Grace Accepts Edward’s Ring. Legally Blind 8 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 20


Legally Blind episode begins with Marissa and her children crying and speaking of Charie. Grace and Nina console their mother. 

Friends including Edward welcome Grace to her law firm. Edward spends some time with Edward. 

Next scene, Grace and her family celebrates the birthday of Charie in her absence. 

Grace was at the law firm when John stops her and asks her to wait, he tells her that there is a client waiting to see her. Grace asks, Client? And where is Edward? She then agrees to go with John to see this client. John escorts Grace to a well decorated setting. He says and here we are.

 Grace senses Rose and asks John, Rose? She asks him where this client she is about to meet is? John tells her to sit and wait for the client. He shows her the chair where Grave sat and waited. She sees a formal table setting and likes it. She touches flowers and she asks John what’s going on? He says who knows? 

As she was touching, she touched a ring and wondered. There Edward appeared and held her hands. She senses him and says Edward? Edward takes out the ring and knelt before Grace and says, Grace Evangelista, I love you so much, will you marry me?

 Stunned with awe and joy altogether Grace says I don’t know what to says Edward. Edward says when it comes to time, which is measured by hours, minutes and seconds, but the time I ladi eyes on you, time disappeared. I just knew I want to be with you forever. When I am at home, dining, everywhere I want to be with you, Grace I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I want you to be the mother of my children. 

Grace says yes to Edward’s proposal and he puts the ring on her finger. They then hug. At home, Nina teases Grace and is very happy for her. She tells her that she is going to be her bridesmaid. 

Edward at home, her father asks him if Grace is pregnant? Edward says of course not. His dad says, Grace is a r@pe victim and anytime you touch her might bring her last experience, are you sure this is going to work out? Edward’s mother says let’s not bring that up okay, besides, Grace has suffered more than enough. He says okay fine, let’s talk about something else. 

He then tells him that Edward, you always have to be there for her anytime, and this is not going to be easy. Edward says I don’t know where this is coming from but I just love Grace. He advises him that marriage is a serious business, and says with her disability, can you manage Grace?

 Edward says dad, I don’t see this as a hindrance. His dad says this is easy for you to say and once you are living in this house, you better think about it Edward, this time you think very hard…Read more