Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

Ravish gets hold of Vipul at the beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Update On Friday Pt1: 28th May 2021, he scolds him. And said he planned the whole farmhouse idea with Vividha. Just to know who is trying to harm Atharv. And as expected, they both saw Vipul pushing him into the pool.

Vipul replies that he didn’t do anything, he doesn’t harbor any plans against Atharv.  Kalindi also defended him saying he can’t do that.  it’s because of the property that is why Vipul did this, Dadi Bua said. Kalindi asks, how can u say such a thing? Dadi 

Bua tells them both Kalindi and Vipul are greedy and they can do this.  even the missing jewellery might be stolen by them.  aditi replies, that what Dadi Bua is saying is its true. And asks Vipul to bring the jewellery, she tells them the jewellery is in Vipul’s almirah.

The Police comes, Ravish hands over Vipul to them and asks them to arrest Vipul on the charge of murder attempt and theft of jewellery.  Vipul tries to prove himself innocent. Kalindi and Bhoomi cries. Ravish tells him. 

If it’s  only about theft I would have set you free but you tried to kill my brother and this is a big offence. Vipul agrees that he stole the jewelry but didn’t attempt to murder Atharv. They all leave Vipul and the police took him away.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Update On Friday Pt1: 28th May 2021

The doctor gives a health treatment to Atharv, Ravish tells the doctor that sometimes he remembers everything, especially when someone tries to harm Sujatha.  He gets conscious. The doctor asks them to take him to the place where his memories are. 

The three of them think of Ajmer. Vivida says, let’s take him to Ajmer where his dreams are. Ajmer? Ravish asks. Vividha replies, yes. Atharv ka ghar lautne ka waqt aya (It’s time for Atharv to return home)

Ahmed chacha, gungun, uma, dadi and everyone were there, the hurray tabela came.

Vividha calls uma and tells her she is coming to Ajmer with Ravish, Atharv and Sujata.

Uma breaks the news to them that they are coming home.  Ahmed chacha is happy to hear this.  dadi,  get shocked.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Update On Friday Pt1: 28th May 2021

Vivida Atharv and the rest leave for Ajmer.

At Kashyap house, the Payal is screaming, the mandir bells are ringing slightly, Vividha remembers the moment she had with Atharv, and it was so lovely back then. 

Atharv comes to the house, he sees that also, and the tandav background plays as he sees the surroundings and gets normal for some time.

Precap: Atharv goes near the Payal. Vividha and Ravish look on. He sees the Payal, and touches it. He feels familiar with Payal.


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