Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday, 8th September 2021 Episode started with Vividha asking everyone to leave her alone. She thinks of all what was happenings. Kangana thinks of Madhav and cried hugging his pic. She thinks of the recent happenings.

Guddi asked Ankit had he gone mad, it’s no use to take this matter ahead. He asked are you saying this, I know the value of this relation for you. She said it doesn’t happen as we think, we should accept the situation which we can’t change, everyone has his/her own fate.

He asked shall I tie my hands, I will decide what to do, whoever has sparked my sister’s life, I will ignite fire in that person’s life, I could not become a good brother till now, I am with you two now.Vividha prayed in the temple.

She heard people and went to see the person. Guddi asked Ankit not to worry for them. He said I would do this, if Papa was here, this would have not happened. She asked what, it’s all happening because of Papa.

Vividha went to her car. Kailash saw her. She stopped. Guddi said there is no bigger selfish man than him. The people said this man is mad, he has been staying here for some days now, he steals theft also. Vividha heard Kailash.

Guddi said for him, his ego and fake prestige were important, his family was nothing to him. Guddi said you know he has made everyone dance on his fingers. Vividha got shocked seeing Kailash. He said I am a king. He acted mad.She recalled the inspector’s words.Atharv warned Kangana.

Kangana said I know you all can’t trust me, I don’t expect this, like I told you all, I can’t see you all worried, I am taking this case back, I did wrong with Vividha, I am responsible for this, she has raised Madhav well, life has been bad for me, so I did wrong with everyone, I will not fight Madhav’s custody case.

Sujata said I know what you are going through, it would be tough to decide this, I also lost my son once, I know how it feels to lose a son, you have done a big favor for me, Madhav will be here, Ravish is his dad, you are his mum, you are Ravish’s wife now.

Kangana said I wish this could happen, I cheated him and made him helpless to marry me, but I don’t think I should stay here now. Atharv asked what do you mean, Ravish did not wish to marry you.

She said no, I forced him to marry me. They all were shocked. Kangana said I trapped him. Atharv said it seems you love him. Kangana said it does not matter, I have to rectify my mistake, I can’t give Madhav what you all can give, I don’t want to hurt Vividha, it will be better if I leave. Atharv asked what about Ravish and your marriage.

She said his love can’t erase my mistakes. Ravish came and said it can erase Kangana.She said I don’t deserve to be part of this family, let me go. He held her hand and stopped her.

He said you won’t go anywhere, you took decision to drop this case, I trust you, my heart told me I should help you and marry you, I was not helpless. Guddi looked on. Ravish said I will prove this now itself.

He got sindoor from the aarti plate and filled Kangana’s maang. Guddi became sad.Kangana cried and looked at Ravish. Everyone smiled. Ravish said you understand the value of your tears, don’t waste them.

Kangana promised Ravish that his family is her family from today, their happiness and sorrow is also hers, she will help others in forgetting the sorrow, Madhav will always be with Vividha. Guddi congratulated Ravish and Kangana and left.Vividha came home and said Atharv.

They all looked at her. Atharv said you don’t know what Kangana said just now. Vividha asked him to come along, she has to tell him something important and took him away. He asked her to listen, why did you get me to the basement.

She said I have to ask something, this is important for me and you, when you got to know about your dad, how did you feel. He asked why are you asking this now.

She asked him to say. She said I know you were angry at your dad, when you knew of his death, you went somewhere, I know these feelings are complicated, I want to know.

Precap:Atharv became angry at Kailash and kicked him. Vividha came in between and said don’t bat him, he is not in his senses. Kailash stabbed Atharv.


The Episode started with Vividha asking Atharv what did he feel when he knew of his dad’s death, so much bad things happened to them and Sujata. He heard Kailash and asked did you hear that voice.

She asked him to answer, how did he control his emotions and anger. Atharv said I felt very bad, why are we talking about this, I want to give you a good news, Kangana. Kailash said everyone leave, I qm the king.

Atharv asked her what’s this voice. Kailash walked to them. Atharv became angry and recalled Kailash. Kailash said I am a tiger, alone. Atharv got angry and looked Vividha.

Vividha said I got him in this state on the road and brought him. He said you got him here. She asked what could I do, he is my dad. Kailash said freedom light is in front of me, I want freedom from all of them.

Kailash acted mad. Vividha asked Atharv not to get annoyed, look at his state, I got him from back door so that no one sees him. Kailash said I am the king, you are Praja, serve me, wash my feet. Atharv angrily shouted Kailash Kashyap and kicked him.

Vividha came in between and said please don’t beat him, he is not in his senses, he is ill. He said he was in his senses when he ruined our lives. She stopped him.Kailash asked Vividha not to cry and danced.

Kailash asked Atharv will he marry. Atharv got angry and held his hand. Vividha asked Atharv to leave him. Atharv said these hands snatched my life and gave me death, where did your anger go Vividha, this is the same man whose pic you burnt and made his pyre, did your anger disappear.

He threw things around. Kailash said break this also.Atharv said this is the same Kailash who snatched our life, love and daughter. He told Kailash that he will not delay in becoming Atharv Sujata.

Kailash said no need to love daughter. Vividha said see his state, he is my dad, I just thought to take revenge from him, but now I am not able to do this, when I was getting drawn to crowd, I just thought this man is no one to me, I saw him, I could not leave him on the road.

Atharv shouted what do you want, since Khushi came, your behavior changed, I have tolerated it, I don’t accept this man to stay here, no. Kailash said I am the king. Atharv said I will break his throne. Vividha asked him to stop.He held Kailash. Kailash asked did you forget old friendship. Atharv recalled Khushi. He said I have old friendship with you, come.

He lifted Kailash and took him. Sujata said we have to tell Vividha that everything is fine, we got peace at home. Atharv brought Kailash there and threw him in front of everyone. They all became shocked seeing him.

Atharv said this man ruined our lives, and played with everyone’s life. Sujata asked is Kailash alive. Kailash said you all came to meet the king. He talked mad. Vividha said he is not in his senses, what could I do, could I leave him in this state, I got him here.

Kailash said you started crying again, you are emotional.Atharv said I don’t care where he stays, he is alive because you stopped me, he won’t stay in this house. Vividha said please. Kailash said we will go, call my chariot.

Vividha said I will not abandon my dad in this state. Atharv asked do you know what are you saying. She said yes, I can’t leave him, I know he did wrong, he forgot I am his daughter, but seeing him in this state, I can’t forget he is my dad, if he was in senses, maybe I would have not forgiven him.

Atharv asked Kailash does he not know him. He made Kailash beat him. Kailash said Atharv Sujata. He got a knife and stabbed Atharv. They all became shocked. Atharv imagined this. Kailash asked why are you pushing me. Vividha asked Atharv to stop.

Atharv said Kailash made Khushi an animal, do you want to keep him. Vividha said maybe he got hurt in a car accident. Atharv said Kailash is alive, whose body was found in the car, he kept that body in his place, he is acting, why don’t you understand.

Everyone looked on.Precap:Sujata said we should send him to a hospital. Ravish said yes, he will be treated.

Vividha said he won’t go. Kangana said how can you keep him here. Vividha asked would you do this to your dad. Atharv said our life got happiness again, this man will ruin our happiness.


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