Kulfi Starts Boarding School In Little Singer Kulfi


The ongoing track of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is high on drama as Lovely has started to play her evil games as she doesn’t want Kulfi to be in her life.

Lovely has a full proof plan to separate Kulfi and Sikandar forever, Lovely now puts Sikandar in a difficult situation.

She puts him in such a situation that Sikandar has to choose between Amyra and Kulfi and due to some avoidable circumstances he chooses Amyra over Kulfi.

Sikandar will send Kulfi to boarding school, and thus, Kulfi will start a new journey and she will have to face new troubles as the new kids will torture and makes her life hell.

Kulfi will have to face all this all alone as she is separated from her father Sikandar and now she has to face all this.

It will be interesting to see how Kulfi and Sikandar will live without each other for so long and will they ever come together.