Kundali Bhagya 20 February 2023 Written Update

Arjun begins the episode of Kundali Bhagya on February 20, 2023, ashamed of his negative thoughts about Preeta.

While Preeta continues to show him little mementos through which Preeta has kept him alive, he is submerged in guilt and can sense Preeta’s sincerity in her words and eyes.

Meanwhile, Rakhi arrives and comforts Preeta, telling her to stop crying because Arjun has realized how much they love him.

Arjun is advised by Rakhi to descend with Preeta as everyone waits to welcome him back.

Arjun and Preeta see everyone waiting with bright smiles and wet eyes as they descend.

While Arjun gives her a hug, Dadi comes forward and performs an Arti.

Individually everybody embraces Arjun while he holds Preeta’s hand firmly attempting to control his tears.

At the same time, Rishabh arrives with a laptop, hugs him tightly, and he scolds him for not telling them he is Karan…Read more

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