The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday, 8th June 2021 episode started with Atharv saying we will come later, you can meet us at the marriage ceremony. Uma said no, you can’t come back home Atharv, it won’t be good for you, after the attack on you, Kailash is missing. Atharv asked what do you mean? Uma said the police is looking for him, the police also asked you both to stay away from home.

Ravish said I agree, you should stay here for safety, you are not burden on us, you are not guest, think you are part of this family, regard this as your home. Atharv said i don’t know why I feel I have relation of past birth with you. Ravish said not past birth, regard it as this birth relation, stay back.

Atharv asked how will Uma manage, I have no hope from Ankit, Guddi and Dadi would have not come here because of Kailash’s fear. He praised Guddi. They all got worried. Atharv said Guddi is an eye witness of me and Vividha’s love story, I will make you talk to her. Uma said no, you can’t call Guddi.

Atharv asked why. Uma said she is not at home at this time. He asked where did she go? Vividha cried and said Guddi is gone Atharv. He asked where has she gone to? Vividha stopped talking. Ravish said Guddi went on her college trip, outside Ajmer. Atharv asked how do you know about Guddi.

Ravish said Vividha told me. Atharv said strange, I was unconscious for 3-4 days, Kailash is missing, Guddi went for college project, Sujata met you and did the arrangements, it seems Sujata finished 3-4 months work in 3-4 days, time is strange, sometimes many things happen soon and sometimes time gets wasted, anyways captain you can meet Guddi when you come to the ceremony. Ravish said sure and Atharv left.

Later, Vividha got food for Atharv. She thinks, Atharv will know the truth tomorrow, what will he do. She asked Atharv why is he worried. He said no one is receiving call in the office. She said no one will answer. He looked at her. She said we told them your health is unwell, and sent them on holiday.

Atharv said I can’t leave everything like this, I had setup dairy with difficulty. He heard news of Makar Sankranti. Atharv asked why is Sankranti news coming so soon. She switched off the tv and said it’s old clipping.

He said I feel December’s cold in October, you are also wearing shawl. She said it’s cold waves. She asked him to eat. He said I will wash my hands and came. He saw the newspaper with budget 2017 article. He asked since when did this tax plan start. He checked the paper. Vividha tried stopping him and got her hand hurt. He left the paper and took her to do band aid.

He got a band aid box from the cupboard. She got shocked seeing that he remembered the first aid box place. He gave aid to her and got thinking how does he know this place. He asked her how do I know about this first aid box in this drawer, I felt this before also that I know a lot about this house.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday, 8th June 2021

Ravish said your observation is strange, when you fainted partially, maybe you have seen my mum taking medicines from here, you remember that. Atharv thinks. He said maybe this is the reason, Vividha got much careless and Ravish left.

Vividha said this wound is nothing compared to those wounds which you have bear for me. Atharv said I am standing in front of you, nothing can happen to me till your love is with me. Ravish asked Suman and Sujata not to worry, I convinced Atharv.

Sujata said Atharv got fine, but he feels all this happened in 3-4 days, he doesn’t remember what happened in 3-4 months, but he knows the things at home.

Suman asked Ravish, will he recall what happened? Ravish said I don’t know, but he is smart and will find out, how will we hide this. Vividha came and said why do we need to hide this, he will feel bad knowing why did he hide this, he will ask us why did we not tell him the truth, he doesn’t like lies. Sujata said doctor said we should not tell him.

Vividha said but when he knows 3 months passed, we have to tell him the truth, that time he will not forgive us. Sujata said it’s not easy. Vividha said I will tell everything that this is not Ajmer, this is Delhi, 3 months passed and… Suman said and that you got married.

Suman asked, can you tell him you got married to the man’s son, whom he has hated all his life, it’s not easy. Vividha said yes, but Atharv can digest the bitter truth, he can’t bear that we lied to him, I know it’s like taking a big risk to tell him the truth, this will happen even if we don’t tell him anything.

Atharv bought someone. The man said this note will not work. Atharv asked what’s your problem, take this note. The man asked where were you when the notes got changed. Atharv checked the note and said it’s right, take the note. Ravish and everyone came. Ravish said Atharv, there is no issue, it’s a change problem, I will pay him.

Atharv said he is not ready to take the note, he is mad. Vividha said that man is not mad, he was saying right thing.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday, 8th June 2021

Ravish, Sujata and Suman looked on. Vividha said 500rs note is banned now, government made that note invalid. Atharv smiled and said many things happened in 3 days. Vividha said not 3 days Atharv, 3 months passed and Atharv got shocked.

Vividha said after you got hurt in Ajmer, you got conscious, but you were not in your senses, everything changed as you got changed Atharv. He looked at her. He asked, how can I change, what do you mean, how did I change? Ravish, Sujata and Suman were worried and saw Vividha.

vividha showed atharv baby athu video, he got emotional and screamed, he saw paper and knew it’s 3 months, he said it’s ok atleast my family is with me and held both sujatha and vividha, sujatha worried and asked vivi why she has to tell him, atharv again asked Vividha, why we are in delhi for your treatment, atharv seriously asked Vividha tell him, he stopped sujatha when she interfered, he held her face and asked is something there, look into my eyes and tell me, she said that’s it.

sujatha scolded vividha, why do you want to tell atharv, is your guilt that you are feeling you didn’t rise to atharvs expectations, why you want to say something about your marriage to him.

atharv came and asked why are we here, suman came and managed to say khoon ke rishte se sab kuch nahi hota, atharv said he is lucky to get such mothers suzie, uma and suman asked Vividha to take a pic of him and both mothers

atharv was trying to link everything together.

The postman brought a cover which was named ravish vashisht, ravish came and took the cover, atharv asked him why is his surname not written.


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