Kumkum Bhagya 25 May 2023 Update Thursday

Aliya is taken aback at the beginning of the 25th May 2023 episode of Kumkum Bhagya when Rhea says that she is now feeling ignored by Kohli’s.

Little Khushi continues to inquire of Shahana regarding the past of her parents and what they can do to reunite them.

When Shahana is forced to go back in time, she remembers how Ranbeer and Prachi would always dance together and sparks would fly.

Khushi then announces that she will force Shiv and Parvati to perform the same dance that brought them together, causing Ranbeer and Prachi to feel awkward.

Nonetheless, the two of them consent to Khushi’s solicitation for her joy and furthermore to tell Meera that Khushi is taken great consideration of.

Dida makes a face when she sees the two of them dancing as a couple and sparks fly.

However, Pallavi asserts that Ranbeer and Prachi’s story encompasses more than just Rhea and themselves because Khushi has joined their lives.

Then again, Aaliya lets Rhea know that Prachi is utilizing Khushi to draw nearer to Ranbeer and that Khushi has the ability to unite them back.

Aaliya suggests that Rhea take action before it happens.

Will Balveera get found out as Ranbeer is there for Prachi’s salvage now?

How will Khushi defeat Aliya, who threw Khushi into the river when she was a baby?

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