Awesome Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt2, 1st June 2021: Episode 157

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The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt2, 1st June 2021 episode started with Vividha recalling Atharv’s words. She thinks, what’s seen does not exist, a big truth is hiding, I have to find out, but how. Vividha got restless when sleeping and got up. She thinks, I can’t wait, I have to find out what happened at the farm house and she left. Ravish was still sleeping.

Vividha rushed out of the house and looked for a taxi. She got a taxi and sat in it. Atharv came to her and asked, where are you going alone. Vividha asked, did you not sleep till now? He said, take me along. She asked him to go and sleep. He said, I am your friend, take me along. She said, I am also your friend, go and sleep, I am going for an important work and he went away. She left in the taxi. Ravish woke up and didn’t see Vividha in the room. He looked for her.

Vividha reached the farmhouse and checked the swimming pool area. She says Atharv said someone pulled him, if I am Atharv, if anyone pulls me, I will fall in the pool, but why did we not see anyone, how can this happen, there will be some clue to know who is doing this with Atharv. Ravish called her out and looked for her at home. He called her. Vividha checked well.

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She got hurt and saw the rope lying there. She thinks, it’s that rope with which someone pulled Atharv into the swimming pool, it means Vipul did not push Atharv, this rope is transparent, who can do this planning to harm Atharv. Daddy ji came there. Vividha turned and got shocked seeing him.

Vividha said, Dada ji, you, I got scared for a minute, Vipul is innocent, he did not push Atharv. Daddy ji said, Atharv was pulled and Vividha got shocked. She asked, how do you know this? He said, because I was the one who hpulled Atharv. She asked you? He said yes. She said, it means you! He said yes, I did all that in the hospital, and made cupboard fall on Atharv, unfortunately, Suman came and saved him, it was me who gave the car keys to Atharv and Daddy ji was shown executing all his plans.

He said, it was me, who left the current wire in the sports race, and I pulled Atharv’s foot and made him fall inside the water. Vividha became shocked. Daddy ji said, your findings got completed, I did all this planning. She cried and asked, why did you do this, what did he do.

Daddy ji said, his birth is a crime, his staying at home and claiming rights is a bigger crime, I will not let this injustice happen, I got to know about the will and i was unhappy. Vividha said, Atharv is your grandson.

Daddy ji said, he is an illegitimate son of Ramakant, I don’t need him, Ravish is enough for me, I love Suman more than my daughter, I promised to give her a good life, but I failed, as my son Ramakant loved Sujata, Suman and I thought Ravish will get his love, but Sujata and her son Atharv entered this house, what would Suman go through, when she saw Sujata and her son in front of her eyes.

Then Suman got to know you and Atharv are going to marry, think of her emotions knowing you don’t love Ravish and love that mad guy, don’t you care for our feelings, is Ravish not a human?

Ravish said, I don’t know where Vividha went. Suman said, where can she go. Ravish said, we have to inform Daddy ji. Suman said no, he slept early tonight, we will find him. Sujata came and asked for Atharv. Suman said, it means Atharv and Vividha went together, this had to happen, why are we surprised. Ravish said, Vividha would have told me if she took Atharv along, she is not careless, did Atharv go anywhere, did anyone see Atharv going out? Chutki said, I have seen him.

Vividha cried and said Dada ji, I did not do this intentionally. Daddy ji said, I will not let this injustice happen, I tried to move away Atharv from my way but someone always saved him, you stood in front of him like a wall, when I saw you taking the taxi and coming to the farmhouse.

I decided to move you out of the way. Daddy ji was shown, when he saw saw Vividha going to spy in the farmhouse and found it a good chance. Daddy ji said, if you could not become Suman’s bahu, this house doesn’t need you, there is no difference between you and Atharv, come. He dragged her. Vividha shouted and asked him to leave her.

Ravish asked Chutki when did she see Atharv? Chutki said, I was at the window, and i saw Vividha sitting in a taxi. The taxi was shown not being able to start when gave Atharv the chance and he got inside the dickey and waved bye to Chutki and the taxi left. Sujata said, Atharv got in a taxi’s dickey, where did Vividha go. Chutki told the taxi’s details to Ravish. Ravish figured out the travel agency.

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Vividha said, Dada ji, you are the eldest in the family and should protect everyone, what are you doing. He said, I am doing the same thing. Daddy ji beats the driver and got inside the taxi. Vividha shouted for help. Atharv opened the dickey door. Daddy ji drove and dickey door got shut by the jerk. He beats Vividha and she fainted. Ravish asked the taxi agency to track the taxi location and tell him.

Daddy ji threw the GPS device out. Ravish asked what, where did the taxi go, call me if you get any info. He told everyone that Vividha went to the farm house. Suman asked why will she go there at this time. Ravish said, we have to reach there, there is no time to think. Sujata asked, shall I come along. Atharv knocked the dickey.

Atharv got hurt in the dickey and held his head. Daddy ji dragged Vividha and held her neck. She asked him to leave her. He said, I want freedom from you and that mad guy, once I kill you, I will kill that mad guy. He pushed her into the pond.