Amazing Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt2: 31st May 2021: Episode 155

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday Pt1, 13th July 2021

At the beginning of the Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt2: 31st May 2021 episode, Sujata was asking Atharv how he knew about keeping the flowers at the right place. Atharv replies, the vase was over there, and that is why I kept it there. Ravish hears him and leaves. He remembers Atharv’s words. 

Ravish goes near Atharv’s bike and asks Vividha about what she said about Atharv liking the bike a lot. She replies, yes. Ravish breaks the bike parts. What are you doing? Vividha asks, and tells Ravish to stop. Atharv comes downstairs and gets shocked seeing Ravish breaking his bike parts.

Ravish recalls Vividha telling him this bike is very close to Atharv’s heart, he does not regard this as a machine, he used to call the bike his Girlfriend and named it Julia. Vividha tells Ravish what happened when Atharv once lost his bike.  Atharv gets furious and pulls his sleeves up as if he was going to fight Ravish. 

Ravish and Vividha await his reaction. And when Atharv sees the bike broken, He goes back to his kid avatar. And ask, did this bike beat you? Atharv kicks the motorbike to beat his Captain Saab. They get shocked seeing this. And they get upset as well. 

Ravish went.  Vividha cries seeing the bike and cleans it. She thinks I’m doubly adamant to remind Atharv of his memories. I can’t allow my identity with Atharv and Sujata to fade away. Vividha then goes to the stable at night and sees Atharv sleeping. A similar moment is shown in Jaana Na Dil Se Door. 

Atharv drops his hand. She gets worried recalling her marriage with Ravish. Ravish sees her and gets sad also. Atharv turns and sleeps. It’s a bright morning, Ravish sees his car which he parked outside the house with marks on it’s exteriors. Atharv greets Ravish. Vividha and everyone come to check the car.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt2: 31st May 2021

Who could have done all this? Ravish blames Atharv…. Vividha asks, what are you saying? He can’t do this, why will he do this? Ravish replies, because I damaged his bike. Sujata and Vividha defended Atharv saying he can never do this. Ravish asks them to come inside for a talk. What do you mean to say? Do you mean to say Atharv’s memory is back?

Sujata and Dadi ask why he will act, he will rather come back and embrace his old life. Abdul uncle also says you don’t know Atharv, he will teach a living to life. Ravish replied, I will find out. we have to try one more time.

Atharv is feeding the cows. Vividha sits on his bike and calls Atharv, I’m going to ride a  bike. Everyone hides and looks on.  I don’t know, but I will try, Vividha said. She starts the bike ignition. Atharv smiles. She leaves on the bike. Everyone is worried. 

Atharv is there, Sujata begins. I know he is not in senses, but even then he will not allow anything to happen to Vividha. Atharv recalls an old moment when Vividha has driven the motorbike. Atharv shouts Vividha and runs after her. Vividha worries as she loses control  of the bike. Atharv as usual runs like a normal person.

Vividha sees Atharv. He sits on the bike behind her and controls the bike

 Vividha gets glad seeing him and smiles.

it’s very late, Ravish said. I will go and check. Sujata stops Ravish and shows Atharv and Vividha coming on the bike. Atharv stops the bike. Vividha and everyone looks at him.

Vividha calls Atharv, you…… Atharv signs no. 

He sees Ravish in the mirror and tears harbored in his eyes. Atharv talks like a kid again  and asks, how did I ride the bike? It was good, right. I’m very tired now, I will go for food and come. He goes.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt2: 31st May 2021

Vividha confronts Ravish. do you still have the feeling that Atharv is hiding his memory recovery. Sujata tells her, why will he do this?  why will he not embrace his old life back. Ravish says he just feels so.  If he gets well, he can’t stay close to Vividha anymore and might lose her. Vividha replied, no. Atharv will never do this, he has never hidden behind anything.  He has always faced life, he knows Vividha is his. And he will not hide for my sake. He feels he has the right to me. 

Sujata asked, I also believe so. Ravish tells them, I know it’s very  painful that he got his memory back and acting. Vividha answers, he is still a kid. Ravish says Vividha, Atharv has seen me in the mirror. So maybe he acted to become a kid again. They all get shocked.

Precap: Ravish says, we have to do something that only the both of you know. Vividha tells him about the temple incident. Ravish says this time, we all will be inside the house and not try to see him.