Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

The men congratulated Atharv at the beginning of this Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt2, 27th May 2021 episode and said they will give him a tougher challenge. I’m ready to do anything, Atharv said. But Vividha says I will not allow Atharv. Ravish also says if Atharv gets hurt… But Atharv says no, I will do this. Vividha objected saying she will get hurt but Atharv still insists. Ravish agrees and asks him to be careful. 

Someone fixes the current wire to the metal rod and puts a soil to hide it.  We will show him a demonstration of the hurdle race. They said. The man shows him a demo. Atharv watches it. He ends the demo. Meanwhile  someone has started the current supply in the metal rod. Atharv goes for the race. Ravish explains to him.

Ravish wishes him all the best in the race. Atharv and one man compete. Ravish cheers for Atharv and asks him to be careful, as it is not necessary to win. Everyone looks on. Atharv asks Ravish if he is fine. Ravish replies, yes, and he follows Atharv. Ravish gets shocked seeing the metal rod with electric current and thinks of Vividha’s words. He shouts at Atharv to stop him from running.

 Ravish runs quickly and pushes the man and Atharv from touching that metal rod. Vividha too shouts Atharv and runs to him.  Why did you catch me? Atharv asks. Vividha asks Ravish what happened. He gets water and pours it over the met rod. They were all shocked seeing that there is electric current in the metal rod.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt2, 27th May 2021

 This metal bar had an electric current. Ravish says.  The officer talks saying, someone intentionally did this. Atharv or the other man would have died if they had touched it. Ravish tells him to power it off. He thanks Ravish. Ravish hugs Atharv and tell him nothing will happen to you as long as I am here. Atharv thanks him. Suman too stares at them.

Dadi Bua asks Kalindi if she was the one who took the jewelry from the locker, because she also has their other keys. Kalindi replied no, saying she lost her keys.  no, she said. I did not take the jewelry, I lost my keys to the locker. I will search for it today.

 Atharv says if I got burnt by the fire today then… Ravish tells him it was an accident and he shouldn’t worry about that. someone intentionally planned this. Vividha said. Ravish says it was just a mistake.  wiring work is going on there.. and why will anyone do this?  we don’t need to get hyper. Many bad incidents are happening here, Dadi Bua said. Atharv was attacked today. I will keep the puja at home tomorrow. we will head to our farmhouse tomorrow, Ravish said as Atharv gets glad.

Sujata asks Atharv to take his drugs. Suman looks on. But Atharv tells Sujata that he is strong. Sujata tells him, no. there is a danger for you. Vividha says to Ravish, if Atharv won the race, he would have gotten an electric shock. He is not safe in this house, his life is at risk. 

But Atharv says no, there is no danger, I will go there and jump. this time Ravish saved you, next time I don’t know what will happen, Sujata says but Suman gets angry.

They all proceed to the farmhouse. Atharv loved the place. He is about to fall in the pool. Ravish holds him and saves him. He tells him, I will show you the house later. They all sit for the puja. Atharv sees laddoos and tries to take them. Suman stops him and tells him not to spoil the puja. She tells him to have some patience. 

Ravish tells Atharv, you are getting bored. go and play outside, don’t go towards the pool. Atharv goes to play. Vipul and Suman see him leaving. Atharv sees the pool and plays with the waters. Pandit tells everyone to stand for the aarti. Everyone prays in the aarti. Atharv plays near the pool and sees his ball going into the water. Vipul comes to him and holds him.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt2, 27th May 2021

Vipul then pushes him into the pool. Atharv struggles to breath. Vividha and Ravish come running to him. Vipul tells Ravish, Atharv fell into the water. Everyone came. Vividha reveals to them that Vipul had pushed Atharv into the water. Sujata asks them to get Atharv out immediately.  Ravish sees Atharv and recalls Vividha’s words about his life being in danger He says, there is no need to get him out. He asks Atharv to come out, I know you know how to swimAtharv….. Sujata and Vividha worry.

Vividha also asked him to come. Atharv swims towards the bank and comes out of the pool. Ravish tells him, I knew it, give me your hand. Atharv looks on. Everyone was relieved. Ravish stares angrily at Vipul.


Ravish asks Vipul why he did such a thing and gets him arrested. The Doctor tells them Atharv’s mind will trigger when he is with his old people and at his old place. He could even regain his memory. there is just one place, which is Ajmer, Ravish said. They come back to Atharv’s old home in Ajmer.


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