Amazing Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt2, 7th June 2021: Episode

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt2, 7th June 2021 episode started with Sujata telling Suman that how could I let this marriage happen, Vividha was wearing mangalsutra of Ravish’s name, she is still his wife. Suman said I don’t know what to do, relations are getting complicated and she became worried. Atharv hugged Vividha and said I know you regret that we could not marry today, but we will marry soon.

She said yes, everything will be fine. He said it’s just few days, but I feel it’s been long time getting close to you. She said distance is measured by situation and separation, but we did not get away ever, you sleep now, I will meet you tomorrow.

Her mangalsutra got stucked in his Rudraksh beats. She got up and got hurt by the pull. She covered her mangalsutra with the shawl. He said none can bear our distance now. She freed the mangalsutra and asked him to sleep and she left. He smiled.

She stood in balcony and cried. She turned and saw Ravish. Ravish said lying to Atharv, hiding all this, I am not liking it, but we have to do this acting till Atharv gets completely fine, we have to file a divorce. Ravish smiled with tearful eyes. He said it will be easy for you, you will get free of reverse rounds norms, no need to say anyone.

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I will make the divorce papers, you just sign, till Atharv gets fine, our divorce will be done, you will get free of this marriage completely, I would have freed you now itself, but to marry Atharv, you have to mentally and legally get separated, is this fine for you? She looked at him and nodded. He said it’s cold here, come inside soon. Uma looked on and felt sad for Ravish. Ravish left.

It’s morning, Atharv dined with everyone. He asked Vipul’s name. Vipul said I am Vipul. Atharv asked and the surname? Vipul said you can just call me Vipul. Atharv asked what work do you do? Vipul said I am preparing to open a garage. Atharv said own business, good, Ravish works for the country, he is a captain, I have seen his rank by the stars on his uniform, captain Ravish right. Ravish said right. Chutki came and hugged Atharv. They all got tensed.

She said I missed you a lot, I got a new bottle for you, you will wear this around your neck and get glad. Ravish was worried. Vividha signalled Chutki to stop. Atharv asked Chutki who told her that his name is Chotu, I am Atharv Sujata, what is your name. She said Ada. He said it’s a good name, will you accept my friendship? She said yes. He asked whose daughter is she?

Ravish lied to him. Atharv asked who is Chotu? Ravish said he was also part of our family. Atharv said oh, I am very sorry. Ravish said it’s fine. Uma packed her bag. She said whatever you are planning, don’t do this, I heard you and Ravish talking, he is going to give you divorce. Vividha nodded. Uma said don’t give him divorce. Atharv came that way.

Vividha said you know everything, if relation’s foundation is hollow and lie, how can that relation stay, Ravish knows that this marriage is not right. Uma said marriage relation is pure and unbreakable, we give vows by taking rounds, that vows are precious. Vividha said relations are by hearts, not rounds.

Ravish and my relation is not of husband and wife, we both respect each other, is the wedding rounds necessary, you also took wedding rounds with Kailash, he was your husband, what happened, there was nothing left in that relation except sorrow, you had to end that relation.

Uma said there is a big difference, Ravish is a very nice man, he loves you, think does he deserve that his marriage breaks? Vividha said no, he deserves a better girl, who loves him, so this marriage has to end. Atharv looked for Vividha. He said this is Suman’s room and came out. He stopped and recalled his unwell state, how he used to speak to Suman. He got worried as his words echoed in his ears. He got a headache.

Vividha said I have hurt Ravish a lot, I can’t hurt him more, I want him to get a nice girl who loves him a lot, he deserves to be happy. Atharv came and said you are right. Vividha and Uma got shocked seeing him. Atharv said he deserves to be happy always, I am joking, why are you sorrowful, in fact I feel everyone is upset, and who is this person who deserves to be happy and who is not happy, tell me.

I will make him happy. Vividha said I was telling Maa that we have bear a lot, we all should be happy, you deserve to be happy. Atharv asked Uma not to worry, happiness is close, once Vividha and I marry, happiness will come by it own, don’t worry about Kailash, I will manage him alone, you started packing too, Vividha we should also pack our bags, I will ask Maa to pack her bags and he left. Vividha went after him.

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Atharv asked Sujata to pack her bags, Uma is leaving, we will go along. Sujata said no, just Uma is going. He asked why, we will go along with Uma, this family helped us a lot, captain gave his house for marriage and kept us well, we will go now, the marriage will be in Ajmer, you all have to come to the marriage ceremony, we shall leave.

Ravish said if you stayed for more days, Atharv said your heart is big, but I have to go, I have to setup factory in Ajmer, and have to settle old scores with someone, you can meet us at marriage ceremony. They all became worried.

Vividha said why do we need to hide this, it’s risky to tell the truth to Atharv, I will tell him this is Delhi, three months passed. Atharv said much happened in 3 days. Vividha said no, it’s been 3 months Atharv. He got shocked.