Edward & Family Visits Grace. Legally Blind 8 August 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 21


The episode begins with Edward’s mother telling Grace that I have learnt of your engagement to my son. I am very happy and I want to know that you have my blessings. I never had a daughter so you coming into Edward’s life is such a blessing. Edward says thank you ma, as well as Grace. 

Edward’s mom says from now on, you are the daughter I’ve never had. She then escuses them and goes. Edward receives a call and goes to answer it. Edward’s father comes as he leaves. He says hello Grace, we have to talk. 

He says I have always wanted what is best for my son. I have always wanted a responsible woman, someone Edward can be partners with, but am afraid you cannot be that woman. Let’s face it Grace, you are blind, and you have been through so much pain, just think about it.

 How are you expecting to build a family with my son? He tells her that he doesn’t approve of his relationship with Edward. Grace shed tears. He says Grace, I am only after the welfare of my son, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against you, you are a very likeable person, but my son needs someone more than that, I love my son too much and I have sacrificed so much for my son and my family. 

Just tell me Grace, how much are you willing to sacrifice for my family and for Edward? He leaves and Edward comes back. Looking at her facial expression, Edward asks if anything is wrong? Grace says it’s nothing. Edward says hey, Grace, talk to me. 

But she gets up and goes. Edward’s mother comes and asks her husband what she has said to Grace. Grace goes home and cries thinking of what Edward’s dad said to her. Her mom asks why she is crying and she tells her mother what has happened. Edward comes back home and tells his father that he is a lawyer and can fix things on his own. 

His dad says for now you won’t understand the consequences of your decisions, but once you are married and the past haunts you, you will come to realize. But Edward says I am of age now, I appreciate your concern but this is my decision to make. Grace is the woman I love and I don’t want to lose her. 

Her happiness is my concern. That’s part of the reason why I love her. Grace and her family go to the grave of Manuel and remember him as they sang. Edward comes there also with his family. Grace senses them and asks his mother who they are. Edward calls and she says Edward. Edward introduces his family to them. He places their flowers on Manual’s grave. They all gathered for dinner. Grace helps in putting food on the table and Edward’s father looks on. After dinner, Edward and Grace had a walk together. Grace reveals to Edward how she cannot meet his expectations…Read more