Kundali Bhagya 21 February 2023 Written Update

The first scene of the 21st February 2023 episode of Kundali Bhagya sees Anjali come out and tell Rishabh that Arjun didn’t tell them his real identity because he wanted to show Preeta and him.

Rishabh observes her in shock and inquires about her meaning.

Anjali informs everyone that Rishabh and Preeta killed Karan five years ago and that he ought to receive a prize for his acting.

Rishabh becomes enraged as Anjali continues to claim that Rishabh and Preeta wanted to be together, so they killed Karan to get out of their way.

Rishabh wanted to attack Anjali when he heard these disgusting accusations, but Mahesh caught him and told him to relax.

Rishabh asks Arjun why he hasn’t told his parents, who were always thinking about and missing him, what’s going on.

He points to Preeta and tells Arjun to look at her as if she had been waiting for him for five years, explaining how he could come up with something so disgusting about his own brother.

Rishabh hears from Arjun that he doesn’t want to believe that either, but that day is etched in his memory.

He is informed by Rishabh that what he has observed is not them but rather two other individuals who were dressed similarly to them.

He leads him to the laptop and demonstrates the video to him.

Anjali realizes she will lose Arjun and pulls Preeta away while putting the knife to her neck after seeing Arjun believe Rishabh.

Arjun and the others are startled, so they tell Anjali to put the knife down.

Arjun, on the other hand, hears from Anjali that he has devoted too much time to Preeta and should now devote the remainder of his life to her.

Anjali is enraged when Arjun asks her if she has gone mad, so she nicks Preeta’s neck to show how serious she is.

Will Arjun comply with Anjali’s request to rescue Preeta?

Will Preeta be killed by Anjali?…Read more

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