Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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Atharv was holding Vividha at the beginning of this Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday, 14th April 2021 episode, while she tries to run. Atharv forces her getting closer to her. Vividha tries to push him away. She takes a knife and stabs his foot. Sujata wakes up but does not find Atharv. She calls him out.

 Atharv takes off the knife from his foot and keeps looking for her. Vividha takes the phone to call someone. At Mr. Kalish residence, Guddi asks who is there? She gets scared seeing a cat. The cat goes away. Guddi tells Uma and Dadi that it was just a cat she saw. Vividha sees Atharv coming after her.  I still feel someone was there, Uma said. 

I did not see gungun shouting like that before, Dadai said. Guddi tells them, I did not see anyone there, maybe I was just nervous. Someone comes after them. They went inside the house and lock the door.

Vividha runs and shouts calling Kalindi, Daddy ji and Situram. She uses the electric wires to trap her attacker. Atharv comes that way and gets trapped by the wires and falls down. Atharv plays with the wires and smiles. He can’t be my Atharv, Vividha said. i don’t know where my Atharv is. 

Vividha recalls Situram showing her the switch which is connected to his room alarm, he would come any moment then if I ring the alarm. Vividha said. She hides and goes to ring the alarm but does not see the correct switch and turns on the electric button instead of the alarm.

 why is Situram not coming? She wonders. Ravish checks the fuse and fixes it. He switches on the mains. He then comes inside and sees Vividha crying. what happened? He asks and why are you scared. She asks him what’s happening?  I just returned, he replied. 

what do you mean? Vividha shouts, stop your drama, I want to know the truth, what are you doing to me? you are responsible for all this. Suman and everyone come. Vividha reveals to Suman that someone attacked her when she was alone. Everyone was shocked. Vipul asks her, did you see his face? 

 Vividha asks them to question Ravish about what is happening. Ravish recalls Atharv. Suman asks Ravish but he replies saying I don’t know. What is Vividha trying to mean? Suman asks Vividha who attacked you. Vividha recalls Atharv and replies saying, I don’t know. Kalindi comes and asks what happened.

Suman asks, why did you leave Vividha alone? Kalindi says, I went to talk to my London friend. Suman tells her someone has attacked Vividha. I made him fall by the light wires, vividha said. They see there is no one. Vividha says I’m telling the truth, his foot got hurt and it was bleeding. the blood marks are in the corridor, come and see. They don’t

Went but didn’t  see anything.

Kalindi asks where blood marks are? There is nothing here. Vividha says I’m telling the truth. Kalindi replies, I don’t think anyone came here. Vividha panics. Suman asks her to relax and tells her, I trust you completely, don’t worry, and asks Ravish to find out who can attack Vividha like this. She asks Vividha to come and take some rest.

Sujata feeds Atharv. She asks him not to go out. Ravish comes to them. Did he go out again? He asks. Sujata replies, he was hungry, he would have gone to find food. He attacked my wife, Ravish said. Sujata replies no, he was stuck in the wires, I freed him.

 Ravish says you did not see his wound. Atharv runs but Ravish stops him asking him to show his wounded foot. Vividha hears the sound. Ravish recalls Vividha’s words.

I told you his foot is not wounded, Sujata said. Atharv says I did not do this, I did this. He speaks  two different things, which angers Ravish. Ravish gets furious. Sujata tells her, maybe your wife misunderstood. you are his mum and saying this? 

Ravish said. he is not your son, his mental health got worse and anyone can have risk by him, it’s all because of him, what can you do if you can’t take care of your own son. Atharv asks him to shut up. Ravish looks at him.

Atharv turns to him and says don’t talk to my Maa in a loud tone, else I will bury you here, Atharv Sujata isn’t dead yet. Sujata cries hearing this. Ravish looks at him in awe. Sujata asks, what did you say? Atharv Sujata? Atharv recalls getting beaten up by Kailash’s goons. 

He gets memory flashes of the past. Atharv sees Sujata and says Maa. He falls over Ravish and holds his head. Ravish makes him lie down on the bed and he leaves.

Ravish thinks, Sujata is also confirming Atharv can’t do this, his foot is not hurt too  what at all is happening, how can one thing match but the other does not, there was no blood mark also, did Vividha get confused? He asks. 

