Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday, 25th August 2021

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday, 25th August 2021 Episode started with Madhav getting ready for school. Dadi Bua asked about Sujata. Atharv said she reached Ajmer well. Madhav called out Vividha. She made call to know about the gift shop. Atharv looked on and feed Madhav. He asked did he get everything. Madhav said I don’t know, mumma does everything. Kangana came and offered to drop Madhav at school. Atharv signalled Ravish. Ravish nodded.

Atharv asked Kangana to take Madhav. Ravish followed her. Atharv went to Vividha and asked her what is she doing with this family, and Madhav. She said I know, this would have happened early if you helped me, I got a number on that box, last digit was missing, I am matching digits and calling to find something. He asked how will shop make us reach the culprit.

She asked why are you negative, don’t you want us to get your child back. He said we are trying, I want it, but I am practical. She said I am also practical, if we got the shop number, I am sure I will find that man. She made call and got some details. He looked on and she left.

Ravish saw Kangana with Madhav. Guddi came there and saw Ravish eyeing Kangana. Kangana stumbled on the stairs. Ravish held her and said you got hurt, show me your foot, it can be fracture too. He checked her foot. Guddi came in between and checked Kangana’s foot, saying she knows how to do the aid. Ravish asked when did you take this training. Kangana looked at Ravish.

Vividha talked to the toy shop owner and asked him to help her. He asked how shall I tell you, who has bought what, how will I remember, if you described him, maybe I could remember anything. She said I just want to know who was that man. He said I can show CCTV footage, come with me. She checked the footage.

Madhav came home to show his prize to Vividha. Kangana said congrats, you won the prize. He asked for Vividha. She said you can show her the prize when she comes, come we will have the cake. Atharv looked on and called Vividha. Vividha said I will talk later, I am busy. He became upset and called again.

She did not answer. He called again and said Madhav is feeling alone, when will you come. She said I won’t come till I find proof. Madhav asked when will mumma come. Atharv said she will come soon, come, I will make you sleep. She made him sleep. Vividha saw the man purchasing the doll. She said a little girl with the man. She recalled the man stealing her baby and cried.

Atharv made Madhav sleep and worried. Kangana asked everyone to sit and have food. She said Madhav did not wish to have food, I told him story and fed him. Atharv said Vividha said she will end the work and come. Kangana got hurt. Ravish cared for her. Guddi asked how many times will you get hurt to get Ravish’s help. Ravish said this happened by mistake, what are you saying. Guddi said I am not hungry and left. Ravish became worried.

Atharv waited for Vividha. She came home. He asked are you fine, I was calling you, Madhav cried and slept, I was afraid for this. She sat thinking. He said that baby got baby when he was born, see how helpless you are, we can just pray we get our child. She said our daughter. He asked what.

She said we had a girl. He asked how do you know. She said I went to this shop and checked the CCTV footage, this is our daughter, she was at that shop 4 days ago, that man kidnapped her. Atharv saw the photos. Vividha said the hospital has no records of her, they said we had a son. He asked did we have a daughter. They cried.

Ravish said that man would be staying near here. Atharv said if that man stays in this locality, the shop owner would have found him, maybe that man is not from this area.


The Episode started with Guddi angrily thinking of Ravish and Kangana. She threw the clothes out of her cupboard. He asked her to clean the junk from her mind, as she said she trusts him and his love, I will never move back from my promise I will never cheat you, I was just helping Kangana. Guddi asked does he still want to keep the promise by his heart, I feel this ring is not part of the promise, I feel you are helpless that you could not unite with Kangana.

Vividha came and asked Ravish to come along, she had to talk to him urgently. Guddi asked what happened. Vividha said I have to solve few things and they left. She showed the photos of the little girl. Kangana saw the photos. Vividha said this man would have met you, he swapped our babies, he has ruined our lives, don’t know how many wrong things he made you do.

Kangana said sorry, I did not see him, he always used to cover his face and meet me, I just remember his hair was similar. Atharv said we can’t identify anyone by hair. Kangana said I told you, I did not see his face. Ravish asked do you remember by which number he called you. She said its old thing, I was not mentally fine, I don’t remember. Ravish looked at her. Atharv said such people change in disguise. Ravish said you did not see his face, he would have changed his number, what can we do now.

Vividha recalled Sujata’s words. Vividha said you saved that number by letter K, what’s that. Kangana said I don’t remember well. Ravish asked her to think well and recall, maybe if you remember anything, it’s very important for us to know. Kangana said I remember a bit, the man used to talk like he knows all of you very well, like he hates you all, he wants to take revenge, he used to talk much about Atharv.

Atharv said why did he hate me. Kangana said sorry, I can’t help you right away, but he said that he will show Atharv his status, he hates Atharv a lot, he used to talk as if he is chanting mantra. Vividha recalled Kailash. She looked at Atharv and cried. She asked Kangana was his name Kailash. They all became shocked. Kangana said yes, this was the name, he did not tell his name, he said once that Atharv will know he is facing Kailash Kashyap. Atharv became angry.

Kangana asked how do you know him. Vividha said he was my dad. Kailash went to the girl, who was sitting under the table in some dark room. Vividha said I am not shocked that he is alive, I told you he loves himself a lot. Guddi said we should inform Uma. Vividha said no, she will feel better and I will tell her, we need more proof against Kailash. Ankit said it means Papa is doing this, he is alive, where is he. She said I don’t know, but I just know, I will find him. Vividha said she ruined my life, I will see him, she snatched my Atharv from me, then snatched my daughter, he will be punished, I will not leave him this way.

Atharv became angry and said Kailash is your dad, think again, do you want to punish him. She said I don’t know him as my dad, he has hurt us a lot, now his fight is with a mum, not daughter, I will get him punished, we are close to finding our daughter, we should not regret that we did not find her. He agreed. Ravish asked from where shall we start.

She told him about the school in the gift shop area. Ravish showed the map and said the shop will be nearby, the man would be living close if he came by walking, his shoes have mud on it, it means he came by walking. They all looked on.

Atharv said there is some man who gets things delivered at this place. They all followed the delivery boy to find Kailash.


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