Legally Blind 43: Wednesday Pt1, 31 August 2022 On Adom Tv

legally blind on adom tv

“It turns out William is behind Edward’s kidπapping and he is manipulating every event around him to win Grace’s affection”

Grace decides to go with the family to the hospital since she is worried but Stella stopped her telling her they don’t need her concern for Anton or Edward or her family leaving Grace behind as she cries.

William wanted to help out Grace but Stella stopped him telling him to not dare help Grace so Cherie decides to stay behind and help Grace. Cherie tries to calm down a crying and worried Grace.

William tells Stella that Anton is doing well since he is strong so she should relax and not worry. Stella then tells cherie that Anton is stable so she just came home to fix something and she is very worried about Edward and Anton and also their company.

William said she has him and he will handle the company so she should just trust him and Stella said she trusts him as they hug. William tells himself that he already has his mum’s support and is left with Grace.

William visits Grace telling her to not worry because they will find Edward and Grace thanks him. He also tells Grace that just in case they don’t find Edward he is there for her and he will take care of her but Grace tells him to not talk like that because they will find Edward and William becomes angry.

He then apologized to Grace that he didn’t mean to confuse her because he didn’t know what he was saying and just wanted her to know he is there for her and will make sure they find Edward and he promises her.

The men blindfold Edward because their boss is coming to see him and it turns out their boss is none other than William who arrives and starts punching Edward getting flashbacks of how Anton $lapped him taking Edward’s side and how much Grace l*ves him and puπch him some more until Edward loses consciousness. He then tells himself he will win Grace’s affection.

At home, Marissa consoles a crying Grace who is so worried about Edward and blames herself for letting Edward continue the investigations on Marcus and putting him in danger and she can’t forgive herself if something bad happens but Marissa believes they will find him so she shouldn’t worry.

The men ask William what his plans are with Edward and he tells them to keep him there for now having flashbacks of how he planned everything to kidnap Edward.

William arrives at Grace’s house with a bouquet of flowers asking if she likes it. Grace asks how he entered the house and William said he has the spare keys and that’s what he used to enter.

He then gives Grace the flowers asking if she likes it but it only makes her remember Edward. Grace thanks him but tells him she can’t accept it. Williams said he just wants her to be happy but Grace said the only thing that can make her happy is finding Edward and he appreciates his efforts but what she needs is Edward.

Willam said the police are handling the case and he just wants to spend time with her and Grace said he should focus on his family because his parents are also worried about Edward so they should concentrate on finding Edward as she leaves. William gets angry he has been rejected again and throws the flower on the floor.

When Willam gets home he goes to his bed sulking, cherie asked if he has a problem and he said it’s Grace because he goes out of his way to spend time with her so they can find Edward but she only finds a way to make him feel like he doesn’t care about Edward. Cherie tells him that’s how Grace is so she already told him not to help her and she doesn’t understand why he keeps doing it.

William tells her Grace is a part of their plan and they need to be nice to her because they have to make their families believe they are indispensable and he needs Cherie to convince Grace to be nice to him and make her believe she needs them and cherie agrees to do it.

Marissa, Nina and Grace were talking as a family when Nina asked Grace if William brought her the flowers and she said yes but she is more concerned about Edward. As they keep talking they hear something explode and they all look frightened…Read more