Kulfi Kumar Bajewala(Little Singer Kulfi) Episode 4 Video

LITTLE SINGER KULFI 4. The episode started with Nimrat saying, because you are a girl I don’t want you to be betrayed and kulfi asked, what does that mean.

Sikander was with a rose in his hand,lovely walked to him and said, don’t run away face it,you are selfish. Sikander said you are right I am selfish,your father has done so much for me and I can never repay and in return will do whatever you say. lovely then said ok it simple, you will train Mirah and today you will introduce Mirah to composer Roshan as he is looking for a child artist, I want it to be Mirah. Sikander said as you wish and handed her the rose and she left. sikanders finger was injured because of thrones.

Sikander was with Nimrat and he said let me go,she hugged him and said no,Sikander said if I won’t go how will I come back, Nimrat said you will come back right,sikander said get ready,i will inform bhaiya bhabhi and Bebe and then come for you so we go to Mumbai. Nimrat said your dreams scare me and sikander asked what’s so scary in it? Nimrat said you are always behind Mumbai. Sikander said my nimi you are very cute, learn to dream and he kissed her forehead and left.

Nimrat was following him and Sikander looked at her. Nimrat then sang for sikander and he walked to her,he later bid her good bye and left.
Sikander left singing the song, Nimrat followed him and came ahead of his car but then Sikander has to leave and he left

Nimrat was in tears. kulfi said Ma, I don’t understand, Nimrat said music has a weird magic in it,it gives you happiness but when it breaks your trust you will be pushed into a darkness and above all, if you choose music you will forget me. kulfi started crying,she hugged her and said never Ma, I shall leave you.

The guys whom kulfi sung for requested setu to allow kulfi sing in jagrata as their singer is unwell, Nihalo came out angry over missing Nimrat, kulfi and lot of the household left,she saw the jagrata guys and asked them what are they here for,he said setu we won’t be able to arrange a singer by evening. kulfi looked at them, run to them and said I will sing. Nimrat then shouted kulfi you won’t,how many times have i told you not to sing,she then said thank you,you guys came but my daughter won’t sing,he said kulfi is very good singer, we will pay her but kulfi said why money, I told you I don’t want money,I will do it for free.

Nimrat said I said no means no, Nihalo said what do you mean she won’t sing,what’s your problem, you want to live her for free? if she earns a little income, how does that hurt you and he said, she will sing, how much will you pay us, 2-3,come with me and took them to a buffalo and said this is what will you get with 200,he said I will pay you 2000, Nihalo was very happy and offered him a seat and said you are very good people,will you have something,anyways kulfi will sing,he pulled kulfi and said when shall I send her, if you want I will send her now, Nimrat was very upset with the scene, she took a knife and pointed it at the guys and said my girl won’t sing,they became scared and left.

Setu said Nimrat calm down, Nimrat then walked to Nihalo and said, I know you want money,I shall get you money but my daughter won’t sing, kulfi if you leave this house I shall break your legs.
Nimrat asked kulfi to hand her knife but she didn’t answer, Nimrat shouted kulfi before kulfi removed cotton balls out of her ears and asked, did you say something?

Nimrat asked what is this,kulfi said so that I don’t hear music,I hear music every where, Nimrat said liar where is music here,kulfi said in your bangles in this breeze,everywhere there’s music,look here in this cattle bell,in the washing of clothes,in this cycle bell,look at me, I feel it everywhere so how do I stay away. Nimrat asked don’t you hear,enough kulfi I don’t want to hear all this. She calmed herself and said look you love me right,I am going to the circuit house to give paneer, mami will force you to sing don’t agree,she hugged her and said mami loves money but I love you.

Sikander was teaching Mirah, she yawned and said I hate classical, lets rap and make some music with foot taps and make something trendy,Sikander said come here, see, classical is a base and when you practice it by heart you can master any form of music. Sikander tried teaching her but she kept rapping,sikander said stop,she said you stopped me because I am better than you right?

Kulfi looked at a flying kite, started doing her households chores and was singing.

Precap : Sikander prayed, God I wish you had given my daughter the sense of music too. Kulfi sang songs and danced…Read more

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