Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday, 6 October 2021 Episode started with Vividha looking for Madhav and Kailash. Her car got punctured. She recalled the car getting punctured on the road and Atharv teaching her how to change the tyre. Vividha looked on and learned. Vividha changed the tyre by recalling Atharv.

Vividha teased Atharv. Madhav said my mum and dad will always be with me, nothing wrong will happen. Vividha said Atharv is always with me, I promise to take Madhav and come back.

Everyone waited for Vividha. Kangana cried and recalled Madhav. Dadi consoled her. Sujata said we could not find anything. Dadi asked Kangana to have strength. Atharv asked the inspector to find Vividha and Madhav, tell me if you know anything. Atharv saw Vividha’s photo and became sad.

He thinks you promised me we will do everything together, we will face problem together, why did you take problem on yourself always, you did not wake me up and left. He hugged her pic and cried.

Vividha came to her Ajmer house and shouted Kailash. She said I know you are here, where else will you go. She saw the cows and recalled her love with Atharv. She recalled Kailash and Khushi. She went inside the house and shouted Kailash Kashyap. She saw the house fully decorated. Kailash came downstairs in his real normal avatar. She said I knew you will come here.

She said you have ruined everyone lives, I regarded you Lord, I did not listen to anyone and helped you, but you did not change, you are a devil. Kailash asked her to understand, he has seen many dreams for her, he still loves her. She asked do you love me, you know the meaning of love, you have no connection with love.

you kept my daughter away in a dark room, you did not teach her talking and having food, anything, you can’t love anyone, you kidnapped my son and got him here, remember your daughter did not come here, that son’s mum came to take him, you can’t do anything.

He asked why are you worried about one who is not yours, Madhav is not your son, I know you get emotional and talk such things. She said there is no humanity in you, I thought everyone will get fine when I got you in a mad state, but now I understand you are selfish, you can’t love anyone.

He said it’s good you came here, I thought how will this happen but I got Madhav here, see you have come here, fate is with me. She said time changes, it’s time for your fate to change.

He asked her to see the decorations. She said there is light, did you find new way to hide your sorrow. Kailash said no, why sorrow, celebrations will happen, the time has come, I don’t lose in life, I have habit to win.

She asked what nonsense is this. He said I wanted my daughter to get married to a rich family, is this thinking wrong, I did not think bad for you, it’s your marriage tomorrow, I did all the arrangements. She became shocked.

Vividha said I am married, if you get me remarried forcibly, you will be caught, stop acting, I will take my son. Vividha became dizzy. Madhav asked what happened and held her. Kailash said it’s the effect of water, you have to do what I want.


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