Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday, 15th April 2021 : Episode 90-91 On Adomtv

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday, 15th April 2021 episode started with Suman crying. Daddy ji said, you are always strong, I don’t think you should lose courage now. Suman said, I don’t know why is this happening with Vividha, she was shouting and saying someone attacked her, but we didn’t believe her, someone has mixed her milk with sindoor, it implies someone really wants to harm her. He asked, who will try to harm her from this house?. She answered,i don’t know, why is this happening.

Vividha saw Ravish holding the nightie string and asked, what are you doing?, Her voice came back. He said, I was trying to cover you, you were not well. She asked him not to touch her and Atharv/Vipul looked on. She said, I didn’t see what you were doing. Ravish said, I can’t do that, I told you I was just covering you, you are misunderstanding me. She said, I got to know you well.

Suman said, it’s its Diwali tomorrow, it is said that, Amasvasya night takes away everyone’s darkness, and asked will our life also get light ? She cried and went away. Vividha asked Ravish not to lie. He said, I am not such men, I can’t do you wrong, I am your husband. Vividha shouted, you are not my husband and he got shocked. Atharv/Vipul smiled and left. Vividha moved Ravish and left from the room.

Suman walked downstairs. Atharv/Vipul starred at her. She stopped and felt someone was behind. He pushed her down. She rolled down the stairs and he went away. Vividha came there and stood near the stairs. Suman turned and saw Vividha. Ravish came after Vividha and asked her to listen. Ravish saw Suman falling down the stairs and rushed to her. He called out Situram and asked him to call the doctor fast. Vividha said, Maa and rushed. Ravish signalled her to stop. Vipul also came to help. Ravish and Vipul took Suman to the room.

The Doctor treated Suman and said, it is a neck sprain, anything severe could have happened. Kalindi asked, how did this happen, how did you fall down suddenly? Suman replied, I was going downstairs and I felt like someone and She looked at Vividha. Vividha saw them staring at her.

Suman said, my foot slipped, I couldn’t balance, don’t worry, I am fine. Vividha said, I will stay with Maa. Ravish said, no, it’s okay, I am here. Vividha said no, you go and rest. He said, I can take care of my Maa. He asked her to go and everyone left. Suman said, Ravish, you should not talk to Vividha like this. Ravish asked her to rest, we will talk later.

Atharv was sleeping and Sujata asked him to see the good day. He woke up and heard her. She told, how he made Rangoli last year. She said, your wife will make it, if she does not know, she will also follow the phone designs. She said, I kept milk on the stove and ran. She said sorry I forgot and spoiled the rangoli. He called her Laxmi and said, my Rangoli has Shubh now.

She said, your thinking was so different, you never pretended and followed society customs, you kept my name together with yours, and promised to marry the girl who never loved you, and taught her to have her own thinking, you did not leave supporting her, you lived your live on your terms and he got up.

Ravish fed Suman some soup, Vividha came and greeted Diwali happily to Suman. Suman also wished her. Vividha said, Ravish, I will feed Maa soup also. He said, its okay, I will feed her myself and she went away. Suman asked Ravish, why are you behaving like this? He said, you already know the answer and he went away. Vividha came to Suman and asked, do you know who made you fall off the stairs?. Suman replied, no, and asked, why will you do that? I remember someone pushed me. Vividha said, why will anyone push you.

Suman said, i don’t know, but sometimes when we don’t see anyone, it does not mean there is no one. Vividha asked, you mean there is someone in this house? Suman told about the past. Vividha asked her to speak, what is the matter, you are not able to say it, please tell me. Suman said, it’s its very old thing and Vividha asked what?.

Suman said, nothing, I want to rest now. Vividha said fine, take a rest and she went away. Suman thought that incident was also on Diwali night, it’s Diwali night today also, why do I feel some bad happening is going to occur? Vividha thought, why did Suman not tell anything, what did she mean?

She thought of Atharv and that attack, why hasn’t anyone not seen and feel all that, I have to talk to Ravish. Sujata asked Atharv, did he recall everything and understand? He held her face and said, you talk a lot, you don’t let me sleep, are you mad and she cried. He did not mind her and went back to sleep.

She said, I am sure that day will surely come, I will work hard, happy Diwali. He said the same and she smiled. Vividha went to talk to Ravish. She asked, why are you ignoring me? I am trying to talk to you, do you think I pushed Maa?. He said, when did I say this, I feel I don’t know you anymore, I feel this house is now new to you, we all are new and you will need time.