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday, 14th April 2021

The Episode continues with Suman asking Vividha, how do you feel now? I think you have fever, I will get you some warm milk and medicines. Vividha cried recalling Atharv. She heard the sound from the top floor. Atharv jumped on the floor and asked Sujata to watch his jump. Sujata asked him to sit. Vividha got worried and shouted to Suman. Suman came running and asked, what happened?.

Vividha asked her did you hear that sound? Sujata made Atharv sit. Suman said, there is no sound and made her to also sit. Suman warmed the milk for Vividha and thought, what is happening to Vividha, why do I feel. She was speaking to herself and before she realized, she added kesar to the milk and Someone was watching her all along.

Suman got the milk for Vividha. Vividha looked at the roof and cried. Suman was worried. Suman asked her not to worry, there is no one there. Ravish and I, we are here,we will take care of you, don’t worry, trust me. Vividha asked, do you think I am mad? I am saying there is someone in this house, I can see someone and I can hear sounds as well, you all don’t understand me.

Suman responded, no don’t say that, I trust you. Vividha said, trust is seen in the eyes, all I see is just pity that one holds for a mad person, I am not mad, you are mad ones, because you roam blindfolded. Ravish came and shouted Vividha, no one can talk to my mum in such a tone else and Suman said it’s okay, she is just worried and needs us. She said, Vividha don’t worry, Ravish and I will find out whom you are seeing and hearing,rest a while, we are here for your safety. She asked Ravish to come out, she wants to talk to her.

Suman told Ravish, this is not a coincidence, if she is talking about attack, someone is doing that, don’t take it likely, I want to see the family safe. Ravish thought of telling Suman about Sujata and Ravish, maybe she can understand better. She asked, what are you thinking. He replied nothing, I will find out what it is. Vividha cried out from her room. Vividha drank the kesar milk.

Vividha thought of asking Ravish about Atharv and find out the truth. Ravish came to the room. He apologized to her and said, I spoke to you rudely, but when its about mum, and was interrupted by her, She also said I want to and with this, she couldn’t talk anymore. He asked are you fine?. She held her throat and coughed. She signed and was not able to talk. He became much worried seeing her.

Atharv said, she isn’t fine, I have to go to her. Sujata asked who, I don’t understand. Ravish got water for Vividha and made her drink it. Atharv said, I have to go to her. Sujata said no, don’t go out. Atharv said, she can’t breathe, she is not well and Sujata made him sit. Ravish called the doctor and held Vividha. Sujata asked, who is not getting breath. Sujata and what are you saying, about whom? Atharv said, Vividha, I want to go to her and Sujata became shocked. Atharv also held his neck, as Vividha did.

The doctor checked Vividha and said, she has a severe throat infection by something, what did she take? Suman responded, I gave her kesar milk to her. The Doctor said, it’s by something else, then and he checked the glass. He got samples of sindoor in the glass and said, the reaction is by this sindoor, I gave her medicine, she will feel better by tomorrow. Suman and Ravish got shocked. Vipul’s foot was hurt. He made excuses that he got hurt because he hit his foot against the furniture. Ravish asked, are you fine? Vipul replied, yes and went away. Suman asked, how is this happenin?. Ravish asked her not to worry. Kalindi taunted Suman and went away.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday, 14th April 2021

Ravish went to Sujata. She said, he is sleeping. Ravish said, I did wrong today and scolded you and Atharv, please forgive me, I know Atharv is annoyed, my wife’s health is not all that good. She asked,is your wife unwell? He said, yes, she was having difficulty in breathing, why are you worried. She said, don’t be worried, she will be fine. He said, I got sweets for Atharv, as he liked it. She thanked him. She went to him and did not find Atharv. She asked, where did Atharv go?

Atharv/Vipul went to Vividha and saw her sleeping. He smiled. He held her hand and touched her. He removed her blanket and opened her nightie string. Ravish came there. Atharv/Vipul got close to Vividha. Ravish cane to the room and saw Vividha’s nightie off her shoulder. He said, no one has to see Vividha like this, and went to cover her up. He tied the nightie string by turning his face away. Vividha woke up and saw Ravish holding the string.

Vividha asked Ravish not to lie. Ravish said, I can’t do this with you. She said don’t touch me. He said, I am your husband. She shouted, you are not my husband. She left the room angrily. Suman fell down the stairs. Ravish came there and saw Vividha standing and Suman falling off the stairs. He got shocked and angrily saw Vividha.

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