The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt1, 7th June 2021 episode started with Suman saying Atharv doesn’t know what happened, he doesn’t not remember anything, but we do remember, he thinks he is in Ajmer, he remembered till the temple incident, he doesn’t know us, whose house is this and why is he here, and the biggest thing.

Atharv feels Vividha is still waiting for him, he doesn’t know that Vividha is his step brother’s wife. Ravish came and said he shouldn’t know about it, we should tell him what is necessary for him. Suman asked what are you saying, will we lie so much? Ravish said Atharv came back by some miracle, we can’t tell anything that troubles him, we have to hide everything that he forgot and doesn’t know. Suman asked what are you doing?

Ravish removed Ramakant’s pic. Suman asked, why did you remove the picture? Ravish said sorry, Atharv saw Papa’s pic and fainted, I don’t want him to get any shock, I don’t want him to know that we are Ramakant’s family, I don’t want to take any chances. Kalindi taunted that all this is happening because of Vividha. Ravish removed the pic and went to his room. He removed his wedding pics from the wall.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt1, 7th June 2021

He said we have to hide everything that can hurt Atharv’s mind, we will not talk about Atharv’s mental state, how he used to talk and everything, Bua ji there should be no mistake, don’t talk about Papa and Dada ji. Sujata came and saidAtharv is getting conscious. Ravish said I did not wish this to happen some time back.

I did not wish to turn face from responsibility, but a bigger responsibility is calling me, I have to return love to my brother, it’s time that you remove this mangalsutra Vividha, return it to me. Vividha got shocked.

He said you have to do this, Atharv should not know that we got married, he can’t bear this shock, he thinks the arrangements are done for you and his marriage, you are waiting for him like a bride, you wanted freedom from this marriage, give it to me. Vividha cried. Vividha held her mangalsutra. Atharv came there and called out Vividha. They all looked on tensed. Ravish hid his and Vividha’s marriage pic. Atharv asked why did you do this Vividha.

Ravish and Vividha saw each other and got worried. Atharv looked at them. Atharv asked why did you change clothes, our marriage has to happen, I am fine and ready for marriage, come. He held Vividha’s hand. He said you look beautiful even without bridal dress, come. He stopped a man and asked him to keep things back, the marriage has to happen. Everyone because worried.

Pandit said Suman ji, I left in a hurry and came back to take my belongings. Atharv said it’s good you came, get us married. He said I am very much in a hurry for a marriage, I did not change even clothes, I did not come in groom’s getup, but attitude is of groom, come Vividha. Sujata asked Atharv to stop, Vividha and your marriage can’t happen. Atharv got shocked and looked at them.

He said why, what happened? Sujata made excuse of mahurat. He said I don’t believe in that. She said but I believe it and doesn’t want anything wrong to happen in our lives. Vividha said Sujata is right, we will marry some other day. Atharv said fine, if I have waited for long, some more wait is fine, but when mahurat comes, don’t make me wait long, else I will lift you and take you to the room. She looked at Ravish.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt1, 7th June 2021

It’s night, Vividha sat by Atharv’s side, while he was sleeping. She held him and cried. She thinks you have bear a lot to get me, what did you not bear till now. She recalled Atharv bearing all tortures for her sake, you have returned from death twice, just for me. She held his face.

Atharv woke up and held her close. He said be the pain of my body or soul, it will heal by your touch, you are the medicine of my pain. He hugged her and said I can’t stay away from you now Vividha and she became worried.

Uma said don’t give divorce to Ravish, marriage vows are precious. Vividha said you took wedding vows with Kailash too, how can marriage stay on a foundation of lie. Atharv came and said you are right.


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