I feel our distance is getting less, yesterday you said I am not your husband, what happened now, I don’t know what is your problem, I want to solve the problems, I told you before, keep my mum away from this, I will give what you want, my mum should not get hurt, she got hurt today. She said you feel I am responsible. He said, I don’t know, but I will definitely find out, it’s Diwali today and I want it to bring peace to my family, think what you want, I will accept every decision you take and he left.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday, 15th April 2021

At the beginning of the episode,  Uma was lighting diya. Dadi tells them when anyone dies in the house, Diwali is not celebrated. But Uma tells him, we all know Kailash is alive. Dadi further asks, what about the society?  Uma replies, we will not be scared of society, Atharv taught us to stay happy and believe in ourselves. Dadi replies, yes. Can we tell Atharv that we always kept his teachings with us? can we thank Atharv for this ever.

Vividha lights diyas and talks to Bhoomi and Aditi. Suman comes and said. I took the painkillers, and I’m feeling better now. you all have been there to take care of me. Suman thought to herself.  it’s one more Diwali, don’t let anything bad occur this time.  What is Suman hiding? Vividha asks. what happened in her past? 

Sujata tells Atharv not to go out, Ravish has got sweets, I will play with you, she said. But Atharv insists that he wants to go out, I want crackers, he said. Sujata objected, saying he should have sweets. I will go out, he said. Suman thinks, why do I  feel something bad is going to happen?

Vipul wishes everyone a happy Diwali and asks Bhoomi about the lights. She tells him that it’s the local brand. Vividha stops Ravish to talk. I need to talk, he said. Ravish asks Situram to take the sweets with dinner. Vividha plans to talk to Ravish. Atharv paints the diyas and gives them to Sujata. Situram comes with dinner and sweets. Atharv rushed and this made the diya’s fall down. Situram and Atharv pick sweets.

Atharv shamefully leaves from there silently. Vividha runs upstairs to converse with Ravish. Meanwhile Atharv sees the lighting and decorations, He spots someone and hides. Vividha passes by and  the power goes. Someone wearing the mask scares Vividha. This made her scream.

Sujata asks Sitaram where Atharv went. Situram goes in search of him. The masked man ignites the lighter and comes close. Vividha runs and collides with someone else. The Light comes. She sees Ravish and holds him. Everyone comes there and sees the masked man. The masked man is actually Captain Avinash. 

sorry Ma, he said. I was doing a prank by a ghost drama on this Diwali night. He jokingly said. He scares ghosts and spirits on this house land. Suman says enough, Vividha is already scared and you are scaring her the most. He apologises. Suman asks all of them to come for the puja.

Atharv gets the mask and wears it. Daddy ji performs the aarti, Everyone prays. Suman and others also perform the aarti. Situram looks for Atharv but does not see him and goes. Vividha and Ravish performs the aarti. Pandit asks them to pray for peace and happiness and reign in the house.  Atharv comes there, wearing the mask. 

He sees them praying and stands praying behind them. Vividha senses Atharv. She sees a masked person and does not know Atharv is the one wearing the mask right now. Vividha touches his hand and thinks he is Atharv. She sees Ravish. She removes the mask and sees Atharv. 

Atharv recalls the moment with Vividha and memory flashes. He runs from there. Vividha runs after him. Vividha follows him and goes to some storeroom type place. She asks Atharv, why are you running away, come out. 

The Fake Atharv comes smiling and acts like he is mad.  where did you go? I’m with you, don’t get scared. He holds her close and makes faces. She feels his touch wrong and says listen to me, leave me, please. She pushes him away and says you are not my Atharv. Vividha shouts for help. The Fake Atharv gets close, forcefully trying to molest her. Vividha pushes him.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday, 15th April 2021

Fake Atharv holds her dress and Vividha asks him to leave her. He pushes her and gets on her like an animal. Vividha gets a box and hits him hard on his head. She tries to run away but he holds her foot. Vividha falls down and he drags her. She shouts Ravish. 

He slaps her hard on her face, that her lip bleeds. She says no, you can’t be my Atharv. Vividha gets dizzy. He gets close to her. Someone hits him on his head with a wooden stick. Vividha sees the other person and gets a big shock. She sees the real Atharv, who saves her. (I just felt this would happen, but it’s more interesting to know who that fake Atharv is. Vividha gets shocked looking at him. 


 I don’t understand what is happening, Vividha said. don’t be scared, he said. Atharv smiles and says. How many words do you want to say at a time? Are you mad? Vividha cries realizing that Atharv has lost his memory.

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