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Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday, 18th August 2021 Episode started with Vividha shouting Atharv. Kangana shuts her mouth. Atharv and Madhav left for school. Kangana pushed Vividha and took the pin to strike her. Vividha stopped her. Kangana caught her and said I will pinch this to you, did you forget anything can happen to Atharv and your son, come with me silently, don’t trouble me.

Atharv dropped Madhav to school. He called Vividha and thinks why is she not answering. He got a call from Ravish and said I was trying to call you. Ravish told him everything. Atharv became shocked.

He asked are you sure. Ravish said yes, I have seen him in the CCTV footage, she was here when Madhav was born. Atharv said I felt there was some connection between Kangana and Madhav.

Ravish said I checked her records, she was a patient in this hospital, she was acting to faint again, she was running away. Atharv recalled Vividha’s words. Ravish asked why are you silent. Atharv said come home fast, I will meet you there. He called Vividha and left from the school.

He called Sujata and asked her where are you. Sujata said I was leaving from the temple, I spoke to Pandit for Bhoomi’s last rites. He asked her to pick Madhav from school and go anywhere, but don’t come home. She asked what’s the matter. He said just go anywhere, don’t come home. She said fine, I will go to the school now. He raced the car and reached home.

He run to see Vividha. He checked the room. He went to see Kangana. He saw Kangana lying on the bed unconscious. He said Kangana I know you are acting, get up. He hits on the bed and said my mum did not teach me raising hand on women, else I would have thrown you down the bed. Vividha waa under the bed.

He thinks she is really unconscious. Vividha tried to touch his feet. He left from there. Kangana opened her eyes and smiled. Ravish checked the CD and said so this is the reason why Kangana got after us. He took the CD and left. Atharv called Vividha and found her phone on bed.

He thinks of Kangana. Kangana took Vividha out. He run to Kangana’s room and saw her gone. He became shocked and heard the car sound. He run and saw Kangana taking Vividha in the car. He followed Kangana in the car. Kangana hanged Vividha. Atharv reached there and saw Vividha tied and hanged. He signalled her to be quiet and saw the ropes. Kangana hit on his head. He held his head and turned. Kangana smiled.

Vividha became shocked. Atharv fell down. Kangana hanged Atharv too. She said it’s sad, you could not do anything, who is hanging in the air at the end, Vividha thinks she is smart, she thought she will spike the drink and I won’t know. She said I have seen it, I know Ravish is also part of your plan, so he was forcing me to have the drink.

I did not drink it, I fooled you all, I don’t get scared of you all, but I have given this wound to myself, imagine how much hurt I was, but it’s happy ending now, you both will die together in the air, I am not so bad, have some romance, I should go and she left. Atharv said I will free myself some way and then free you too, trust me.

Kangana stopped and said no, I won’t go from here, you both will be leaving from this world, every person asks last wish before killing, I got a last gift for you, it’s great, wait. She got a rose and said not this. She kicked the gas barrels and said even if you get saved in the air, you will die, I snatched your land, see. She threw the rose and showed the acid on the land.

She said think your state will be worse, this is concentrated chemical, no one can get saved from this, have fun. Atharv asked why are you doing this, we kept you in the family and gave you love. She asked did you not know, for Madhav’s love. Atharv said I knew you have something to do with him. Kangana said you ruined my life, see I am letting you die together and she left.

Atharv and Vividha were still hanging. Kangana went to Madhav’s school. Atharv tried to get free.


The Episode started with Kangana leaving. Atharv said I don’t know what she is saying, look at me Vividha, nothing will happen to us, we have seen more worse time, I won’t let anything happen to you, just do as I say. Atharv tried to hold the pole and passed to the end. His phone fell down. He dropped on a barrel.

Vividha shouted. He signalled her to be quiet and walked on the barrels. He said don’t move, I will do something. She became dizzy. Kangana reached Madhav’s school and saw him. A teacher went towards Kangana’s side. Kangana hid. Atharv threw the barrels. The teacher went back.

Kangana smiled seeing Madhav. Two men dressed as clowns met the kids. Atharv kept a wooden platform on the barrels. He walked on the barrels and asked Vividha to open the ropes by her mouth, rope will get loose and you will slip down, I will hold you, be careful. He walked to her and held her feet.

She tried to open the ropes. Kangana saw Madhav with the clowns. Atharv helped Vividha in opening the ropes, by holding her weight on his shoulders. She opened the ropes and said I have opened the ropes. He asked her to slide down. He asked her not to look down, and held her.

Sujata went to take Madhav. She saw the clowns. They came in between and hid Madhav. He tried finding Madhav. Atharv asked Vividha to walk slowly, hold look down, just see the door and walk that side, be careful. Vividha said if we fall down then… He said focus and walk, I won’t let anything happen to you. They walked.

Kangana took Madhav from school. Sujata missed to see him. Atharv and Vividha reached the end. They got down the wooden platform. Kangana talked to Madhav and took him in the car. Atharv and Vividha were on the way. He asked her not to worry. She worried for Madhav and prayed for him.

Kangana asked Madhav to have his favorite icecream. She said I will buy new toys for you, everything will be new there. Madhav asked are we not going on a picnic. Kangana said promise me you will listen to me, you will call me mumma from today. He said but my mumma is at home. She said yes, now we will be together, you call me mumma. He said no.

She said you like me right, I get gifts for you, I am saying that’s why, you can get habitual. He asked why. She said just call me mumma, don’t worry, have icecream. She smiled. Atharv and Vividha reached the school and saw Sujata crying. Atharv asked for Madhav. Sujata said I reached before time, kids were here, but Madhav was not here, what would I do, forgive me. He asked why are you apologizing, I should have told you about Kangana. She said I was calling you.

He said my phone fell down. She asked where. He said I will tell later. Vividha asked him to do something. Ravish called them. Atharv said Kangana took Madhav somewhere. Ravish said Kangana took him to the park, I had kept a tracker in his bag, reach the park soon, I will give you directions. They all left. Ravish gave them directions. Ravish said I don’t know where they are going, Kangana is going towards the old fort. Atharv said fine, we are coming there.

Vividha said do anything Atharv, save my Madhav from that Kangana. Kangana smiled. Madhav showed the park and said we will do the picnic there. Kangana asked him to call her mumma. She stopped the car and shouted on him, asking him to call her mumma. He looked at her. Ravish said she stopped near the temple.

Madhav said no, I want to go home. Kangana calmed down and said sorry Madhav, don’t get worried, it’s fine, you can call me mumma later. He agreed. She gave him chocolate and asked him to smile. She drove. Ravish said she is driving to the park near the old fort, I am reaching there Atharv. Vividha worried.

Ravish said Madhav is close. Vividha said why can’t we see him. They saw a boy with Madhav’s bag. Vividha run to him and said Madhav, don’t leave me again.


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