Kulfi Kumar Bajewala(Little Singer Kulfi): Episode 3 Video

LITTLE SINGER KULFI 3. The episode started with Kulfi asking, mama what is illegitimate? I asked Panditji but he didn’t tell me,stop Mama tell me what is it,veerji stopped the bicycle and kulfi run to the goddess idol near by,touched it and said, look I touched it but she did nothing, God knows what’s wrong with pandit, tell me why was he doing so. Veerji said because he isn’t pure hearted as you are and doesn’t understand God as you do. kulfi then said, why won’t i, she is my friend,when I get kheer I give half of it to her,one laddoo half is her’s and half is mine,oh once I ate jalebi alone,may be but no worries I shall hate it later. Veerji said you are the best and then saw her hand wounded, kulfi said it will be fine but you are in loss because of me. Veerji said don’t worry, goddess will help us and kulfi said all the best but mami will scold you now.

Granny walked to Sikander and said I have saved your diary for a long time, can I hand it to her,Sikander took it from her,got emotional and smelled it,and said bebe you don’t have to take permission from me but Bebe said this house is ours for name sake, I see your father in laws favours in all of this.

Mami started scolding on the loss,her siblings asked kulfi to hide nihalos footwear so that she doesn’t get beaten by it,veerji got Nihalo water to drink but poured it on her,and said give me some poison,I don’t want to live anymore,her son said Ma before you go cook for us,after that then you can go,she slapped him and said this is all because of kulfi,kulfi then went hide behind nimrat.

Nimrat said bhabhi, I know it’s her fault but please don’t hit her, Nihalo said I won’t hit her,I will do something that shall give me peace,from today you and your daughter won’t have one time meal, kulfi go bath for your siblings I shall cook yummy food for them and kulfi left.

Mirah was gifted a new phone by her mom lovely and she was very happy,lovely’s mom walked in and wished Mirah a happy birthday,Mirah asked where are my gifts,she said here are they and Mirah said wow so many gifts,thank you and gave her a hug.

Kulfi’s siblings asked, why do we have to bath and go to school,they just scold us there and you are so lucky you get to stay home but kulfi said, you go to school to get scolded, kaddu gets scolded more because he never listens to Ma’am.
Kaddu said studying is difficult but grazing a cattle is easy,you don’t go school so you will never understand,kulfi said let me help you,what did ma’am teach? They said A B C D.

Kulfi started dancing with her siblings and turned their homework to a song and helped them learn.She said, here you go, you learnt your homework and Mami called her.

Dadi called Mirah,she made a face and walked to her, Dadi said won’t you take gifts from your dadi,Mirah said you want to gift me, how is that possible when you are poor and have no money, Dadi said I have family,and one who has family is the richest, I do and I have a legacy for you,your dad had it and now it’s time for you to own it,this diary has all the songs of your Baba when he was a kid,Mirah threw ii and said said, it’s dirty. Dadi then said, you never give second hand gifts.

Panditji was at kulfis house and kulfi asked, why are you here,I have touched all the things here that may make you impure please go but Panditji said, your song opened my eyes,your song broke my ego and you know why because you have a pure heart and you sang from your heart, I am sorry please forgive me and kulfi hugged him.

Nihalo said Panditji, if you have forgiven her then please forgive setu,Panditji said setu, here’s money for your loss and from tomorrow you shall deliver milk in the temple and Nihalo quickly grabbed the money, kulfi’s sister asked, will you now give Didi food, Nihalo said who am I not to give her food,Panditji got Prasad and said, I shall feed her myself.

Panditji picked flower garlands and said it is time to facilitate kulfi, you are blessed with music,your journey towards music starts today,Nimrat heard it and was shaken.kulfi was very happy to hear that. Bebe walked to Sikander and asked, why are you standing her alone,sikander said nothing just looking for peace,Bebe said stop running away, I still couldn’t find what is eating you inside, it’s your daughters birthday,Sikander said she is my daughter but she has to ask her mother’s permission to even take my blessings.

Lovely walked in saying stop this drama Sikander, you have to blame me for everything,first be a responsible dad,you are wrong not me and my daughter,Bebe tried to interrupt but lovely said, Mummy please let me,sikander the truth is, you are selfish, all you know is take but never give back, sikander said you are right, I can just take and if I do get I can’t take care of it and he left

Nimrat walked to kulfi and scolded her. She said, why don’t you understand, why do you have to sing and she started coughing. Kulfi said first sit down, be comfortable and then scold me, Ma. I sing because it gives me happiness, why don’t you like it,tell me Ma.

Pre cap : Nimrat said kulfi I am going out,if your Mami mag forces you to sing please don’t say yes to it.
Sikander was teaching Mirah and she kept rapping it…Read more

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