Awesome Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update Wednesday Pt2: 2nd June 2021: 159

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update Wednesday Pt2: 2nd June 2021 episode started with Ravish signaling no. Vividha cried. Ravish asked Suman for her phone. He called the rescue team. Vividha said we don’t have time, if you don’t go, I will find Atharv. Ravish said it’s dangerous for you. Vividha jumped into the lake and looked for Atharv. Ravish jumped to save her, she fainted. Ravish lifted her and got her out of the lake.

Ravish tried to make her conscious. He angrily stared at Daddy ji. The Police came. Daddy ji admitted that he got Vividha here to kill her, he attacked her, he has beaten up Atharv too, he would have killed Vividha if Ravish did not come in between. Ravish and everyone looked on shocked.

Inspector said, your doings have made every uniform ashamed. Suman said, Daddy ji you have made me regret a lot. Daddy ji said I did this for my family’s happiness and I have no regrets for this. Ravish asked the inspector to take Daddy ji. Rescue team looked for Atharv. The officer said, we did not get anything. Ravish said, my brother knows swimming, maybe he reached to the other side, please find him.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update Wednesday Pt2: 2nd June 2021

Vividha woke up in her room and shouted Atharv. She said thank God, this was a dream, where is Atharv? She run to see Atharv and did not see him. Ravish came to her. She said I saw a bad dream that Atharv fell in lake and…. Ravish said, unfortunately, it was not a dream. He told everyone. She recalled the incident and cried hugging Atharv’s bag. Ravish said inspector, we have to find Atharv any way.

Inspector said we did not get the body, we did our best, our divers are finding him in the river since three days. Vividha said wait, why are you saying body, his name is Atharv, take his name and talk, maybe you are finding him in wrong places. Ravish said we have to find Atharv. Inspector said there are crocodiles in the river.

Vividha said even if there are sharks, I am sure he will come back, Ravish I think we should take professional help, police can’t find him. Sujata said tell them Ravish to keep finding, i am sure nothing will happen to Atharv. Vividha said yes, nothing will happen if we sit here, find Atharv and sat crying.

After 8 days, Sujata asked Vividha to have food, you just sit here and do not sleep. Vividha imagined Atharv. He smiled and signal her. Vividha did not hear what Sujata was saying and looked at Atharv. It’s actually Ravish. Vividha saw Ravish and cried. She asked about Atharv. Ravish said we could not find him. Sujata said, don’t say this, there will be some hope. He said maybe keeping fake hope will be wrong.

Pandit came home. Everyone greeted him. Suman said, Swami ji you did not inform before coming. He said my inner soul got me here, I heard of someone’s sinking incident. Suman said it’s 8 days and we did not find him. He said there is big danger on this house, it’s less chances to find him now, you should complete the final rites of wandering soul, the soul will get peace.

They got shocked. He said I wish Lord gives peace to all of you, I will leave. He said Vividha, this girl is surrounded by many sorrows, the sorrows will not end, take care of her well and left. Sujata said what did he tell, Atharv’s final rites, no this can’t happen. Ravish signal Suman.

Suman took Sujata with her. Ravish cried seeing Vividha’s pain. It’s night, Vividha recalled Atharv’s words. She said, you came back that day, same way come back Atharv. Atharv knocked at the window. She turned and smiled seeing Atharv. She run to him and hugged.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update Wednesday Pt2: 2nd June 2021

She said I knew you will come back, none heard me, they were going to do your final rites, how are you. He said I am fine, why are you not eating food. She said no, I am not hungry.He says I m fine, why are you not eating food. She says no, I m not hungry. He said even I will also not have food. He fed her.

She said, they looked for you for 11 days, then they said you are dead, Sujata and I told them how can Atharv die, Atharv knows swimming, it’s good you came, you have food now. She fed him. Ravish entered the room, and saw Vividha talking alone and feeding to imaginary Atharv. Ravish cried and thinks, I can’t interfere in your life and memories and he left. Atharv asked Vividha not to cry and drink water. Vviidha’s imagination ended. She looked for him and shouted Atharv. She sat crying.

Sujata said, you always wanted peace in this house, you called Atharv an infection, see infection has gone from your house. Suman said Swami ji said right, final rites will get soul peace for Atharv. Ravish conducted the final rites. They all came home and got shocked seeing it.


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