Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt1, 3rd June 2021 episode started with Suman pacifying Sujata for Atharv’s death. Sujata recalled Atharv’s words. Suman said, pandit ji said right, his last rites should be done for his soul peace. Sujata said, you always wanted peace, you felt Atharv’s leaving will get peace in this house, peace has come now, are you happy?

Suman cried and held her hand. She said I did not mean this. Sujata said I have seen meaning changing, you slapped my son and called him infection, see infection has gone from your house. Suman said I can understand your annoyance, but it’s important to do his final rites.

Sujata said it’s easy for you, as you are not bearing the pain to lose a son, person can’t feel other’s pain. Suman said when my son gets ready wearing uniform to go to war, I prepare for his final rites every time, I had fear to lose him always, so I understand your fear and your pain, I said what I felt is important for Atharv, you are his mother, it will be your decision.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt1, 3rd June 2021

Ravish, Sujata, Suman, and other family members did the final rites of Atharv by keeping his clothes and memories. Bhoomi said they are paying for their deeds, Dada ji did everything and they had sent Vipul to jail. Pandit asked me Ravish to make a statue of Atharv for final rites. Ravish made a dry glass statue. He lights up the statue. Sujata shouted Atharv.

Ravish cried and thinks of Atharv. Sujata cried for Atharv and said there is nothing without Atharv. Suman said Ravish always did a son’s duty towards you, you will have no complains with him. Sujata said I have no complains, I wish Ravish always stays happy, all his hopes turn true. Suman said for Ravish’s happiness, no need to go till Lord, you can give him all his happiness.

You saw dry grass burning and cried assuming him to be your son, but I see my son burning every day and can’t do anything, now I feel I have to see his burning heart all his life, I am proud of Ravish, he regarded Vividha’s love relation more than his marriage, he did all duties of a husband and did not claim any right, I feel he got just loneliness in return of his goodness, I told him to find a new life partner, but he refused as he loves Vividha.

Sujata asked what do you want from me. Suman said my son’s happiness, Vividha, Ravish loved her a lot, now will his love for Vividha be wrong, Atharv could not become Vividha’s support, but will she stay alone with Atharv’s memories, I want to see Ravish and Vividha together. She asked Sujata to think from Atharv’s perception, what would he wish for Ravish and Vividha in this state. Sujata cried.

Dadi Bua asked Ravish about Vividha, she did not come to the final rites puja. They all got shocked seeing Vividha coming downstairs wearing white saree and getting a bag. Suman asked why did you wear white saree. Dadi Bua asked, whats in your bag? Suman said you did not come for the final rites, why white saree.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt1, 3rd June 2021

Vividha said a widow is a widow. They all got shocked. Ravish cried. Sujata asked, what are you saying. Vividha says I m saying what my soul is saying, I did not take seven rounds with Atharv, but I accepted him as my husband by heart and soul.

Vividha said my life is just for Atharv, and now my Atharv is not here, so I have burnt everything with his funeral, now I am Atharv’s widow. They all got shocked. Suman asked what are you saying. Vividha said I know you all will not accept this decision, so I decided to leave this house.

Sujata said signs will not break the rounds taken around fire, you have to take reverse rounds with Ravish. Vividha agreed. Ravish said no, today’s decision can’t be of Vividha alone.


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