Amazing Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt2: 3rd June 2021: Episode 161

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt2: 3rd June 2021 episode started with Vividha saying I want to stay as Atharv’s widow and live with his memories. Sujata and Suman asked what is she saying and ask her not to hurry up. Kalindi taunted Vividha to be lover’s widow. Ravish asked Kalindi not to say anything. Dadi Bua asked Vividha to think, she belongs to this house.

Vividha said no, this is fate’s decision, my life’s decision ended after Atharv’s death, when I was forced to marry Ravish, life snatched my happiness, but then Atharv came back in my life, I got a reason to live my life, I wanted to see him recover, but that also got snatched, I don’t want to live, but I have to live, so I want to leave this house.

Suman asked and Ravish? Did you not think anything about him, was Ravish a stair to reach Atharv, nothing else. Vividha said no, Ravish is a very nice man, trust me, I always felt sad when I did not become his wife, I did not become a good bahu which you all wanted, he deserves a better wife. She held Ravish’s hand and said you never told me, but I have seen love for me in your eyes.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt2: 3rd June 2021

She asked Ravish to find a good life partner, it’s my fate that I lost my love, you did not get late, so I want to free you from this relation, so that you get such love which I could not give you. Ravish cried. Suman said great Vividha, you said conveniently that you want to free Ravish, who said that you don’t have responsibility towards Ravish with whom you took the seven vows, marriage is not a joke.

It’s that relation which is kept till death, it can’t be thrown like any waste paper. Sujata said Vividha is saying right, she has loved Atharv, not Ravish, so this marriage doesn’t mean anything to him, she doesn’t have the right to break it, but she has right to leave it. Vividha said I have hurt everyone, I don’t want to hurt everyone more, so I wanted to leave silently.

I am sure Ravish will understand me and respect my decision. Sujata said Ravish is smart, but did you think how will Ravish go ahead in the relation after you leave, this mangalsutra and vows do not matter to you, leave everything and go.

Vividha said, I don’t want to hurt Ravish more, for Ravish’s life and Atharv’s widow, if this is right, then it’s fine, I am ready to sign on the divorce papers. They all got shocked. Sujata said you took vows around the fire, it won’t break by signs, you have to take reverse rounds to break the vows.

Vividha said reverse rounds? Sujata said yes, you took every vow by keeping the fire as witness, you have to break every vow by taking reverse rounds now. Ravish said it’s not needed. Sujata said it’s needed, and Vividha is ready. She asked Vividha is she ready? Vividha said fine, I am ready to pay this price. Everyone got shocked.

Ravish cried and saw Vividha. Uma came and talked to Vividha. She asked how can you do this, how can you all let her do this, what’s the need of the reverse rounds. Suman said Vividha has full right to break marriage if she is unhappy, but this relation will be broken the way it was joined, they took seven vows and joined each other, now they have to break vows and free each other, mangalsutra will be removed now.

Sujata asked Vividha to think, it’s the last chance, are you ready for this? Vividha looked on. Ravish said no, I am not ready, I lived life with my commitment, I never get back, I committed to this marriage by my heart, I will not go against it now, today decision can’t be of Vividha alone and he left.

It’s night, Vividha came to the room and saw Ravish. He said, if you came to explain to me same thing, then I request you not to waste time. She said what will I explain you, I also want to understand, whatever is happening, why is this happening, is it necessary to break a line, why is life not simple, small hopes and happiness, why can’t two people get freedom to love each other, why do people need to mortgage happiness to society.

why can’t our happiness be just ours, if Atharv and I had to get separated, then why did we meet, why did we fall in love, why did we get married. I have become hollow within, I couldn’t give you love, I didn’t wish to become like this, but when did I become like this, I didn’t realize, you did a lot for me.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Thursday Pt2: 3rd June 2021

I can’t pay for the favors in this birth, what shall I do to the burden on my heart, I am doing wrong with you by not giving you husband’s right, do a last favor on me, let me go.

She cried and said, what a promise for you is chains for me, I don’t want to wear your promise as chains, I don’t want to insult marriage, you pity on me and forgive me, please. He said I did not refuse that I could not let you go.

I was refusing because I don’t want to let you go, you are saying right. He wiped her tears and said if something is not ours, claiming right on it is injustice. It’s morning, Vividha got ready for breaking the marriage and Ravish cried.

Ravish wore Pagdi and cried. He tried to smile and tears roll down his cheek. Sujata asked Ravish to come. Ravish and Vividha sat in the mandap.


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