Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday, 20th April 2021: Ep 96-97 On Adomtv

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday, 20th April 2021 episode started with Suman praying in the temple. She prayed for Ravish and Vividha’s happiness and tied the cloth to the tree and It burned. Kalindi called out Suman. Suman got shocked and pulled the cloth away to blow off the fire. She got shocked. Ravish said, Vividha is needed to make Atharv fine. Vividha requested that Sujata let her be with Atharv. Sujata agreed and felt Atharv’s love is a burden.

Pandit told Suman about Ravish’s future prediction, his life is full of sorrow, he may have a heart break. She asked him to do something. He said, we can just predict the future, but can’t do anything for it. Vividha apologized to Ravish. She said, I will handle Atharv’s responsibility and take him from here, I will step out of this marriage and this house, I can’t make you helpless, you need a better wife and this house needs a better bahu, what’s the meaning to bear the burden of the relation which did not start, I will take Sujata and Atharv, let me go out of this relation.

Kalindi said Suman, I told you Ravish’s marriage will suffer, I didn’t feel it right. Suman said, there is no problem with Vividha, it’s related to our house matters. Kalindi said, it’s not that you feel, what is the meaning of all this. Ravish told Vividha that it is not easy to go away from here, I can’t believe that Atharv is a responsibility to me, he is my brother and a member of this house.

he will stay here and even you, so that you take care of my brother, after hearing everything, I understood one thing, this mangalsutra’s value is nothing in your eyes, it signified a relation, I will lighten you with this relation and burden of this mangalsutra. He asked her to give her the mangalsutra.

Suman said, I believe Vividha, she loved Ravish, there is no one in her life, she will not do anything wrong with Ravish. Ravish removed the mangalsutra. Vividha and Ravish’s marriage is shown in reverse. Vividha cried.

Ravish said, we are not husband and wife from today, we are linked by my mum, she has accepted you by heart and loved you, you will stay here for my mum’s sake till Atharv gets completely fine, then I will tell them the truth, I promise I will make you marry Atharv, till then this should be a secret, give me some time, I will not cheat my mum, I have to keep Atharv here, you will also stay here, don’t think this is my request, it’s an order.

He said, if there is anyone in these relations, it is me and I should leave. Vividha said, wrong things happened with you, I won’t let anything bad happen to you anymore, you took responsibility of Atharv, I will manage yours and this house responsibility, I will do all the duties of a bahu. She took back her mangalsutra and wore it. Ravish asked Situram to make Atharv reach his room, I have to do other works too.

Ravish went to her room and cried. He recalled Vividha and saw the wedding photo. He held her photo and cried thinking of her. He said, Maa felt my love story will never be incomplete, but my love story ended before it started and he cried. He said Vividha never loved me, am I so bad?. He saw Ramakant’s pic and said don’t worry, it’s hard for me to make my heart small, the respect which you could not get for Sujata and Atharv, I will get that for them, even if I have to bear lots of pain. I will bear it, you don’t worry.

Suman came home and called out Ravish and Vividha. Ravish wiped the tears and went out. Vividha and Ravish took Suman’s blessings. Vividha said, you came very late. Suman said, there was much line for Darshan at the temple. She gave Mata’s sindoor to Ravish and said, this is a blessing, fill this sindoor in Vividha’s maang, fill long maang for a long life and relation and Ravish looked on.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday, 20th April 2021

The Episode continues with Suman asking Ravish to fill the sindoor into Vividha’s maang. He thought, she was ready to get the sindoor applied for Atharv’s sake, but I will not let her get sindoor applied in the state of helplessness. He made the sindoor fall intentionally and Suman became worried. Aditi said, we don’t believe in superstitions, so leave it. Ravish said yes. He asked Vividha to come along so they talk, and they left.

They went into the to room. Ravish asked Vividha to sit. He said, you would be knowing Atharv’s medicines and every other detail to take care of him. He showed her the files and She looked at him. He said, if there is change in medicine, I will inform you right away. She thanked him and said, I am very sorry, I know this is tough for you.

He said, no problem our marriage was not for a long time, I did not fall in love with you, so just relax, it is good this matter came out soon, else it would have been easy to fall in love with you, it would have been tough if I fell in love with you.He smiled.

Vividha went to Atharv and held his hand. She said, you did as you said, you came back, now see everything is going to be fine. She cried and said, she couldn’t love without him. Sujata told her, don’t think of silence as forgiveness,I haven’t forgiven you, my son needs you. Vividha said, I know, bad things happened between you and Atharv because of me, but I won’t let that bad happen with Ravish and the family, I will make Atharv fine and support Ravish also, even if I have to shatter and she went away.

Later, Vividha dined with everyone. Situram took some of the food for Atharv and Sujata. They all heard some sound coming from the top floor. Atharv made the food fall. He said, I want to go to her. Sujata asked him to have some food. He refused and said, I want to go and meet her first. Situram and Sujata tried to stop him. Vividha and Ravish saw each other.

Vividha tried to go. Suman said wait, I will rather go. Ravish made an excuse. Sujata called Ravish and said Atharv is refusing to eat, he wants to meet Vividha, I want to go the temple and pray for him, can you stay with Vividha for some time, I gave him medicines, he will sleep. Ravish said fine. Everyone left from the dining table. Ravish asked Vividha to go to Atharv.

Vividha went to Atharv,a fake Atharv held her hand and touched her dirtily. She got away and shouted. He shuts her mouth and tried to molest her. She took a music drum and hit his head with it. She took a diya and poured the hot oil on his face. He got his hand in between. He got away and ran and she cried in shock.

Atharv was also there behind the bed and got up. She saw him and got shocked. She said it was that man. Atharv asked, why are you crying. Ravish came and saw Vividha crying. He pushed Atharv away. She said Ravish, he hasn’t done anything. Atharv said, I didn’t do anything, bad Atharv did that. She said, he is speaking the truth. Sujata came there. Ravish asked, who did this, what happened?. Vividha said that man looked like Atharv, like his lookalike, he attacked me, he is also in this house.

Sujata said, how can this happen. Vividha said, he looked like Atharv, that is the truth. Ravish recalled Atharv’s words. Sujata asked, are you sure. Ravish said, I trust Vividha, why would she have to lie, Atharv was also talking about an about other Atharv, but we did not trust him. Atharv asked, should I beat the bad Atharv? Ravish answered, the fraud guy knows both of you are also in this house.

Vividha said, he tried to molest me even the last time, that’s why I said he is not my Atharv, he will definitely use this chance again. Ravish said, he is inside the house, take care of Atharv. Atharv told Sujata, that guy went that way, he is there. Ravish went to check home.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday, 20th April 2021

Ravish came in the lawn and saw the broken flower pot. Vividha came and asked, did you find anything? He showed her the pot and said, I think he has run away. She said, I know it is hard to believe,but how can someoneone look exactly like Atharv, it is true, sometimes I get cheated. Ravish said, once we know who he is and how he does his things,we need to find him first, he used smartness to harm you, I won’t let this happen again, he is a criminal and needs to be caught, did you notice anything strange in him?

She said, I can feel when he looks at me, when he touched me. I understand he is not Atharv. He asked her to recall well, if she noticed his behavior or mark on his body. She told him that she has burnt his left hand with diya, burn mark should definitely be there on his hand. The fake Atharv washed his hand and saw the burn mark. He removed the mask from his face.

Ravish said, he is very clever, we have a clue, his left hand has a burnt mark, we have to catch him cleverly. Ravish and Vividha saw someone coming and got shocked.

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