Kulfi Kumar Bajewala(Little Singer Kulfi: Episode 2 Video

LITTLE SINGER KULFI 2. Kulfi stopped veerji and said do you really not know where Baba stays?
Sikander was playing keyboard, singing and drinking, a lady turned on the lights, clapped and walked in and said, atleast today quit alcohol,Sikander said alcohol is the only thing I have,she said I have told you not today,Sikander asked what is special about today,she said it’s my daughters birthday,seriously what a fabulous dad you are ,anyways I have organised a party and I want you to introduce her to all the important celebs invited as a singer superstar.

Sikander started laughing and said so this is why I am invited to the party this year, you want Mirah to sing and show off,she said focus you have to introduce her as a genius. Sikander said I am a liar but not this big,She said don’t you think she is,he said if she was I wouldn’t have had to introduce her,look I love mirah a lot,and want her to succeed,but today is not the day and she won’t sing today she isn’t ready,she said mirah is perfect she has attitude, hair styling fashion,followers,he said but singing she is week there, let her learn.

She said even you learnt from patiala but what was it for,no use,you succeeded because my dad spent on you,talent won’t work unless money is invested so my dad spent on you and made you a star and so will you,when my daughter sings that will be the right time.

Mirah walked in and said hello.

Veerji said come on kulfi,kulfi said wow matarani has such a big house,kulfi said I shall give milk in the temple here you go ahead,veerji said look at the stairs,kulfi said oh come on I can sweep the whole house,clean all the utensils,bath all the cattle’s, then what is this that I can’t,I shal carry that too.

Veerji said okay go but be careful,kulfi picked the can and started climbing the stairs. Mirah said dad I need some attention today it’s my birthday,Sikander said happy birthday my baby,Mirah said that’s too much of love,it’s time for selfie, kiss me and she took a pic and said mom look shall I upload it and left. Mirah said mom granny asked me to take blessings from dad shall I,she said okay go,Sikander said she has to take your permission even for taking blessings,anyways let it be, God bless you Mirah and left in tears.

Mirah said mom I haven’t decided my hairstyle for the party tonight please let’s do it quickly or I shall panic,mom said let’s do it sweetie we have to go the temple first,it’s a special day you see and Mirah said okay.

Kulfi climbed the stairs and said I got milk,make way please. Mirah and her mom got to the temple.

Panditji said when will setu get milk,kulfi said Mama sent me, here is the milk but Panditji said stop don’t step in.

Mirah said mom it’s so stinky here mom,she said I know baby come on, take off your shoes.

Panditji asked kulfi, what is she doing here and how dare her touch the pooja milk,how can we let a girl like you whose father isn’t known touch the milk and let in,you are an Illegitimate child and kulfi asked what’s that.

Kulfi said why won’t you accept the milk,Panditji said by your touch all becomes profane,kulfi said but me and Ma worship the Lord daily and that doesn’t make her profane, she has the same right so why now this way.

Mom said, here’s donations for the temple, Pandit was very happy seeing all the jewellery and money,he said Mirah but Mirah didn’t allow him to touch her,he said May the lord bless you with all the success. Mirah said, Ma if he has all of his gifts let’s go, I have to check my gifts and I have my film industry launch too and left.

Panditji asked kulfi to be thrown out,he pushed her out with the can of milk and kulfi fell down. She got up, adjusted herself and smiled at Panditji, she then said, what! you thought you can keep me away from the lord,Panditji said you can touch the lord when you are allowed in,and all then men made a border,Panditji said I dare you go in.

Kulfi closed her eyes and sang song in the name of the lord,everyone in the temple enjoyed kulfis song,there was a heavy storm,few kids joined kulfi and they all started dancing.
The Pandits apron flew and fell at the feet on kulfi. kulfi said I touched the lord with my song,she was about to pick the apron but the other pandit held her hand said don’t you dare enter this temple again and pushed her out. Veerji held her and asked did she do something wrong,Panditji said how dare you send this Illegitimate child with milk for pooja,don’t bring milk again from tomorrow get your pay and leave.

Precap: Granny said this is your fathers old diary, it’s yours,Mirah said oh god it’s so yuk and threw it…Read more

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