Kulfi Loses So Much Blood. Little Singer Kulfi 16 May 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 416


The episode began with Sikander near Fateh while Fateh was asleep. He said, I am really sorry, I am doing all this for my girl’s future, I never thought I would raise my hand on a kid, he then applied haldi on his wounds and he woke up. Sikander wore his mask and said, don’t fall for this, I am doing this because I have to return you to your father when he does his work. He went back inside his room, Kulfi was still awake, she lay on the bed and said, we have an appointment tomorrow.

Sikander lay beside her and thinks, she insisting on the tests means she has doubts, this test will reveal that I am dying, I have to find a way to get rid of this. Kulfi also thinks, I know there is something he is hiding else he would have never kidnapped Fateh, he isn’t the person he is picturing, he is still the good person. Sikander thinks, it hurts to fake this picture, I hate for it to hurt you, I am sorry. I wish I could cure myself and be with you girls but i will set your future before I go, there would be no hardship for you when I leave.

Jimmy watched the video of Fateh and said, I am not giving anyone any money, I know it’s Sikander and I will destroy him and appointed a man to keep an eye on Sikander. Sikander made a video for Kulfi and Amyra in which he was saying, if you are seeing this video, I am no more.

I know you two are hurt and upset, but you are my girls, don’t lose hope, it’s not in our hands, stay strong, this is the time you should know the truth, I kidnapped Fateh, I became evil because the reason isn’t to prove jimmy wrong and save the Chawl people from him, it is because I am dying, I have brain clot and it can burst anytime.

I lied to you two and even everyone in the chawl, I hid the truth because I love you but don’t worry, I will guide you for your future, always take care of each other, this water bottle contained medicines that thin my blood and keep me calm and in good health.

Everyone was at hospital and the Doctor demanded for 20000. Sikander thinks, this is a good option, I will get rid of this and he said to kulfi, we don’t have this amount, lets avoid this, I am fine but Kulfi said, don’t worry, I and uncle Yusuf have arranged the money and Yusuf handed the money to the Doctor.

Sikander said, I can’t take your money but Himmat said, it my money, let me spend it how I want to. Sikander said, Kulfi this is not good, why did you force her. Himmat said, why scold her, it is my jewelry and they were old too, I am using it for my people’s good, now agree and do the test.

Sikander was forced to take the test and he kept thinking of how he will avoid it. Kulfi said, I am doing it just to confirm you are fine but this doesn’t mean I have forgotten the past and she took the water bottle from him. Sikander was then taken to the MRI room. He then said to the Doctor, I am fine, I can’t take this money but the Doctor said sorry, I can’t help.

Pre-cap: Kulfi was waiting for Sikander’s report and Amyra shouted seeing Kulfi’s nose and mouth bleeding.

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